2011 06 21: Maneater

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Mission Name: Maneater
Date of Mission: June 21 2011
Locale: Spin Me 'Round Records — Upper West Side - Manhattan

Van makes a memorable entrance into a records store and Mimi makes the day even more memorable for him.

Mimi Van

A little past breakfast time hasn't exactly brought out the huge crowds at a vintage record store today. Among the hipsters sitting around is a not so hipster Mimi, though she's made an admirable attempt to blend in with them. She wears an old Smiths babydoll t-shirt most likely purchased for more than what it's worth, a pair of black skinny jeans, and red canvas sneakers. She's bobbing her head from side to side in time with the music on the speakers, something undoubtedly from the '90s grunge era. She's picking through a bin of records and mostly seeming to be looking at the cover art before she puts them away. Evidently the young blonde hasn't found any neat enough to warrant keeping, as her hands just keep plucking through the bin. The blonde wears an expression a somewhat worried expression, her mouth pulled into a thin line with furrowed brows.

Stumble. Fumble. SLAM!

That's the only way this dude knows how to make of an entrance. He's decked out in random wear that consists of jeans, a t-shirt that screams: 'Fanboy' on it and there's a grungy hoodie worn over top of it. His most dangerous feature, though, would be the huge glasses that are obviously not helping with his vision… since he still crashes into this and that on his way into the building. "Uh. Heh. Sorry! Sorry?"

He reaches out to try and straighten up a couple of displays that teeter towards falling from his light body weight colliding with them. "Got it. There we go." He talks to himself and proceeds to pull his hoodie on straighter before taking a step deeper into the store…


They all fall down.

Mimi would have to be pretty dense not to take note of the chaos that Van creates when he walks in the door. She tries to pretend that nothing has happened for a long minute before sighing. She puts the record she's staring at back in the bin. The cashier that's currently DJing in the store is not moved by this clusminess and instead starts playing 'You Want The Candy' by The Raveonettes as Mimi walks over to Van. The cashier just says, "Whatever the fuck you knocked over, pick it back up."

"Jeez, it's only like, your job!" Mimi cries out to the man before she smiles at Van and eyes his glasses. "Hey, you know… if you took those glasses off, I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't bump into everything. Just a thought." She smiles friendly-enough at him as she starts to pick up the displays, eying the clerk again. "Seriously…" She mutters underneath her breath before just rolling her eyes. Working class people, le sigh!

"My glasses?" He blinks a couple of times and reaches up to grab at the glasses, mostly to make sure they are still on his face. Which means he hasn't fully taken the time to look at Mimi, just yet. He's just trying to pretend like he didn't knock anything down in the first place. "Oh, heh. No way. It would've been so much more fail if I didn't have these." He offers a small smile, possibly in thanks to Mimi sticking up for him, but he's already spinning back around to start gathering up the latest Miley Cyrus crap CD. Unfortunately, he keeps dropping them while trying to hold them all in his arms. Foolish Mortal.

"Why don't I pick them up and you can put them back?" Mimi suggests helpfully. "It happens to all of us every once in a while. Being a clutz. I tripped over my stairs in my apartment and almost hurt myself trying to let a guest in last week, so you know…" Yes, it's her way of reassuring him that even the beautiful people have bad days. "Do you come here often?" She asks him, tossing her hair over her shoulder as she gathers more CDs up. She eyes them with some disdain. "I still hear people bitch about the pop music that we used to have when we were kids, but like… seriously? This stuff is waaaay worse."

"Ah, no. First…"

Cashier chimes in, "AND LAST!"

The Geek just kind of frowns before continuing on, "… time." With a shrug, he's getting himself back up and works on taking CDs from the blonde and putting them back on the display. He doesn't even notice that he's putting them on backwards. But whatever. As long as the display is standing again, right? "I don't know. Some of this stuff is catchy. I'm okay with Miranda Cosgrove, at least." He doesn't even realize he's making references to shows that this girl may not even watch yet. And then, the humming of Dancing Crazy comes from between his lips. Oh boy.

Mimi seems to be adept at annoying cashiers. She watches Van with some amusement and doesn't bother to correct his mistake, simply intent on putting the peanut gallery to work later. After all, it is their job. She quirks a brow when she hears him mention Miranda Cosgrove, tilting her head. "Is that… a Nickelodeon thing?" She's young enough that the most recent Nickelodeon shows probably aren't totally wasted on her. "You're not like, one of those guys that goes on that creepy Internet messageboard and waits until the girls turn eighteen, right?" She asks, somewhat playfully before grinning at him. Partially, she truly is curious to know what kind of a man she's just offered to help out. But he looks to sweet and harmless to really be a creepy pervo…

Blush! The blushing is happening while he puts up the last couple of CDs. "No! No way! Ew! Gross!" There's some rampant shaking of his head and he even flails his hand a little bit. "No, I just, kinda' like iCarly. It's really a good show if you give it a chance. I mean, the season finale last year was so awesome, because Sam and Freddie kis—" He frowns and looks over at Mimi. "Uh, this isn't going to be a spoiler, is it? I mean, you have seen the season finale haven't you?" Apparently, Mimi's little question was heard as: 'omg i love iCarly let's talk about it right nao' or something.

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily, depending on who you ask) for Van, Mimi is very much into his blushing and running at the mouth. She leans in closer to listen, all while grinning the world's largest troll grin. "No, I don't think so. I don't get around to watching a lot of TV, honestly." It is all pretty boring compared to her actual life, a lot of the time. "I believe in making my own excitement. But you can still tell me, as long as you tell me your name. I'm interested." It's hard to say whether she means in him or the TV show… but it's a safe bet that it's the former.

"Oh! Sorry!" Van is already reaching out with his hand to offer it for shakings when he notices that there's something on it. Probably from the floor. "Uh. One sec." He grabs a CD and scrapes off whatever gunk was on his palm and then wipes the remaining off on his jeans. He looks back up at Mimi with a nervously apologetic smile and extends his hand once again. "Windsor Pryce. But you can call me Windows. Everybody else does." There's a shrug that accompanies that declaration. "But yeah, Freddie and Sam kissed. Well, not really. Actually, Sam kissed Freddie and it was pretty epic. Because everyboy knew they were going to end up together because they hated each other so much. But really, this isn't the first time they kissed. They kissed a couple seasons ago when Sam told the entire world on iCarly that Freddie had never been kissed. Which, y'know, made his life a living Hell. But then she fixed it and they were on the balcony where they both had their first kiss together and it was kinda' romantic, if you go for that sort of things and I'm completely boring you, aren't I?" Wow.

Mimi reaches out to take his hand, giving it a firm shake that might not be expected from such a delicate looking little thing. "Charmed. I'm Miranda Miriam Collinwood-Taylor, but everyone just calls me Mimi. You can too." She winks at him after that before taking her hand back and listening to him with some mixture of interesting and mild fascination. "That does sound pretty… intense." Mimi finally says. "I prefer real kissing much more than watching it, you know." When he mentions completely boring her she just laughs and shakes her head. "Not at all. I find you very refreshing. You're cute, Windows. So, other than tween TV shows, what else do you enjoy doing with your spare time?" She assumes that because he is in fact named Windows, it's going to have something to do with computers.

"You're probably the best kisser ever." comes out before Windows even knows he's said it. He knows about a half-second later, though, as it becomes obvious with the way he freezes up for a moment and is thanking the great Vader in the Sky for the subject change. "Star Wars!" Windows raises a hand into the air with the greatest of ease, clearly representing for the best film series of all time! "…. That's pretty much it. Well, except for when I'm working. But even then I'm usually listening to a Star Wars Audio Book or the Soundtrack to one of the movies or something." Shrug. He's proud of his Star Wars obsession, it seems.

"I get compliments," Mimi simply says, apparently not going to toot her own horn too much this time. And best kisser ever? That's laying it on even a little thick for Meems. "You won't know until you try!" She says to him in a cheerful sing-song tone before reaching up to adjust his glasses for him, batting her eyelashes as she watches him. "So, Star Wars and Nickelodeon." She resists the urge to ask how old he is out of sheer curiosity. Not that he looks much older than she is… "What is it that you do for a living, Mister Pryce?" Mimi asks, still intrigued enough to keep talking to him, apparently. She reaches up to twirl a tendril of her hair around her finger, staring deep within Windsor's eyes. Not soul penetratingly, but more of a come hither sort of look. Girl got game.

Windsor's eyes are probably magnified by a thousand considering the thickness of the lenses. He looks as oblivious as she does come hithery at this exact moment. "Uhhh… TSA." That's right. Windows is nothing but a mere TSA agent. What a cruel world. "Nothing too awesome, really. It's not like I've been single-handedly chosen to fight the Dark Side and bring balance back to the Force or anything." Windows gives a shrug, even though he's stuck staring at Mimi and her eyes and her hair twirling finger. He's going to just ignore that she might've just told him to try and kiss her. Because… there's no way she'd be telling him to do that. Not this soon. Right?

Mimi glances back to the cashier, who has started spinning some Hall and Oates. He seems to have been eavesdropping, as he puts on Maneater. She makes a slight face before looking back to Windows and grinning at him. "But you're helping to protect the airlines and that's pretty important, right? Much better than my job. …Which is basically nothing. You don't read a lot of the news, do you?" Mimi asks him curiously. Because clearly if he did, he'd know that she was hot shit in some circles. "The Force is strong in you, young padawan. That being said, do you want to take me on a date sometime?" She asks him. Did she just drop a Star Wars reference at him? Wait, what? "I don't know if you like Chinese food or not, but there's this great little place in Chinatown… the only place, as far as I'm concerned. You could tell me all about the crazy cavity searches you've done and whatever."

"Me? Protect the airlines?" Windows leaves it at that, since he clearly doesn't think he's doing all that good of a job. He's just a guy that scans the people with the handheld metal detector. "Wait wait. You know what a Padawan is?" Windsor's eyes light up behind his huge glasses and he almost starts to tilt over, but a hand catching on the display case keeps him from doing so. "I uh, I'd love to take you out. I think. I mean… if this isn't like some kinda' prank or something." He immediately starts looking around, in case there are cameras hidden or something. "I don't. Not really. Why?" Windows frowns, worried. "… You're not a terrorist trying to sleep with me to get my TSA badge are you?"

Rather than dignifying his questions about padawans or terrorists, she simply walks over to the counter and grabs one of the pens laying there. The cashier makes like he's going to take it away from her, and she slaps him on the back of the hand with it, walking briskly back to the other man and taking his hand. She grins at him. "I'm not that mean." She says to him as she writes her cell phone number down on his hand, tossing the pen back down on the counter when she's finished without even looking in the clerk's direction. Mimi leans up to kiss Windows on the cheek, grinning once more. "No matter what your male friends tell you, it's never acceptable to make a woman wait a few days before you call her. But if you don't want to see me, I'll understand…" She pauses. "I might try to sleep with you, but I'll settle for holding the badge a little later. I'll even give it back." Mimi glances down at her designer real diamond studded wristwatch and furrows her brows. "Oh jeez, I'm late for my doctor's appointment. I've gotta dash. See you later, Windows." Mimi says, walking slowly toward the entrance. She puts purpose in those movements in order to draw attention to some of her ahem, better assets.

Windows is knocked for loop after loop after loop. His mind is sent into a whirlwind of destruction the moment he realizes that he's just gotten the digits. The whirlwind becomes a class Holy Crap hurricane when he's kissed on the cheek, his mouth moving but the lack of sound is pretty obvious. He can't really figure out how to even say anything at this point. This hurricane in his brain is taken over by an epic explosion of Alderaan at the hands of the Death Star when she mentions something about trying to sleep with him. "I… okay!" comes out very lamely, as he flail-waves the cell phone numbered hand at her backside… because she's already on her way out.

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