2011 06 19: Meet The Family

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Mission Name: Meet The Family
Date of Mission: June 19 2011
Locale: Mimi's Apartment — The Opulencia Residences - Upper East Side

After Mimi's unexpected car trip and detour, she and Foster relax after some swimming, when an unexpected guest shows up at the door.

Dalton Foster Mimi

It's just about 8PM and Mimi is home from whatever detour she had to take earlier in the day. Currently there is fresh, hot pizza laid out on the coffee table in the living room, along with a two-liter of Coke. Mimi is draped over one of her loveseats, still in her black bikini. Her hair is on it's way to drying and she contemplates between the pepperoni and supreme pizzas with a discerning eye, as if deciding which of them will be less fattening. "I hate that feeling of being sleepy and hungry, but sometimes it's good. Like right now. Will you pour me a glass of Coke, please? And never tell anyone I drank out of plastic. I'd simply die!" It's hard to tell whether she's joking or not…

Foster has not opted to remain in his swim trunks, nowhere near secure enough in his masculinity to waltz around her apartment shirtless. So he's dressed, which isn't to say he doesn't appreciate that she's chosen to remain in her bikini, even if that does make it harder to focus on not being a complete spaz. "Yeah, you, uh- Seems like you had a, um. A big day." He slides forward on his seat to reach the table, setting up the glass and then knocking it over, thankfully while it's still empty. Once he's retrieved it and set it right way up again, he carefully fills it with Coke and then offers it over to her before sitting back again. "Your, um. Secret is safe with me. About the Coke, I mean. I, uh. Don't know any other secrets."

"Meems! MEEEEMS!"

There's a bit of shouting coming from behind the front door as the person on the other side beats his fist against it.

The voice is male, and from the way he's addressing her, he's definitely not one of the household staff coming to clean up after Meems. After all, they're all most likely inside, catering to Mimi's needs.

Dalton is outside, waiting for someone to open the door for him. He mutters something under his breath before pulling out the iPhone in his pocket, squinting as he hears it ring. "It's locked! Oh. My. God. MEEMS??!?"

Mimi lets out an uneasy laugh at Foster's quip about him not knowing any other secrets. How could he when she doesn't even know her own secrets? She opens her mouth to add something to him when she hears her name being called from outside the door. She bolts to her feet and stands, marching over to look out the peephole. Her glance through the fish-eyed view of the apartment hallway confirms what she had thought and makes her stifle a laugh — and a groan. She unlocks the door and lets her elder brother in, looking over at Foster briefly before she turns back to the door. "Yeah, Dalt. This is New York. People lock their doors from time to time so they don't get like, mugged and whatever. C'mon in. There's pizza and Coke…" She pauses and looks over to Foster. "Foster, this is my brother Dalton. Dalton, this is my new…" Pause. "…friend, Foster."

Foster is already kind of jumpy as it is, so at the shouting and pounding on the door, he nearly leaps out of his skin, whirling about to look at the door as though he fully expects the Men in Black to come charging through it. The Men in Black who shout Meems as their rallying cry, clearly. "Be careful," he urges Mimi as she heads for the door, and he's still looking a bit uncertain even once she opens it. Then he finds a new reason to worry. Older brother and he's here hanging out with little sister in her bikini - this is not a situation Foster has been in before, but he's watched enough movies to know the cliche. "Uh. Um. Hey," he offers Dalton in a nervous greeting, rising quickly to stand up from the couch.

In steps Dalton, Hirschfeld-caricature cheekbones and all. He doesn't address the two yet, looking absolutely confused by his iPhone. "I hate this piece of crap," he complains, lifting it up and facing it towards Mimi so that she can see it. "How do you pull out that keyboard thing again?" He scritches his head, glancing around the room slowly before his gaze finally settles over Foster. "Oh hey, you look smart." He gestures to Mimi's friend. For someone that rich and 'educated,' he sure has some interesting words.
"Come over and help us out!" It's an invitation, and he has an odd way of going about things. Instead of the proper 'nice to meet you' response, he opts for that instead. Dalt doesn't seem too annoyed by Mimi's bikini, because he hasn't even really noticed it.

As Mimi starts to open her mouth to answer Dalton back about his 'keyboard thing', she's cut off by him asking Foster for help. There's a brief eyeroll but she seems to take it in good humor, closing the door behind her brother and locking it. "Well, nice to see you too, Dalton. Gee, I wasn't expecting you. You might have maybe called first? I could have been… busy?" She asks him, her eyes widening a little bit. She then realizes that she is in fact in a bikini and alone with a boy — a nerdy boy, but still a boy. "Excuse me a second…" she murmurs to them both before slipping off in the direction of the bedroom to rectify the clothing situation before her older brother does notice.

"I, uh. Smart?" Foster replies, sounding anything but. Except it's just that of all the reactions he might have expected, that clearly wasn't one of them. Still wary, he comes around to the door in order to offer what assistance he can. "So, uh. You want the keyboard, you said? Not a, um, fan of the whole touchscreen thing? I guess it's a little tricky until you… get used to it. My phone is just a boring one with numbers, but at- at least I always know where to find the buttons," he rambles as he tries to get a closer look at the phone. Mimi's disappearance is noted, and he's equal parts disappointed and relieved that she might be covering up the bikini.

Luckily for Mimi, Dalton doesn't have a chance to see what she's wearing, because she's gone in a flash. It's either that, or he's really slow to catch on.

"It's really hard to figure out, and I don't know how it functions. Those little mini-pictures are all over the place." He's talking about the icons on the phone. "Maybe my fingers are too fat?" Frowning at that, he moves his hand right up to his face, studying it closely.

"Nah," he concludes, glancing sidelong at Foster. For some weird reason, Dalt doesn't seem to mind the other guy's rambling. "What did you say your name was again? Freddy?"

When Mimi comes back out, she's dressed in an oversized t-shirt and a pair of black shorts, her hair pulled back with a banana comb. Not exactly high end fashion stuff. She sits down on the couch and takes a piece of supreme pizza, sipping at her Coke as she watches the two. "His name is Foster, Dalt. He's a scientist, sort of. And your fingers aren't too fat…" She rolls her eyes once more, trying to hide something of a grin by shoving her mouth full of pizza.

"Yeah, uh, Foster, like she said. It's my last name, actually, but my first name isn't really one I like to use, so I'm Foster," the guy over-explains. As Dalt studies his fingers, Foster begins to get a better sense of the situation, although he does glance to Mimi, eyebrows raised, wordlessly asking if this is for real or if he's just being messed with. "Uh. Why don't you let me, um. See the phone. And then I can… show you once I figure it out?" he suggests.

"Oh yeah, sure, here you go." Dalt flashes his perfectly whitened teeth at Foster as he tosses the iPhone to him.

He's obviously not a big fan of tech stuff, touch-screen phones or otherwise. "Nice." Dalton could be responding to Mimi's scientist comment, but then he's eyeballing the pizza splayed out on the table. The not-so-bright young gent heads straight towards it, and grabs two slices. He then stuffs one of them into his piehole. "Frrfguhggyffffheuuhm." Yep, that Dalt. So articulate.

"God, table manners!" Mimi cries out when Dalton shoves his mouth full of pizza. "Our nannies taught you better than that." She finishes her piece of pizza before finishing off the Coke as well and smiling over at Foster. She doesn't seem to let on that this is any kind of joke, straightening herself on the couch and patting the space beside her. "Dalt, did you ever figure out the Wii?" She asks him with some amusement in her voice, and some general curiosity.

Foster almost almost drops the phone. There's a flailing mad scramble where he catches it and nearly loses it a few times before finally managing to pin it between a splayed hand and his leg. There was a good reason he was always last picked for baseball. A bit pink, he tries to recover more gracefully, grabbing the phone in a secure grip and moving back over towards the seating area, poking at the screen as he goes. Dalt's table manners do get a look, but Foster quickly turns back to the phone, listening to the siblings converse.

"What?" Casting an innocent glance at Mimi as she reprimands him for eating like a caveman, Dalton simply shrugs and grabs a napkin off the tablecloth. He licks his fingers briefly before wiping them on the napkin, and crumples it up to toss it into the trashcan. The ball of napkin lands just where he expected it to, and he grabs another slice. "Aw, c'mon Mimi. You know I don't get the opportunity to act like this when I'm at Dad's."

Even if Foster dropped his phone, it's pretty obvious by now that he wouldn't even bat an eyelash. Toys break all the time, right?

"I meant to say, 'fresh out of the oven.'" He bites into his second pizza, the one that's getting cold, before considering the third in his left hand. "And Mom called." The statement is more of an afterthought than anything.

Mimi watches Foster fumble and looks… surprisingly less amused, her eyes wide. She watches him move back over after fumbling, giving him a reassuring smile. "Yeah, Foster… did you call and tell your dad Happy Father's Day?" She asks him before looking back to Dalton. She seems able to forgive his lack of proper table manners rather easily, smiling at him. "Did you get to talk to dad today? I got a whole five minutes in with him before he passed me off to his personal assistant and she told me again how very busy he is. Seems like he never really wants to see us unless it's a photo op or he's bitching because of something…" She sighs and then quirks a brow in Dalton's direction, watching him. "Oh? And how's rehab working out for the old lush this time around? Think she can keep her hands off the young male orderlies long enough to dry out?"

"My mother bought him a gift and put our names on it," Foster says with a shrug, not nearly as interested in his own family situation as he is in hearing about theirs — or more specifically, about Mimi's. He continues working with the phone, although he already has the keyboard figured out. Now he's trying to figure out how to teach Dalt which buttons to press to get him through most basic operating needs. All the while, he's listening to the pair talk about their parents, glancing up occasionally to give Mimi a look, thoughtful and a little sympathetic.

It takes a bit of time for Dalt to come up with a response. "Order-lees? Oh, right." He nods to that, then resumes at taking another bite. "She called to say Happy Father's Day, actually, now that you mention it. " The other blonde in the room glances at Foster, before settling over Mimi again. "And she sends her love. I haven't seen Dad all day." That pretty much sums up his message to her as he shoves the rest of his second pizza down his throat. He eyes the third. Her brother must be blessed with good metabolism.

"Also, the Wii's with Chip. I saw him earlier this morning, but he kicked me out because there were some chicks staying over." He says it like it's not something new.

Mimi gives a slight nod at Dalton, her brows furrowing before she just shakes her head and sighs. "Calling to tell him Happy Father's Day. How very nice of her… like she even gives a crap about having made him a father in the first place," Mimi says, her face darkening a little bit before she reaches for the bottle of Coke, pouring herself another glass. At least she's drinking that and not liquor. "God, Chip is so gross. He needs tested. All those skanks…" Though it could be said that Mimi's inclination toward men usually runs the same way; either skanky or nerdy. Maybe she needs to keep the balance out. "Hey Dalton, Foster works with bugs. Isn't that wild? We should go see his butterfly collection sometime." She winks over at Foster. "I still have to see them, you know. I haven't forgotten. ..And it was nice of your mom to do that. Wonder what she got him."

All of these details about Mimi's family are listened to with interest, although Foster surely doesn't mean it in a creepy way. It's just a side of her he's not had the chance to hear much about. "Oh, uh. Yeah. Of course. If you want to see the butterflies. Um. You could come by and see me at work? I'm there… every day," he points out, the working man in the room of trust fund kids. "Or we could go on the weekend and I … could take you around, um. If you wanted. Both of you," he adds, although the invitation is clearly angled more towards Mimi. "She, um. I think she got him a shirt last year, so it will be a tie this year. He doesn't really go for sentimental stuff. So we stick to practical things and we know he likes both shirts and ties."

Dalton cluelessly bites into his last slice. "Okay!" He's not really paying attention to Foster and his baby sister at this point, opting to focus on the cheesy goodness that's oozing out of his pepperoni.

"Oh wait, I can't go this weekend, that's right." Dalt frowns, biting at his lower lip. "I promised to meet Chip and Roland at the body shop. I still haven't figured out a way to tell Dad about the car." He looks a bit put-down. Dalton then peers at Foster, "Have you figured it out? It's like a puzzle, isn't it?"

Mimi shrugs her shoulders. Well, that was easy. When he mentions he can't go, she waves it off. "That's okay. It'll be more fun if we're alone anyway." She grins over at Foster before looking at Dalton and frowning. "Did you buy another car? Dad is going to kill you. He told you no more until you picked a major. …I'd let Chip of think of an excuse. After all, I did last time." She looks over at Foster again and sips from her cup of Coke, smiling. "Well, well. A man who likes both shirts and ties. Wonders never cease to amaze." She glances down at her cup and furrows her brows. "Dalt, you wanna stay here tonight? We can go out in the morning… you could keep me company. Both of you could, if you wanted." Her somewhat clueless brother may or may not have noticed by now the new bruises that line each arm.

"Uh, yeah. Here, let me … show you," Foster offers, moving to position himself so that Dalt can see the screen while Foster begins slowly moving through the necessary commands to wake it up, open it and get to the keyboard. "So, um. See? It's just this… icon here? That looks like a keyboard?" he explains. "Uh, not an actual keyboard, but the little dots are supposed to be the keys," he clarifies, holding the phone out to the younger man so that he can try it himself. Foster looks back to Mimi, getting the distinct impression she's making light fun of him. "Yeah, uh. But nothing with … crazy patterns on them? Or the word 'dad'. And he won't appreciate it if you make him a tie out of construction paper either," he replies, clearly speaking from childhood experience. As she invites both him and Dalt to stay over, Foster turns nervous again, shooting her a look. "Is that- Um. I mean. Well, a good idea?"

"Nope. Roland totaled it. I'm driving Aunt Mildred's old Triumph." He throws a sheepish look in Mimi's direction before taking a large bite out of his third pizza. "We're gonna take a look at the damage and figure it out."

Dalt shoots Mimi another confused look as she offers him to stay over. It's not something new, but he's trying to remember why he needs to leave soon.

Once Foster makes his way over to him, Dalton leans into his iPhone screen and frowns. "Uh — okay. I see it now. It's that thing-a-ma-jiggy. Gotcha! Thanks!" He lightly slaps his hand against Foster's upper back, as a sign of gratitude.

Mimi for some reason seems more relieved that Dalton has totaled his car rather than purchased a new one before she shakes her head. "You're going to get yourself killed one of these days. Dad's probably going to hook you up with a chaffeur and an ugly town car like me if you're not careful." Mimi looks to Foster and then nods a little bit at him, glancing off toward the armrest of the sofa like it's the most interesting thing she's seen in days. "Yeah, I want you to. I just don't really want to be alone…" The last is said very quietly. She turns her face back to them and smiles — then promptly winces when Dalton hits Foster in the back as a show of manly thanks.

Foster stumbles slightly as Dalton hits him, wincing at the blow, especially since part of him expects it's coming because of the whole invitation to stay over with Dalt's baby sister. Once it's clear the emphatic gesture was meant only kindly, Foster relaxes at least a bit. "Don't mention it," he replies with a tense smile. "Uh. Yeah. I- Okay," he agrees quietly to Mimi as he carefully puts a few feet between himself and Dalt. "I- I'll stay. Of course." He can't deny her that request, and she gets another concerned look, but he refrains from asking.

"STACY! Crap, I forgot. She's gonna have a field day with me," Dalton suddenly recalls why he has to go. "Sorry Meems, maybe next time." He pecks her cheek, quickly grabs his iPhone back and starts rushing towards the front door. With the last pizza slice on the table. Whatever's been said about the chauffeur and ugly town car doesn't seem to bother Dalt, and as he makes his way out he waves at Foster. "See ya." Then he's off.

Mimi leans into the peck ever so slightly before watching Dalton go with some surprise, her eyes widening a little bit. When he exits, she turns to look at Foster with a slight grin. "Let's just hope that's actually her name, shall we?" She asks, mostly rhetorically before she stands up and closes both the pizza boxes. "I'm going to put these in the fridge… thanks for staying, by the way. I really appreciate it. I just don't really feel well tonight… everything's a blur and my head is pounding."

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