2011 06 22: Ships Passing in the Night

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Mission Name: Ships Passing in the Night
Date of Mission: June 22, 2011
Locale: Tenth Floor, The Manchester — Upper East Side - Manhattan

Bloodstains, bum leg, hurt feelings, casual lies and dark suspicions.

Tamara Thomas Rebekah

Tamara exits her apartment, shutting the door carefully behind her and then locking it, for all the good that will do. Limping quite noticeably and wincing with every step, she begins to move along the hallway towards the elevator, looking back over her shoulder periodically to make sure that no one is coming up behind her from the other end of the hall. About halfway there, she pauses for a moment, using the pedestal beneath one of the busts for support. Her leg is killing her, but she doesn't let that dissuade her from whatever it is she's set on doing. Instead, after a moment, she starts moving slowly and steadily for the elevator again.

Nope, there's no one down the hall right now. The elevator is another matter: the doors slide open and Thomas begins to step out, only to freeze in place rather than clip Tamara. As he reaches out to hold the door open, then move carefully to the other side, he gives Tamara a proper once-over. "You live down the hall right? Think I saw you there last week." In passing, but still.

Tamara tenses slightly as the elevator arrives before she can even call for it. But when Thomas does not open fire on her, she relaxes again, offering him a smile, glancing back over her shoulder at the apartment in question and pulling a bit of a face as she realizes the blood trail that leads there. She's all smiles again by the time she turns back, reaching up to tuck some blonde hair behind an ear. "That's me," she confirms, as she shuffles onto the elevator, making some effort now to hide the limp. "Thanks."

Some effort… but not quite enough; Thomas already saw how she was standing and how she moved out of the stance, and he's been trained to watch for that ort of thing. In case, y'know, she was planning to open fire on him. She doesn't seem to be a threat after all - "Yeah, no problem" - but now he spots the blood spatter as well, something that most neighbors might write off as just random stains. Not him; there's been trouble recently, and any sort of trouble on his doorstep is cause for concern. Better stall her a minute, see if she knows anything. "Hey, do you know if somebody got in a fight out here? Thought I heard some noise last night," he lies.

"Out here?" Tamara considers, glancing back to the hallway before giving her head a shake and offering her most reassuring smile. "Not that I know of. But I'm out a lot." Outright denial seems silly since other neighbours will no doubt have noticed the disturbance as well. So she calls upon her natural hair colour and plays dumb. "I guess even in a nice building, we are still in the middle of New York. Have you been here long? I only moved in recently myself," she says easily, trying to shift the topic as she rests against the wall of the elevator, subtly taking the weight off her bad leg.

Hmm, seems plausible enough. Thomas isn't jumpy about everyone all the time, just when he's startled or he has a specific reason. "Yes, a few months," he answers, glancing down toward the leg once again. "You know, you should see a doctor about— whatever happened there. Looks like it could turn on you any second, you know?"

"Oh, I've … had someone take a look at it," Tamara assures him with a smile just a touch more strained. Still, she amuses herself with creative truth-telling. No need to mention that the someone was an M.E., not an M.D. She reaches down, resting a slender hand by the injury, but she can't even bring herself to touch it with more than the lightest touch. "A few months. I'll have to get you to point out some of the hot spots in the neighbourhood sometime then."

Thomas arches a brow, briefly considering. On the one hand, she is a pretty little thing. On the other, he's already been seeing one recently— but casually, still. "I look forward to it," he answers, just a trace of a coy smile on his face as he nods and starts walking toward his own place. Which he will be checking over carefully, on the off chance that the unknown assailant might've broken in. Work, work, work…

"Mmhmm. Me too," Tamara replies with a wide smile, nodding her head once in agreement. "See you around then, neighbour." The smile fades as he turns away, the pain in her leg becoming a little more unbearable than she'd expected it to. Still, there are things to do and people to see, so she carefully leans forward to hit the button for the lobby, quickly leaning back against the elevator wall and using the handrail to support some of her weight.

That elevator comes up the floors. Rebekah scrubs at her eyes and smiles at the silvery coating to make sure she does not look like she's been crying. A few faked smiles and she has it covered. So when the floor doors open, she's smiling beautifully. It is Tamara she sees first. "Sugah, ya okay?" The Southern accent coating her words as they might be able to reach Thomas' ears.

There aren't a whole lot of things that Thomas would consider important enough right now to break his train of thought. That accent - not one of the typical local flavors, by any stretch - is one of them. Just as quickly, he turns right around again, pursing his lips as he sees Rebekah and heads over toward her. Ooooookay, this may call for a subtle bit of psychology, depending how it plays out.

Faked smiles all around? Tamara's is to cover the fair amount of pain she's in, as she offers the newly arrived stranger a reassuring smile. "Oh, I'll be fine," she says in a breezy tone, waving off the concern. "But thank you for asking." She does note with some interest as Thomas turns back around, and not just because it requires her to redouble her efforts to hide her pain. She eyes the elevator's control panel, mentally cursing the slow, old thing.

Rebekah hasn't noticed Thomas yet. She actually tips her hip into the path of the closing doors. "Y'all sure, Sugah? Ah mean mah friend just lives down the hall if'n ya need to take a break. Sure he won't mind." She gives another bright smile to the woman. That elevator is going to take longer with Becky standing in the way.

This seems as good a time as any for Thomas to jump into the fray, or back into the fray, rather. "Said she already had somebody take a look at it," he chimes in, stepping up to within a couple paces behind Rebekah. Whether looking at it involved actually properly treating it, well, that's still open for debate.

"That's kind of you, but really, I'm fine," Tamara replies with a pleasant smile, doing her darnest not to get impatient as she's left to continue standing on the leg that is really beginning to hurt by this point. Her eyes flicker just ever so briefly towards the hip that's blocking the elevator doors, but before she can get further than that, Thomas has joined in as well. "That's right," she confirms. "I'm in good hands." Looking past Rebekah, she quirks her eyebrows upwards just slightly at Thomas, deducing that he may well be the friend in question - either that, or he's an inordinately helpful neighbour to Tamara.

Rebekah turns at Thomas' voice giving a slight jump. Good thing? She moved out of the doors. Bad thing? Her foot is still unknowingly there. "Oh Tommy, so y'all know each othah than? Well that's just peachy." She looks between Tamara and Thomas. There is a flicker of something in her green eyes, but it's gone before it can be named. "Well Ah guess, if'n y'all got it taken cahe of."

Thomas offers Rebekah a shrug. "Turns out she lives down the hall." Technically, yeah, they've known each other for all of a couple of minutes. And the more he sees of Tamara's leg, the worse shape it looks to be in… maybe he should just let her get on her way already. "So you finished up early at the bar tonight, or are you not on shift?"

"Just a few doors down," Tamara confirms, nodding towards the length of hallway. It's perhaps more than just a few doors, but close enough. To her credit, she's not actually trying to stir up any trouble here - perhaps if she weren't injured… But that's for another day. "Really, it will be fine. Nothing more to do for it but give it time to heal." And stay off of it, but she never was good at following orders.

Rebekah looks between them for a few moments. "Oh." It is just a soft noise before she pulls her feet back. For a moment, her smile wavers and then she pulls it up. "Well.. Tommy he'e is a good guy. Ya know, Ah shouldn't have just dropped in." There is a pause as if she was going to say something and changed her mind. "Ah really should be goin' Ah don't know what Ah was thinkin'." She smiles towards Tamara. "It was right nice meetin' ya." The doors are allowed to close if they have time. Then she looks towards Thomas. "Tomm.. Thomas, Ah eh.. took the night off. No worries, Ah'll see ya at the club." She will wait for the doors to close to summon the next elevator.

If only Thomas would just let that go, too, and let her take off again. But he doesn't. Those hesitations in Rebekah's voice weren't there before; they sticks out like a sore thumb, just like Tamara's hurt leg did. "Hey, no, no problem—" He'll let her know in a damn hurry if it ever becomes a problem, but until then, it's cool. "Everything all right?"

"Well, I don't know what just happened, but … good luck," Tamara bids to Thomas, not seeming especially concerned either way. "Nice to meet you too," she replies to Rebekah without missing a beat, offering a final sweet smile before the elevator doors slide closed and finally allow her to head off on her most important business.

Rebekah shrugs her shoulders a bit to Thomas. "Ah ain't suhe we at the point of sharin' ouh hurts yet. Ah don't wanna be all weird on ya, ya know, Sugah?" She waits to see the nine light up on Tamara's elevator before she presses the down elevator.

Actually, that suits Thomas just fine— he's not innately worried about the problems of others, it just serves as a good front to act that way. Oh, but here's an opportunity to split the difference. "I guess you're right. I won't pry, but if you feel like taking your mind off it…" There's a meaningful glance down the hall, the same direction they went the night before.

Rebekah is silent for a moment and she looks up to stare at those numbers. She stares at them like she's never seen them before. A swallow and then her Southern smile is back. "Ah didn't mean to go an' interrupt ya.. ya time with the gal. Ah shoulda called." Her green eyes shift over towards Thomas.

"My time with—" Okay, Thomas was expecting there might be a bit of friction, but that's quite the jump there. "Look, I barely know her, she just lives on the same floor is all. Saw her in the hall last week." It's not really defensive, it's not like they made any promises, but at the same time he likes what they've got going and this is looking to screw it up in a hurry.

Rebekah pushes her hair back from her face a bit. She has that look of it being a trying day before she got here. "Ya don't gotta explain. It's okay." She gives him a smile that almost borders on shy. "Just been a … long night." She smiles and feigns the chipperness. "Ah really shoulda called though, it coulda been awkward. Ah just didn't think, ya know?"

"Mmm, it happens." Crisis averted, at least for the time being, Thomas reaches an arm round Rebekah's shoulders and guides her away from the elevator. "Come on, let me make you forget all about it." Safety-checking the apartment can probably wait, it was a long shot to begin with.

Everything is cured by sex and casual relationships without depth. Rebekah glances at the elevator once and then offers a beautiful smile towards him. "We should do that. Ah'm all about forgettin'." Her accent easily displayed as she switches gears and snuggles up against him.

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