2011 06 29: Not a Normal Person

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Mission Name: Not A Normal Person
Date of Mission: June 29, 2011
Locale: Training Area - Division Head Quarters

Argyle welcomes Dahlia with a tour and she makes his eyebrows stay up.

Argyle Dahlia

The training area is full of activity at just about every time of day. Right now, it's quiet. Most of the recruits are at mealtime or scheduled downtime. Most, not all. Some have been instructed to meet a senior agent by the training dummies for an orientation tour. This is a duty that usually falls to Michael, but Percy's right hand man is off on a mission, so it's been left to one Marcus Argyle.

Dahlia enters the area slowly as she looks around at the various mats and the new people. Her hazel eyes don't really reflect any of her inner thoughts as she ensembles on time. She just looks at Marcus as if she's looking into him and not at him.

Argyle is not really looking closely enough at her to catch much. He's also a little distracted as he strides up to her. "Right. Sorry. Were you waiting long? What've you been told so far? I'd hate to repeat myself." He smiles slightly, then remembers himself. "Oh. Right. I'm Marcus Argyle. But you can call me Argyle. Most people do. Stops me being confused with the other Marks and such that come through here."

Dahlia just stares at Argyle balefully. "I have not been waiting long enough to make a complaint to your scheduling, Mister Argyle." Dahlia's voice borders on monotone as she responds back to him. It does hold a very distinct girlish touch to it though. "I am Dahlia… Smith. I am a new recruit. You may call me what you think appropriate for our interpersonal relationship with each other. I will trust that you have the basis upon which to make that decision. As to my welfare, I am content with all the constant inconsistent around me. I have only been told that my previous life is over and my current is set to begin within your structured organization."

Argyle squints at her, then cants his head. He looks generally bewildered at her manner of speaking. "Hell. Didja swallow a formal dictionary? Normally the kids in here need to clean up their language, not tone it down." He shakes his head and chuckles. "Well. Amanda'll cure you of that, no doubt." His tone is droll. "We're mostly on a first-name basis around here. Even with the big bosses. No mister required."

Dahlia nods her head once. "I find that I should correct your statement as it does not seem valid. You said that we are mostly on a first-name basis and yet you introduced yourself by favoring your last name. So was it that your statement of preference was wrong or are you part that is not included in the some?" The name is stored away before she inquires. "Why would you have an instructor on how to speak incorrectly? Her name is Amanda?" She nods once again. "It will be pleasant to meet her as it is to meet you. What is it that you do around here… Argyle?" It is almost like saying that without the proper 'mister' before it leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

Argyle just…lifts an eyebrow. "Amanda is the person who's gonna make sure you talk like someone who doesn't make me do this thing with my eyebrow." He points to his forehead where his eyebrow is quite lifted. "Spies need to blend, which means looking and sounding like everyone else." He drops his hand. "Me? Well, the part that applies to you is that I'm the weapons instructor. I also do R&D for Division, so I spend a lot more time on-base than other agents."

Dahlia nods her head once to that and lifts her eyes to his eyebrow. "I already know how to stop you from doing that. If you insert botox into the right muscles surrounding the eyes it will cease to allow them to lift. On the other hand, there is a neurotoxin that comes from one of the rarer spiders in South America. It can be harvested to allow it so the muscles will not function in the ways a person means for them to though, it is not really safe on living creatures and runs a high risk of death and or brain damage." She just looks at him. "So how does my talking to you and the mannerisms in which I speak facilitate if I blend or not? I find that it is less about speech and more about speech patterns. The way one's voice lifts and drops, while mine does not allow for such things to stand out and there are few inflections upon my words." She looks at him as if expecting some great wisdom.

"You're just not speaking like…a person." The stuff about the venom? Well, it makes Argyle blink, but he doesn't comment. "Don't mean to be rude, but you're going to stick out like a sore thumb. And that's pretty much the opposite of what we're going for here in spy school."

Dahlia lowers her brows as she seems to think this over. One can almost see her brain making the various checks and lists it needs to compute the data he is supplying to her. Then she hmms softly as a conclusion is reached. "I can alter my speaking patterns on a logistic side of things if it balances the equation of fitting in over being too bland that one sticks out. However, it is wrong to say I am not speaking like a person. For I am a person. I am speaking. Ergo, I am speaking like a person."

"A…normal person." Argyle amends in the gentlest way possible. "But I applaud your logic. Uh. So. I'm guessing they assigned you quarters, showed you where to get food?"

Dahlia shakes her head. "I would imagine the room they put me in was my own. I did not see another person in it. As to eating, I have not yet seen that place. Do you have a hunger and wish to show me with the actual means of being able to eat? I find that people speak their motivations by merely offering the deliverance that will bring them to that motivation. For example if you were thirsty, you might be inclined to ask me if I needed a drink."

Argyle opens mouth, closes it. Opens again. But the words don't really come freely from his mouth. "Uhhh." So intelligent. "No. I'm uh, I'm not hungry. But the cafeteria is down this way." He points.

Dahlia turns her eyes in that direction. "Why do you use the phrase down this way? It is not down and it is not a way you are traveling. Would it not be more correct to say the cafeteria is in that direction?" Her eyes move back to his eyes and hold there. She might not even be blinking.

Argyle suddenly wonders if this is all a test and that Division is testing robots. Again, his mouth opens, then closes, then opens. "Because people are imprecise. And English is imprecise. And no one is ever overly specific?" Then, "Just…come with me. I'll show you where the critical stuff is."

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