2011 06 27: Not A Controlled Substance

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Mission Name: Not A Controlled Substance
Date of Mission: June 27, 2011
Locale: Starbucks - Greenwich Village - Manhattan

Theo tries to recruit Crewe to his experiment, and offers something that definitely isn't drugs.

theo crewe

It was with a slight spring to his step that Theo moved into Starbucks, his feet shuffling slightly before he spun around with a broad grin. The man apparently either really happy, on something…or somewhere in between. His form turning back to face the counter as he did a little shuffle towards it drawing out his tablet from the messenger bag of black leather slung around his right shoulder. His eyes glancing towards the menu before he looked to the tablet, "Alright, let us try…hrm…a Chai tea, chilled. Crushed ice please. Not cubed…to 73 degrees. Yes…74 was fine…but today seems like a 73 degree day." His gaze lifting from his tablet to focus upon the girl behind the counter. "Ahh and how is your day going? Don't answer if it will be some superficial answer…I look for something real in my responses…my reactions…Yes…superficial folk are abound here…in this city but I want what's real!" The words raising slightly in excitement before he looks down, a sheepish grin taking shape across his lips. "Sorry, one of those days you see…" His gaze focusing upon his hand for a moment as he raises it up to examine it.

Sitting around Starbucks and looking important, typing up a script or reading the Wall Street Journal, leaving out the half-dozen or whatever overpriced, gigantic coffee cups that come in sizes no American cares about with names no American can comprehend…that's what the real winners in New York do. Thankfully, Crewe isn't nearly so pretentious. Oh, sure, she's hanging about the shop; it IS right up the street from her apartment, but she's not trying in the least to be something she's not.

What the means is that she's claimed one of the overstuffed chairs in the place. Lying sideways over the arms of the chair, she's kicked off her shoes and seems to find some sick pleasure in frustrating people who want a place to sit during the busy hours. A trashy, dogeared romance novel is resting on her belly, which is clad in a frayed and torn black Pink Floyd t-shirt; the iconic prism and rainbow is right there across her boobs. There's a lot of leg out too, since she's wearing short jeans shorts, cut from real jeans. She only casually turns her eyes over to the guy tripping his way down to get a tea.

Theo's eyes lift from his hand to look over the place, A glance is given towards Crewe as Theo's lips form into a warm and almost welcoming smile. "Hello there…" His eyes looking to the shirt she wears causing his smile to grow broad, "Ahh very good musical choice, Wish you were here…the wall, And several other iconic songs…yes…wonderful choice." His head giving a small nod to her before he looks back as the barista stares at him, "Yes? Was I not clear? 73 degree…chai latte…crushed ice." The barista's head simply shakes as they move to ready his drink. Theo's right hand moves into his pocket to remove a 10 dollar bill setting it down on the counter before he turns to look back over the room only to look at his tablet making a small note before slipping it and the stylus pen away.

"Those have their own albums, bud. This is Dark Side of the Moon," Crewe gently informs him. Mostly, it consists of putting the book down, opened side against a thigh so that she can stretch the front of the shirt to show the artwork. "Nice enthusiasm though. What are you tripping on though? I mean, seems like that's the culprit, rather than some weird kinda…social weirdness. I mean, seventy-three degrees? Exactly? I bet you sleep in the tiny-sized bed and eat tiny bowls of porridge that are neither too hot nor too cold, right?" She hasn't gotten up or even sat up to speak, merely turning her head against the arm of the chair to look.

Theo smirks hearing her words, "Who needs to trip on something to experiment with what temperature of a drink on a hot day is good? Besides…it has been at least 12 hours…okay maybe 6 since I have taken anything of the sort." His head giving a small matter of fact nod, "All in the name of science though you see." His shoulders roll back in a small shrug as he takes the drink as its given, A small thermometer taken from his bag and stuck into the liquid to check its temperature before he gives a small nod of satisfaction, "Very good sir…Well done." The words spoken to the Barista before Theo turns to focus his attention upon Crewe, "And well…as for social weirdness, that would be one way of putting it. But I wonder if you're such an expert to know how to differentiate the two." His fine brow raising in question as he moves towards the woman motioning to the seat across from her.

"What, do you mean to ask me whether I know how to decide if someone's weird or not? Or are you asking if I can decide who's on drugs and who's just weird simulating drugs? I'm not an expert, nope…but you are definitely weird. Some kinda collegey weirdo, or something, messing around with rats probably. Or monkies maybe. Or pigs." At the very least, she sits up when she talks now, folding down the corner of a page to hold her spot in the book that was purchased second-hand for the beyond-second time.

Theo chuckles softly at the words from her, His head tilting just slightly as he studies the woman a moment. The man apparently not waiting for her to offer him a seat as he moves to sit at her table setting his drink down. His right hand lifting and moving into his inside jacket pocket to remove a small vial with a clear liquid in it pouring it into the drink before returning the vial to his pocket. His hand coming back out with a small stir stick used normally for chemistry dipping it into the drink to stir the contents of the vial around inside the chai. "A college sort? Yes I suppose you could say that. Though my experimentation is hardly relegated to simple animals. In fact…depending on your age you may just fit the parameters for a study I am doing." The stir stick is removed from the drink and placed in the outside pocket of his messenger bag.

Watching this, Crewe raises a brow. "That doesn't seem safe. I thought lab equipment was supposed to stay in the lab and all that. Kinda ballsy to sit here and add your dope to your drink right here in public and all. What is that? Some dissolved meth or something? Coke suspension? What's the secret ingredient, man?" Interested, sure, but not concerned. Crewe just relaxes back in the chair, putting her hands behind her head and stretching out a bit. Lying across the arms of the chair like that always gives her a serious crink in the back.

Theo chuckles softly, "It is just an artificial flavoring actually, You're welcome to try some if you would like." His shoulders giving up a small shrug, "And well in most cases lab equipment stays in the lab, Unless the head of the lab approves it being taken out of said lab. As I am the head of my lab…I approved myself to make my flavoring and take it with me to get my chai." His eyes watching the woman's movements some, "And well, How old are you? You might work well for a current study."

"Don't see how that's really important. I'm not going to be participating in any study. I got my own shit going on man. Can't you see I'm busy?" Maybe, just maybe it she says it convincingly enough, he'll take the hint…since she certainly wasn't very busy. "And as a rule, I don't take drink additives from strangers. You know Rohypnol? The rape drug. Yeah, I'm too pretty to wind up gutted in an alley somewhere." That, and you don't even need basic spy training to see that taking 'flavoring' from some guy in a coffee shop is probably bad form for a pretty 20-something in New York.

Theo laughs at the words from her, "Yes I can see your day must be busy with what is that? some drug store romance novel?" His brow raising slightly in question as he watches her, "And as for it being Rohypnol, Hardly…why would I dose myself with such a thing?" His eyes watching her in silent study a moment before he shrugs, "And well if you change your mind, The study pays 600 Dollars, with a bonus if you complete the entire study of 1 grand." His form slowly leaning back in his seat, "Besides, An alley? Gutted? Did we end up in Victorian England and I missed the memo?"

"The city's a little different when you're young, blonde, and have legs like mine. I know it's probably something you never have to worry about," Crewe verbally stabs, getting her digs in where she can. "Call me paranoid or whatever, but I'm not going to end up as some corpse on CSI: New York. I mean, Gary Sinese? What hell? And that terrible remix of The Who? Now, if it was CSI in Las Vegas…well, maybe. As for money, I'm set. Clearly. How else could I spend my day annoying all the rich folk by being a lazy mother fucker?"

Theo's shoulders give a small shrug, "You're right, I do not have to tend with people admiring my legs, Instead I have to deal with those superficial gold diggers who see only my bank account or the promise of some great advance that they can get rich on. I believe many call them gold diggers, and they like you…normally sit around lounging about not knowing real work." A small smile given to her as he stabbity stabs back just slightly, "Though I can't really blame you about not wanting to be subjected to Gary Sinese and that sad attempt at The Who."

"Well, I'm not gold-digging, just not after that whole…crowd or whatever. I'm basically a what-you-see is what-you-get kinda gal," Crewe grins, sincerely lying right to his face. "So you're saying you have a big…bank account then? Is that what you mean?" As the conversation carries on, Crewe shifts so that one arm is on the arm of the chair, and her head is mostly pillowed up in the bend there, even yawning from time to time as the excitement of the day takes its toll.

Theo's shoulders give up a small shrug as they raise and roll backwards, "Some might view it as such, Others might view it as simply being comfortable in life." His words spoken casually as he watches her, "It really all remains up to individual perceptions of monetary wealth." His right hand moving to take up his drink as several long sips are taken before he slowly breaks into a smile, "Ahh just the right mixture, Now this is what dreams are made of." His hand lifting the drink up a moment before lowering it back down, "And just what is it you do then? Miss what I see is what I get?" The subtle accent of Britain showing in his words.

"Well, right now I'm kind of between jobs. Usually, I float between temp jobs though. Contract stuff. It works well, since I hate to be strapped down to any one job. Nice to change it up every now and again. Like I said…all that brainy shit is beyond me. I'm a simple girl with simple tastes." As evidence, she holds up the paperback and gives it a little wiggle. "Trashy novels are just about par for the course when it comes to my personality, you see."

Theo laughs softly, "Well if you end up deciding you want some work that is contract based and still allows your freedom let me know, I may have some spots open at the Lab. Not all of them related to the work there, Sometimes having things transcribed becomes very needed…and useful." His eyes looking towards the trashy novel, "Well to each their own I suppose. I prefer the beat generation writers personally, That and of course some of the newer writers who seem to push the bounds of belief…and fantasy…mingling the reality with science fiction. Some of their work can be very…interesting." His eyes lifting to her own once more, "Ohh where are my manners, "Theo," his hands moving to remove a single medical glove slipping it onto his right hand before extending out to her.

"Dude…come on. I haven't had cooties since like the third grade," Crewe replies, totally deadpan. She still reaches out to shake the hand though, albeit tentatively. "Toni. Toni Reynolds. Cutest darn near-vagrant you'll ever meet." The talk of books goes unreciprocated though, since she is not exceptionally well-red on those avant-garde authors. "All I need to know, I learned from Spark Notes. Just remember…you can never erase all the 'fucks' in the world. Or something, I dunno. It was in that book with some kid catching wheat or whatever." While she speaks, she leans forward to grab her shoes. Coffee long empty, it's about time she moseyed…particularly since the bulk of the afternoon crowd is dying down, and her task of being lazy and keeping them from getting a seat is done.

Theo's fine brow raises as she takes her hand giving it a shake, "Ohh it is not a matter of cooties, But the average person has over 12,000 germs on their hands. Not all of them are beneficial, Simply taking precautions is all. I mean did you realize that each button on an ATM holds 1200 germs? Do you wash your hands after using an ATM? Public phones the number is greatly increased." His words spoken softly and simply, "things to think about the next time you pull out that bank card." His head shaking slightly as he carefully removes the glove tucking it away, His hand moving to remove a business card holding it out for her. "Well if you decide you wish some easy work please do let me know."

"Sure, sure. I'll remember it." She takes the business card, and tucks it rather casually into the back pocket of her jeans. Aside from the paperback book, she doesn't appear to have brought anything else with her. "Don't do too much of the wacky tobaccy, okay?" Leaving her empty cup there on the table next to the chair, she just…leaves. That final thing she said is what passes for good-bye to her, apparently.

Theo's brow raises as she quickly leaves and with her comments, "Um…sure whatever you say." His shoulders giving up a small shrug as he takes another sip of his chai simply watching her move off.

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