2011 06 16: Sightlines

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Mission Name: Sightlines
Date of Mission: June 16, 2011
Locale: Boar's Head Bar and Grill - Hell's Kitchen - Manhattan

Geoff and Crewe talk about work in obscure terms over a drink, including their use of sightlines.

geoff crewe

The Boar's Head is a nice, dank, hole of a bar where nobody bothers anybody else. This makes it the perfect place Geoff to relax and have a drink before work. He's at the bar, hunched over some clear liquid that's surely not water.

Time to get the eff out of that building, Crewe thinks. She's around frequently enough, but she's no recruit; she's just 'between jobs' as it were, and living back 'home' on the company buck. It works out pretty well if they need to scramble her quickly, or support her if the mission gets out of hand. A convenient arrangement all around, she's been lead to believe. But then, who's she to argue with it getting her out of jail? Against the flickering lights of the street outside, she's nothing special coming into the bar in her ripped jeans and too-big army surplus jacket and used boots. She sidles up to the bar without a word to anyone except the bartender, ordering something hard and cheap and straight.

Geoff doesn't seem like the nosy type, but he does glance over as someone new bellies up to the bar. However, something about Crewe seems to draw his attention—or else he just spaces out while he's looking at her. He looks at her jacket, almost seeming to stare at her chest in his distraction.

Perks of wearing a huge surplus army jacket? Well, first of all you can bet the name on the breast pocket is not hers (it isn't). Second of all, you know that it goes a long way to hiding whatever curves she might conceivably have under there. Third of all, there's that nice collar which can do a lot to keeping the motions of one's neck and face hidden so long as they slouch and hunch their shoulders…which she's doing. Subsequently, she catches him staring, points a finger at him, and motions him over with a backward curling of the digit. "You, get on over here."

Geoff looks up at the woman when she summons him so bluntly, but he shrugs and brings his vodka tonic down a couple of stools to join her. "What's up?" he wonders casually, no longer staring at her. In fact, he only looks at the woman herself for a moment, then lets his gaze wander.

"I know you, but I can't recall how I know you." She's staring at him now, and if she were wearing shades, she'd no doubt push them up with a finger to get a better view. In her hands, she's spinning the half-full glass, thinking, until she lifts it and tosses it back with a nice little cringe and a gasp after. "So, tell me how I know you? Work maybe?" she asks, cocking a brow. If he knows, he'd know how to respond. If not, no big deal since she's not revealed her line of work.

Geoff reaches up and scratches his clean-shaven cheek. He has a swallow of his drink, then looks at Crewe again, narrowing his eyes. "I dunno. You ever go to Barracuda?" he asks doubtfully. "Where do you work? Maybe I've seen you there."

"Got a few jobs around the city, you know. Temp work, mostly. Janitorial, since I'm not real good at anything else." There's a weird emphasis on that one word, and maybe he'll get that. Still, shouldn't be much to tip anyone else off, were they to be listening in. "Never been to Barracuda. Don't get out much."

"Mmm," Geoff answers, looking at Crewe again. "I don't know. Maybe I've seen you around. New York's a big city." He shrugs and has another gulp of his drink.

"Yeah, I hear that. Lots of nice, straight city blocks though. Tall buildings…" and before you know it, she's finishing her statement with a little grin on her lips and a little glimmer of excitement in her eyes. "Great, uh…ah, places to observe the city, I mean. I'm not from around here, originally, so it's all a lot to take in."

"I guess?" Geoff says. He sounds distinctly Southern, himself. "I mean, if you like tall, it's great, right? Tall and crowded." He looks to her face, noting the look in Crewe's eyes before going ahead and finishing the drink.

"Buy me another?" she asks, motioning with her head towards the empty glass of hers…and the wall of booze on display there behind the bar. "I'm from the midwest man, so…nothing really tall out there. Plains and a few tall buildings, but nothing like this. I mean…you can get up like…what is it? Like 380 meters or something? That's pretty amazing for a building."

Geoff pauses the consider whether or not he'll buy the woman another drink, but at last he nods. "Sure, I'll get you one," he says." He shrugs. "I don't really know how much 380 meters is, but…awesome, I guess."

"About three and a half football fields…if you don't mind me rounding. Like, a lot." It pains her to say that, since that rounding difference really can and does make all the difference in her field of work. "Oh, and that's American football. Not soccer football," she feels compelled to add on, in case he was assuming something else.

Geoff shrugs. "Yeah, I have no idea how big a soccer field is in feet, anyway." He orders himself another drink, too. "So…shit is tall," he concludes. "But so what?"

"Good sightlines…if you know what I mean." Now she's talking in more hushed tones. This does pertain more to work now, so she keeps it quiet. "Easy to see all around. Too many windows though. That's the real problem."

"Yeah…" Geoff says vaguely, eying the girl uncertainly. "I don't really feel like talking about sightlines in a bar, but whatever."

"Sorry. I just…get excited by the thought of it, you know? But then, I guess if you work at Barracuda's…it's all about the sightlines, isn't it?" She affords herself a little giggle there, finding her own joke funny, even if he doesn't. When the bartender brings her another half glass of whatever she's drinking, she takes a sip and lets it burn all the way down.

Geoff smiles at the girl's joke, nodding at that. "I reckon so," he agrees. "My name's Geoff, by the way. And yeah, when you say 'sightlines,' I think of a whole different class of problems."

"Sounds like we might very well be thinking of the same problem. The problem with that is that I make a living off of them…like, not just an income kind of living, either." Like, a real 'you're only alive while you keep doing your job' kind of living. "Jess," she replies with a slight upward nod of her head and her chin at that.

Geoff shrugs at the woman's comment. "Oh yeah?" he asks with apparent amusement. "First time I ever heard a janitor bragging about work. Nice meeting you."

Crewe gives a slight shrug of her own. "I'm good at what I do. What else can I say? Gotta have pride in your work. In for a penny, in for a pound. All those other cheesy morals or whatever until your nose bleeds if you want. I'm good at what I do, let's just say that. Like, real good. Scary good, even." And with that, she's back to taking another sip of her drink to avoid elaborating any more.

"Uh…huh," Geoff answers. "I think I get the message." When his new drink arrives, he has a deep swallow. "Do you normally talk to people who catch on slow, or what?"

"I usually don't talk to people any more than I have to. S'what happens when you spend a lot of time by yourself. The real good conversations go on up here," she says, grinning and tapping her temple. The combination of drink and natural crazy, combined with the grin and the little twinkle in her eyes makes for one crazy-looking bitch.

"Kay…" Geoff answers, looking away. If he'd been giving the girl the benefit of the doubt before when it comes to sanity, he obviously isn't now. He just has a little more vodka.

With a very pleasant, but dubiously-sane smile still plastering her lips, Crewe reaches into a pocket of her jacket and pulls out a crumpled handful of bills. From within that mess, she somehow finds a ten spot and manages to get it out without dropping a bunch of the others on the bar or the floor. "This is for the first, since you've got the second. I need to be heading back to work though. Weird hours, you know, and they're expecting me," she continues as she plops the bucks down on the bar.

"Yeah, whatever," Geoff agrees, nodding. "Thanks, see ya." He lazily lifts one hand.

"Bye!" she replies, unwilling to let him get her down with his somewhat sullen demeanor. Now, job pride is kicking in, and she walks out of the bar standing tall. Of course, she still needs to catch a cab and head for that little drop off point to get back to HQ in secret, but that's all in the details. For now, she's leaving with a warmth in her belly, a little lightheaded, and feeling pretty damn good.

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