2011 06 07: Opposites Attract

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Mission Name: Opposites Attract
Date of Mission: June 7, 2011
Locale: Big Apple Comics

What happens when a dumb blonde and a nerd go comic shopping? Something completely different than what you'd expect.

Foster Mimi

Coming straight from work, Foster has stopped by the comic book store on his way home. Hipster glasses most un-ironically perched on the bridge of his nose, he flips through one large bin of back issues before moving along to the next, moving through them with enough speed to suggest he's seen most of this selection before. He nudges by another customer with a politely mumbled, "Excuse me," and continues through the next box as well, stopping only when he comes across an issue he hasn't come across before. Pulling it free from the bin, he lifts it up to squint at it thoughtfully, reading over the cover art and assessing the comic's condition.

Somewhere in the shop, there's a screeching squeal. "I used to love this comics when I was a little girl, ohmigod!" There is one person who stands out entirely too much from everyone else. The squealing blonde hugs an Archie comic to her chest before grabbing a few more off the shelf. And because she is so pleased with the comic shop's offerings, she grabs other comics. She's not really looking at what they are. She's just grabbing. And somehow this leads her to flit by Foster in what is undoubtedly a cloud of high-end perfume marketed as 'sensual'. She's wearing a little too much of it. Behind her, Mimi drops a dirty comic from Japan as she rushes to the register, grabbing packs of gum too and throwing them on the counter.

Foster isn't good with people, which is why he usually tries to avoid them. But he is also helpful! And desperate for approval from pretty girls like Mimi. She certainly draws the eye, especially in Foster's case, which leads him to notice her dropping the comic. Not noticing what it is, the would-be hero spurs into action, lunging forward to grab the comic, tripping on a bin someone left extended, and sprawling to the floor in an ungainly fashion. His glasses go skittering, but he focusses still on grabbing the comic, holding it up like he's just captured the flag in a rousing game of team sports, which he has clearly never actually played. "I- Uh- I- You dropped this!" he calls after Mimi, in case his little ballet performance wasn't enough to already capture her attention.

Mimi turns around to see Foster, adjusting her well-worn black H&M tank. "Oh, hey. Thanks! I'll read this too. By the pool." The last bit is said as Mimi takes the comic from Foster's hand and realizes just what kind of comic it is. Her smile only grows upon her realization and she reaches out to brush Foster's hand casually. "Do you come here often?" She asks. She's showing more skin than is safe for females in nerd caves; the tank top does a good job of perking up her assets, and her denim skirt is dangerously short. "I'm not that into comics but all of the sudden when I woke up today I just knew I had to come comic shopping! Isn't that weird?" She asks, reaching for a credit card from inside of her tiny couture handbag. She hands it to the cashier when he asks for one, and no doubt she's just made the owner of the store very happy considering how very large her tab is.

It's around this same time that Foster realizes just what sort of comic he's holding, but his reaction is to go beet red rather than smile. "I-I-I-" he stammers, even before realizing she asked him a question. "I, uh, yeah. Well. More often than, say, you do, I think, not that I know how often you come here or anything, but I'm just taking a guess you don't come here very often. Which I do. But not as often as some of the guys who come here, you know, uh, more often… than I do." He's trying to avoid looking directly at her and the crazy amounts of skin she's showing here. "Weird? It's… It's not that weird, I guess. Although it might depend on why it occurred to you. Maybe… Maybe there was some sort of dream involved. Uh, but- but not about that," he's quick to clarify, making a flustered gesture towards the dirty comic. "Just… about comics."

Uh oh. This is dangerous territory for Meems. There's a socially inept nerd who is probably nowhere as rich as she is standing in front of her, babbling like an idiot. She takes her credit card back when the cashier offers it to her and plops it into her purse, taking her bag of comics when they're ready. She doesn't bother to step away from the counter, however; Oh yes, she'll make those other people wait while she gets her fill of geek boy. "I don't know, I don't remember any weird dreams, except this one where I was kicking this guy's ass…" She trails off there and then puts her hand on his arm. "But not yours! No. This was a big guy. Strong. Manly. You're a puppy dog. I like puppy dogs. So cute." She grins at him in an almost predatory manner. "My name is Miranda Miriam 'Mimi' Collinwood-Taylor. What's yours?" She asks. If he keeps up with the tabloids, he'll have seen her picture a few times in the past year or so. But she's guessing he doesn't… even better.

Foster does look slightly worried at first, when she mentions dreaming of kicking some man's ass, and some part of him doesn't know whether he should feel better that he's disqualified on the basis of not being strong and manly. But then she's talking about him being a puppy dog and there's the word cute… Still completely unsure how to feel or react to this, his body takes care of it by turning his face an even brighter red. "Well, uh. It's … good you like puppy dogs. And I appreciate you not trying to kick my ass. Or dreaming about it. Not that I think you're actually violent or anything, but, uh, you could maybe probably take me, so I don't really want to find out," he notes with a bit of self-deprecating humour in there. "I'm, uh, I'm Foster… Waldo Foster, but I prefer Foster because Waldo, you know…" He trails off making a spastic gesture with his hands. He hasn't failed to notice they're holding up the line up, and feels a mounting sense of pressure from the people behind, but has no idea what to do about that.

Mimi gives a cold dragon lady stare to the people waiting behind her, though ultimately she reaches out in order to take Foster by the hand and lead him away from them. Her hand is really soft and warm at least. She doesn't seem to be listening to a lot of his rambling. "You don't like Where's Waldo jokes? But that's no fun." She grins at him and considers for a long moment how much she should toy with him. "I don't know where Waldo should be, but I'll tell you where he needs to be… right here tomorrow, same time, same place. Maybe I'll let you put on your robe and wizard hat." Mimi says, winking at him as she edges closer.

This has clearly never happened to Foster before, except maybe in his imagination, but those thoughts are private. The last time he can remember a girl talking to him for this long was when she was trying to get him to do her homework. "Well," he begins to respond with another long treatise on the nature of Where's Waldo? jokes, but her next comment sends him into system overload. He just stares at her for a long moment. "You… You mean me?" How many Waldos could she possibly know? "I- Well, yes. I can be here if you… if you want me to. I don't usually come every day, but not because I'm against the idea or anything, I just- I didn't really see the point, but now I, uh, I see a point."

Mimi smiles at him. She knew he'd see it her way. She reaches out to cup his cheek in her hand and wink at him. "I'm glad then! Maybe you can tell me more about your favorite comics tomorrow night." She then smiles widely and runs her fingers down to his neck, playing with his jugular. "So if you don't come every day, what do you do with yourself?" It's a blatant double entrende if there ever was one. The blonde bats her eyelashes at the young 'stud' in front of her, letting her fingers slip from his neck. A few of the comic book nerds look disgusted at the public display of affection but the others are looking insanely jealous by now.

For his part, Foster is looking like he might pass out, and there's a faint wheeze to his quickened breathing, but thankfully, that seems to be the extent of the asthma attack for now. "I … can tell you about them, if you think you'd be interested, but I wouldn't really expect you to be, and that's okay. If you're not. I know not everyone is. I probably wouldn't be if I didn't read them myself, but that makes them more interesting - to me." He's barely even listening to himself at this point, much more of his attention focussed on her hand and the fact that's it willingly touching him. "With- With myself? I, um, I work… And, uh. Read some. And… Uh. And look after my… my insects. And I spend some time on the computer. That's, ah, that's about it." He lets out a tense laugh.

The blonde girl reaches down to take Foster's hand once more. "Are you trying to say that a girl such as myself can't be multi-faceted and enjoy comics? How naive." She doesn't assert that she has dorky hobbies any further than this, simply smiling at him in a challenging manner. "That sounds very b— Did you say insects?" The one thing she will not feign to get on his good side is a love of insects. There is a plain look of disgust on the girl's face before she clears it up and bats her eyelashes. "At least you like girls or else I'd have to worry. You do like girls, right? Because I had this bad experience once with this guy who was like, 'oh, I totally like girls' but then as it turned out he really didn't in the way I needed him to, but he still gives great fashion advice. You do like girls… uhhh…" Mimi tries to think of a way to word it delicately, so as not to break the poor boy the first time she meets him, "…in a romantic way, right?"

"I like girls!" Foster squeaks in quick protest, loud enough to elicit a laugh from some of the patrons in the store. He goes a bit pink but doesn't take back the statement. "I just… They don't, you know. Usually… like me." He looks like he regrets saying that quite so plainly, but he's used to saying things he regrets, so that's down on his list of worries right now. "The insects aren't- I mean, I don't… It's not like that." He has no lustful feelings towards bugs is what he's trying to say. "They're, uh… They're like pets. And- And for work. I work with insects. At the museum. In a not-romantic way."

It's as if Mimi is suddenly really pissed that people are laughing at poor Foster. She gives all of the chucklers a rather dirty look before grabbing the man and pulling him closer, her lips pressing against his firmly. Is that some tongue in there? No, not quite. Just the faintest hint of it. She pulls away after everyone has shut up and smiles at him. "Look, I like you. But I am really not down with bugs. I realize you're probably way into them, but let's try to leave the bug talk at home tomorrow, comprende?" She asks the young man before looking around at the people who were laughing, then smiling at him. "And I do like you. You're… nice." She says it in the way that someone would say someone's first house is a 'fixer upper'.

Sadly, being called the equivalent of a 'fixer upper' is probably one of the nicest things a girl has ever said to poor Foster, but he's too busy trying to keep it together after that kiss for the … sort-of compliment to fully register. "I-I-I-…" he begins to stammer again, as she pulls away from the kiss, just staring at her in utter disbelief. "Yes. Okay. No bugs. I- I can do that. Or I can try. I have this thing where I sort of … talk," he admits in an ironic tone, since he doesn't doubt she's noticed that by now. "But you can tell me to shut up. It's, uh, I'm used to it."

"I will never tell you to shut up." At least not tonight. She reaches out to tickle underneath the man's chin. "I'll be here tomorrow night. Don't keep me waiting and don't stand me up. My father is very influential and powerful. I could have you found." She's saying it mostly to screw with him and to see the reaction on his face; perhaps he really doesn't know who she is. Which again, would be a huge advantage. "I'm going now. You can feel free to ogle me as I walk away." And she turns on her heel, giving him a nice shimmy shake.

Foster's reaction is pretty easy to see, as he looks at her with wide eyes, actually a little bit afraid. "I- I- Wouldn't. I won't. I'll, uh, I'll be here… Tomorrow. At this time. Well. A little earlier, like when we first- When I gave you the, uh, the comic book back." Reminding him about the comic book only causes him to flush again. For the record, he does take her up on the offer to watch her walk away, although 'ogle' might be a stretch. It's only once she's gone that he seems to remember he's standing in the middle of a comic book store. "I, uh, I-I- I'm just going to go…" he informs the customers who are paying any attention to him at this point.

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