2011 06 29: Mixing It Up

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Mission Name: Mixing It Up
Date of Mission: June 29, 2011
Locale: 7-11

Hobbes and Emmaline talk about living dangerously and slushies.

Emmaline hobbes

The weather outside is already spiking at just around 80 degrees and it's not even noon yet in New York. Traffic on the streets is crawling slowly and Emmaline has found it necessary to take a short break and drop into the local 7-11 for a few supplies. Her cherry red fixed gear bicycle sits outside, a chain wrapped tightly around it. The young woman can be found near the slushie machines, just tugging the lid onto a blue slushie. She's dressed aerodynamically today in a white sports tank top, black leggings, and athletic sneakers. Her thick hair is pulled behind her in a multitude of smaller braids, with some of the hair still straight. She's covered in a fine sheen of sweat that she's dabbing at with a few rough paper towels. The life of a bike courier isn't glamorous.

Even librarians need snack food. Hobbes has recently taken a lunch in order to handle some business, namely quenching a thirst or two away from the library and at this particular 7-11. Rather than walk on a bad leg and up his dosage of painkillers, or take public transport, he's weaved in and out of traffic via motorbike and now the bright red vehicle is swinging in front of a yellow cab to slide into the parking lot. He ignores the blaring horn. Business casual, Hobbes is undoing the collar of his white dress shirt in the middle of walking into the store, the horns having since died down in lieu of his heading for the rear: slushies. There just happens to be someone else there.

So Hobbes lingers in place, as handicapped as he is he can't go maneuvering around her anyway. He smiles. "Best way to cool down on a hot day, huh?"

Emmaline steps aside to make room for Hobbes at the slushie machine, taking a sip from her straw. "It beats diving into one of the public wishing fountains, not that I haven't thought about it." Her face is so red from the heat that it's hard to tell if she's blushing or not after her comment. She smiles at him. "I'm sorry, I'm in your way…" She reaches up to brush the hair away from her neck as she finishes dabbing at herself, throwing her paper towel away. A messenger bag is strapped across her chest, and it looks moderately full - and perhaps heavy. It's probably adding a good ten pounds of weight to the slip of a girl.

"Hey, at this point," he pauses just long enough to make that beginning almost into a question, almost, "I'd be liable to join you in that." In being personable, Hobbes inclines his head respectfully to her stepping out of the way and takes an eased step forward with his favoring his left side. The cane, made of rosewood, is turned into being held under his right armpit in the middle of glancing down to the somewhat sticky floor. It could do with having decent mopping but it's nothing horrible. "You sure you should be lugging that around in weather like this?" He's since looked away from choosing between four different flavors of Mountain Dew alongside Coke, Cherry Coke, and a blueberry blast. It's a tough choice. Conversation is easier. So he's shifting his right arm so that the cane gestures to the messenger bag.

Emmaline seems to be done in the 7-11, but she also seems like she might not want to go back out to the heat just yet. She licks her lips and looks toward the door with a quiet sigh. At Hobbes' question, she jumps back to alertness and looks at him, taking another sip of her slushie. "Oh, well… it's part of my job. I can't really take it off or anything. I'm a bike courier. I think that as long as I get a little sugar in my system, I should be okay." She pauses. "Of course, I have every intention of getting some bottled water too since this stuff will probably just dehydrate me in the long run. ..But it tastes really good, you know?"

Upon the question, Hobbes has turned back around. He shouldn't linger around the slushie machine forever, after all. Between the choices presented, the man simply takes a load of them all, causing both a cacophony of flavor and surreal rainbow mix of layered colors in the plastic cup. The best part is that it's a large cup. Even better, he plucks up two straws and mitigates the completed slushie into his left hand while leaning on the cane with his right. "Oh, definitely, they're the best." He briefly grins. "A bike courier though? That's pretty demanding. You sure just one bottle'll do?" He won't be keeping her though, from her duties and whatnot, he's slowly taking his time in heading away from the machines.

"Maybe two of the big ones," Emmaline agrees to him as she follows behind him at a safe distance. She'd hate to make him trip or something. She examines his slushie with wonderment, her eyes growing wide. "All of the flavors and two straws?" Emmaline asks. "You're living dangerously, I think." She continues to trail behind him a distant pace, taking another drink out of her cup. "Oh, it's not really a demanding job unless I overdo it. I know my limits though. I've been at this for a while. The only problem if anything is that it's not more in demand."

Hobbes idly listens to the dull taps of his cane alongside footfalls. Though, that happens to be particularly boring and reminds him of his injury so he listens more fully to the woman instead. It's not hard. Her voice is distractingly nice. "When you only live once, it's hard for me not to. I wouldn't want to have any regrets, you know?" The corners of his mouth quirk into a quick smile before he looks wistfully towards the doors as well: avoid the heat, Hobbes, as long as possible. "This might help though. With the demand, I mean," he has since paused in step in order to find a white and brown business card from a pocket after setting down the cup, offering the aforementioned card to her betwixt middle and ring finger of his left hand. Muhlenberg Library. With the rest of the contact information, he pipes up, "Muhlenberg, people enjoy their books delivered."

She takes the offered card and raises a brow before smiling at Hobbes. "Thanks, mister. I'm sure that my boss will be glad for the extra business." She reads over the card and then tucks it down into her bag before she veers off toward the bag to get two huge bottles of Smart Water. "I would hate to have regrets about slushies of all things. Maybe next time I'll try your special slushie recipe and see if I like it. The most flavors I've ever mixed is two. It's always cherry and blue coconut for me, but that's only when I feel really naughty." She grins at him and steps up toward the counter to pay for her things.

Hobbes counters, "You're welcome, ma'am." He brushes down the front of his dress shirt before combing fingers through his dark hair and then taking up his drink anew. That leads into walking for the counter. "Devote today to something so daring even you can't believe you're doing it, but… I think I just stole that from Oprah or Doctor Phil, or something. Still, cherry and blue coconut," he looks to her slushie and then Emmaline herself before glancing up to the nearby clerk from where he stands at being second in line. "Naughty, huh?" Amused as he is, he follows that up with a, "Nice choice of words."

Emma blushes somewhat at Hobbes' compliment about her wording. With the summer sun fading from her cheeks it's more apparent now that she's actually blushing. She pays for her two bottles of water and her slushie, pulling a few wadded up bills from her legging pocket and handing them to the cashier. "I've never been daring or bold in my life. It seems too late to start now, but who knows?" Emmaline says, shrugging her shoulders. "I might go out and do something crazy tonight. Watch for me on the ten o'clock news," Emmaline says as she receives her purchases and tries to stuff the water bottles down in her bag to the best of her abilities, clearing out of Hobbes' way so she can pay.

"Oh- really? Well then, I'll definitely try to," assures Hobbes. With his moment of sincerity he steps up to pay for his purchases just as well, plucking up a pack of sunflower seeds and some chewing gum to round things out. He also makes certain to add a belated, "Don't do anything too crazy, though. Then again, with being too pretty to die…" He trails off as the cashier speaks up with regards to needing a bag. "Oh, yeah," and he's fishing out a brown leather wallet to pay for his things. It distracts him from the other conversation with Emmaline.

The woman blushes once more at his compliment now about her looks, biting on her lower lip. "I'll try not to, but who knows? Maybe if I don't see you on the news tonight, I'll see you at the library soon." She smiles widely at him and looks down at the ground before somewhat spastically running for the door. She opens it and the 'ding-dong' buzzer sounds in the 7-11 before she starts to unlock her bike in practiced motions, getting on it and speeding off into the blazing hot day.

"That'd be pretty nice. How about-" Hobbes turns with his bag and cup to see the woman already outside. Truth be told, it was the ding-dong chime of the entrance that brought his attention up. By the time he has hobbled his way outside, Hobbes is looking after her already speeding off and with a glance over the shoulder he then begins heading for his Ducati. After a momentary frown, he's shaking his head and speaking up to himself. "Well, at least she didn't run into the door…"

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