2011 06 24: Ride

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Mission Name: Ride
Date of Mission: June 24, 2011
Locale: Washington Square Park

Lip rides Tamara home.


In the gathering dusk, the park is still a hub of activity. Tamara called to arrange a meeting, and further defying not-quite-doctor's orders, she's not only given up on bed-rest, but has made her way all the way to the park. Arriving early, she's snagged a bench over by one of the dog runs - outside of it, but with an excuse like she's just here to watch the puppies frolic. Seated as she is, she can keep her very badly injured leg mostly disguised, as long as she doesn't need to move. So sit she does, her eyes on the dogs, but her mind a million miles away as she waits for Lip to arrive.


Rgere's a loud black man standing in the middle of the dog park section, holding an empty leash. He looks as if he's on the verge of tears or something, considering the way he's looking from one dog to the other and semi-glaancing around at the outskitrts.


He flails with the leash, almost as if it were a signal to someone to KNOW where his dog has gone! Doesn't ANYONE know where Fluffy has gotten to?! ANYONE AT ALL?!

Tamara arches an eyebrow at the loud black man making the very big scene in the middle of the dog park. She lets him holler and bellow for a few moments before sitting up a little straighter, raising her voice in what is almost too demure to be called a shout. "Is this your dog over here?" she asks the man, gesturing somewhat vaguely over in a vague direction. Is there an actual dog? She doesn't care enough to find one, anyway.

Nobody cares, really. As long as the loud black man stops shouting. The looks go away as he quiets down and heads in that direction, clearly intent on copping a seat next to the white chick that's there. Which he does. Easily. Reaching down to take care of the leash and the invisible dog. "Oh, thank god, you found her. Blah blah…" Lip actually says blah blah, before leaning back up and back against the bench. "So. Sup?"

"That was subtle," Tamara says dryly as he joins her, not nearly as playful as he's likely used to finding her. Normally making a scene would have just amused her, but tonight, it almost but not quite annoys. She pauses to take a brief look around, but when there's no one obviously listening in or even nearby, she continues, not so gauche as to speak in a whisper or look furtive. Just a casual conversation in the park. "I need to hire you for something. Are you free?"

"Ain't free. But like I said, if you're ready to let me get some of that, I'll give you a big ass discount." Lip cracks a smile and tosses an arm on the back of the bench, turning his head to look at her. His voice has to actually be taken DOWN an octave or two, in order for him to be speaking normally. He's so used to being loud. This is weird. "What you need, Baby?" He's in love with calling girls pet names and such, apparently.

"I can pay," Tamara replies giving him a faint smile, tinged with just a touch of challenge. Whether she means monetarily or otherwise, she doesn't clarify, but she isn't exactly putting a load of suggestiveness in her tone - and he must know by now she's quite capable of that when she wants to be. A manicured hand comes up, brushing blonde hair back from her face. "I need a driver. Escape and evasion, not delivery. Probably some light lookout duties as well. Mostly, I need you to keep the engine running and hit the gas when I say to. Think you can handle that?" she asks with just a touch of teasing.

"Uh. Hell Yeah. That's what I love to do. It's like my hobby." Lip sits back up straight, now that talk of driving like a maniac is coming through from Tamara's lips. "Now. The question is… when, where and what're we doing. Because that's gonna' decide which ride I use. Or if I gotta' get my hands on something new." Which, from the glimmer in his eyes, is enough to have him smiling and pondering the thieving that he could be up to soon.

"I need a day or to to plan," Tamara replies. 'Plan' sounds better than 'recover', and she doesn't want to have to start hashing out some sort of danger pay. "It's a small shop, here in the Village. You'll need something with some speed, but that can blend in. I don't want to draw attention when you're sitting at the curb. It's a quick in-and-out job, but I need an exit strategy in case there's trouble." She pauses and gives a smooth smile. "But there won't be trouble."

"You just get to the car. I'll handle the exit strategy." Lip says with a smile, definitely already planning out which of the vehicles he's going to pull out of his fleet. There's even some rubbing of his hands together to make everything that much more exciting and smiley. "If, for some strange ass reason, there is trouble. What kind? We talkin' cops or… AK-47's?"

"I knew I could count on you," Tamara says in a smooth tone, looking sidelong to Lip and then out over the dog park. She doesn't answer his question immediately, her eyes closely following one dog as he runs in a zig-zag, out running the other mutts. "Both? Neither? It is a crime scene so we'll need to be subtle. But it isn't only the police's attention I want to avoid. Fortunately, we are both very good at what we do."

"Works for me. Less I know the better, really." Lip is pushing up from his seat and standing to look awesome. "Need a ride home? Or you good?" He's definitely just attempting to keep around her longer because she's so so fine. And he's not going to do anything but watch television when he gets back to his crib.

"Less you know the better," Tamara confirms with a nod and an approving smile that he understands that essential aspect. She pauses at the offer for a long moment, and then nods. "Actually, a ride would be good, yeah, thanks." Pride be damned, a ride home will be a hell of a lot easier than trying to do it on her own with a bum leg. Of course, said bum leg becomes rather obvious as she drags herself into a standing position, although she tries to cover the pain with a peaceful smile. Nothing to see here.

"I ain't even gonna' ask. But I am gonna' ask if the ride needs to be back to your home… or can it be mine?" Oh Lip. He will never learn. Not when he's too busy trying to get some hot babes all up in his place so he can get them drunk and… yeah. Either way, Fluffy is forgotten about and he's reaching out to give the Tamara a hand. So they can get the heck out of dodge.

"Not this time, sport," Tamara replies, taking his come on with good humour that's just a little more strained than usual. On the plus side, it means she's not going to toy with him like she might be tempted to otherwise. She takes the offered hand, as she gets to her feet, trying to keep most of her weight on her good leg. "I have some other business I need to see to." She doesn't completely rule out the possibility that she may some day indulge Lip's lust, but she's going to keep him hanging on.

"Figures. He better not be cuter than me." Lip is not one to keep begging. Not when he already knows that she probably won't ever let him hit that. Not until like… maybe their lives are on the line or something crucially stupid and dangerous like that. But then, well, would it even be worth it then? Either way it goes, he takes to leading the hottie out of the park, flinging the dog leash off at a nearby trash can.

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