2011 06 11: Mint Edition

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Mission Name: Mint Edition
Date of Mission: June 11, 2011
Locale: Big Apple Comics

Jack teaches Mimi about mixing and matching comics in the bin, and what mint editions are… and then she asks him for man advice.

Jack Mimi

It's around 6PM and there aren't many pepole at the comics shop. The one person that does stand out is a tall young blonde woman who seems to be picking over a wide selection of manga. She's dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a white tee, and strappy heels. The young woman considers her selections before putting a few back and furrowing her brows. "God, if I had known that reading comics was so hard…" She mumbles to no one in particular. A sales associate stands nearby and simply watches her. Hovering much? She grabs a few more comics and leafs through them, accidentally effectively dropping her comics to the floor.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" The voice is not far from where Mimi stands, and Jack sidles up to the tall blonde, reaching down to pick up the fallen comics in one effective swoop. He's not really looking at her, just the comics. "Careful where you drop these." He shakes the plastic covered items with some emphasis, and finally turns to take a good look at the person who just dumped them on the floor. "They're first editions, and I'm surprised they just happen to be sitting in these bins." An accusatorial glare is thrown in the sales clerk's direction, who is going gaga over Mimi. "Brah, couldn't you put these in the back where they're supposed to be? Jesus."

Mimi blinks a little bit at Jack as he moves over to her and starts picking the comics up. "Sorry, I didn't really know it was that big of a deal. I'm a newbie comic reader. Appreciator. However you people refer to yourselves." She says, frowning at Jack briefly before she looks over at the sales clerk. "Wow. So… it really must be a big deal. I've never seen anyone get so upset about… paper. Well, except for money. Daddy gets a trifle peeved when I spend too much." She lets out a laugh before looking at Jack. For a comic book nerd, he certainly isn't bad looking. "So, do you come here often?"

You people? He doesn't blurt it out, but he sure is thinking about it. Jack quirks a dark brow in response, and for some funny reason he's not all tongue-tied over this chick. Maybe she's just not his type?

"No need to apologize." The teen goes into chillax mode, and smiles, shrugging. "I just happen to like that comic. I mean, I'm not that big into manga, but Crying Freeman is one of my favorites."

The sales associate doesn't look too happy after that, and he grabs the comics away from Jack, no doubt pissed off that he just ruined his opportunity to ogle Mimi.

"Oh yeah? I don't know much about any of them. I mean, I went through this whole embarrassing Sailor Moon phase a few years ago…" Try closer to a year ago. "…But aside from that, I don't know where to start — and I have this friend who I really like, who really likes comics and I want to talk about comics with him, so… do you have any suggestions?" She asks Jack. The sales associate is probably even more miffed now that Mimi is asking for Jack's help rather than his. She whiteknuckles the rest of her comics, for fear that she might cause another scene by dropping or misplacing them.

"So it's a guy." Jack looks thoughtful as he crosses his arms, leaning back against the table that's displaying the bins. "I haven't come across a dude who doesn't like Marvel. Or DC, for that matter." Mimi may or may not have any clue what the hell he's talking about. Most likely she will have no idea what the hell he's talking about, so he explains. "Marvel and DC are two of the biggest comic book publishers in the U.S. You might want to get into stuff like Batman, Ironman, The Green Lantern, Ghostrider — and hey, if you're into female ass-kickers there's always Elektra, Wonderwoman and Supergirl. Guys happen to like them too, because they're smokin hot." A pause. "And to answer your question earlier, yeah, I swing by occasionally."
Of note, the clerk stomps off, huffing as Jack rattles on about imaginary comic book heroes, smoking hot or not. He disappears around the corner and into the back.

Mimi shrugs her shoulders when Jack mentions the gender of her friend. She smirks as he goes on about Marvel and DC. "Yeah, I know about those superheroes. I was just hoping… I don't know. I don't know. This whole thing is so stupid. I'm starting to think I'm in way over my head for no real reason. And I don't know why I'm telling you about it, random comic guy." She takes in a deep breath and clutches her comics to her chest, finally easing up on them the slightest bit so that she doesn't — horror of horrors — bend the paper. "Do you read any indie comics? He said he likes those, but I don't know much about them. Scott Pilgrim is the only one I've ever heard of, and that's 'cause I saw the movie. It was okay. I liked the colors."

Jack is mildly surprised that she actually knows about Marvel and DC. "Actually, the only Indie comic I really like is Ghost World," Jack admits with another one of his smiles. "Not a huge fan of Scott Pilgrim, even though it's — pretty creative." He just leaves it at that. "I'm Jack." The introduction is offered in response to her comment about him being a random comic guy, and he tilts his head forward in the slightest of nods. "Nice to meet you…?"

The girl's eyebrows quirk when Jack mentions not being a huge fan of Scott Pilgrim. She tilts her head as if he's speaking an alien language, but leaves it alone. "Huh. Comic guys really are a mixed bag…" She says out loud before offering him a hand. "My name is Miranda Miriam Collinwood-Taylor, but you can call me Mimi. Everyone does. It's less of a mouthful." Her remaining comics are tucked lightly underneath her arm. "Nice to meet you, Jack. So, what else is it that you do for fun?"

If Jack were a smooth operator, he'd grab that hand and kiss it; but alas, he's just a teenaged boy without much experience with cute girls. And so, he simply takes her hand and shakes it. "Ah, Mimi." After releasing her hand, he goes back to crossing both arms in front of his chest. "I….er, um." She's got him there, and his brows knit together in a frown. "I spend a lot of my time playing games online." This time, his smile is wider, more forced, and doesn't quite reach his baby blue eyes. There's a bit of tension in his shoulders as he responds to her, "A lot of time, online."

"Oh yeah, games?" Mimi asks, shaking his hand back before she withdraws it in order to move over to the register with her few comic books. It looks like she's picked up a wide berth of manga, which seems to suggest that perhaps she's getting into comics for herself… and not exclusively for the young man she mentioned previously, since this seems to be more her style. "What kind of games? I used to be really good at Dance Dance Revolution but I haven't played it in a while. I like Wii Sports though. But you can't throw the controller at the TV. My older brother learned that the hard way."

He doesn't really follow her as she moves over to the cash register, as the space between the two of them isn't that great. "Quake 3. It's old-school, but I still enjoy it. There's also Starcraft 2, but real-time strategy games aren't really my thing. I prefer first-person shooters." Arching an eyebrow at the Dance Dance Revolution comment, he adds, "If I had to choose between Dance Dance and taking a jog through my neighborhood, I'd rather take the jog any day. I really suck at dancing. Anyhoo." He spins around and walks up to the cash register, hitting the bell for service. "Guys, there's a customer here!" His voice is loud enough to reach the back, and sure enough, the clerk who was shadowing Mimi earlier returns.
"What?" He looks annoyed.
Jack points to Mimi and her stack of manga. "That. Damn, are you guys slow today or what." It's not even a question.

Mimi raises a brow at Jack's treatment of the staff. Usually it's she who's doing that. She crinkles her nose at him and then nods. "Jogging is fine too." It's the only comment she seems to be able to make, looking mildly distracted as she swipes her credit card. She signs for her transaction and then looks over at Jack, smiling at him. "You're cute, Jack. I like you. If this goes well, I'll be sure to tell Foster to thank you personally." Wait, if what goes well? It's hard telling with the blonde. "I'd say 'see you around', but this is New York, after all. What are the chances?"

"Foster?" Most hackers tend to have long memories, and it doesn't take very much time for Jack to recognize the name. But then again, it's a big city, so it really couldn't be the same person he just ran into a few days ago.

"You're cute, Jack." The sales clerk retorts, mimicking Mimi. "You know, just because the manager likes you for fixing his little clunker in the back, doesn't mean you own the place." These are obviously directed towards the only other male in this room, besides himself.

"Hey. Broface. Chill. K?" It may be obvious to Mimi now, that the two know each other. He rolls his eyes at the sales associate.

"There's a good chance you'll find me here if you decide to shop around again." He glances at his watch. "Look, I'm really sorry, but I gotta go." That last statement is for Mimi. "See ya later."

"Yeah, see you." Mimi says to him as she waves at Jack, looking almost embarrassed for the poor kid while the sales associate comes down on him. Almost, anyway. She takes her comics from him in the sack and puts her credit card back in her purse, looking down at her wrist watch. "Oh God, I'm going to miss it." And she's off like a shot running for the entrance, somehow not breaking her neck in those accident-waiting-to-happen heels.

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