2011 06 23: Tears In My Beer

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Mission Name: Tears In My Beer
Date of Mission: June 23, 2011
Locale: Club Diablo

Jez tries to enjoy a beer, but Rebekah is bartending. Thomas shows up at a potentially awkward time.

Jezebel Rebekah Thomas

"No, thank you." Jezebel says at the bar, having just walked up to it. There's a brunette man with facial hair tailing her. He seems insistent about buying her a drink. "Why are you being like that? I just want to buy you a drink!" He says to her, as she puts her hand out in a 'talk to the hand' fashion. "Look, darlin', I don't know you and I don't want to. I've asked politely, please leave before I have to get security down here." The man looks red in the face. There's some indication that he might cause a scene when he reaches out to touch Jezebel's shoulder and shake at her a little bit. She responds by clocking him square in the jaw and asking, "Bartender?" to the nearest one.

The bartender is at the end of the bar tending to it. By that we mean flirting her ass off and getting as much in tip money as she can. It takes a few but the devil dressed, leather-clad bartender approaches Jez. "Howdy Sugah, wha' can Ah get ya?" It is obviously she hasn't really looked up yet. One might notice though, that her eyes are now blue.

Security does come to escort the man out eventually. Jezebel raises a brow when Rebekah approaches the bar, though she doesn't seem put out. She grins instead. "Fancy seein' you around these parts. I didn't expect to see you so soon after…" It's now that Jez's smile falters a little bit. "Anyway." She moves to sit down at the bar. "Whatever's on tap and cheap."

That blonde head of hers, though it's now dressed with black and red dye, all but is tossed up as Rebekah looks at Jezebel. There is even a soft groan as she cocks her hip. "Why ya hangin' 'round whe'e Ah wo'k? Don't ya got a boytoy to go make up with?" There is a touch of something to her eyes, perhaps surprise. Though she does pour the beer in the stein and set it in front of the woman. "Fouh bucks."

"Sorry, haven't talked to Lance all day. And for the record, totally not waitin' on him to call. I'll go find him if I wanna talk. In the meantime, I gotta clear my head. Suspect he's gotta do the same." Jezebel doesn't seem to notice the groan that Rebekah lets out. She instead reaches into her pocket to retrieve her dollar bills, passing them to the blonde. "Thanks, appreciate it." Jez takes the beer and begins to chug with the best of them.

Rebekah rolls her eyes. "Well y'all just have a great life, Ah'm suhe ya will be back togethah in no time." The girl looks up as someone calls for a hellfire. She then starts to juggle bottles to blend a red drink. Then the best part. Wait for it. She sets it on fire.

Jezebel watches Rebekah with some mild interest, glancing over the fire with particular keen observation skills. She takes a long drink of her beer before putting it back on the counter, having effectively drained half of it already. "Didn't really know we were together to begin with," Jez murmurs quietly. "But thanks for the sentiments. So, you still think I'm an evil temptress tryin' to get him to fall in love with me so that I can fuck around on 'im or lie or.. do whatever it is you think I'm gonna do?"

"Ah think ya shouldn't be with him. Ya ain't what he needs. He's already fucked up with ya talks of commitment." There is a pause from Rebekah. "He ain't in love with ya, Idiot. That much Ah do know. When he was tellin' me all at mah place. He was tellin' me how ya wanted him exclusive an' Ah told him he was stupid. Ah think ya the issue. Ah'd like ya out of his life." Rebekah just holds back the punches doesn't she? "He's all Ah got near family, but ya know.. fuck him. He's willin' to kick me out foh ya. So Ah don't really want to see ya back in he'e eithah. If he's goin' to toss me foh two dates with ya, he ain't worth nothin'." She meets the woman's eyes dead on. "Any othah lives ya wanna fuck up? Ah'm kinda seein' a guy, ya wanna go fuck that relationship up too?"

"I never said I wanted him to be exclusive, to be honest with you. If he wanted to be… then that was his decision. One I appreciate…" Or appreciated, such as it is. She winces when Bekah mentions that Lance kicked her out because of Jezebel, frowning momentarily. Jezebel actually looks genuinely hurt for a moment or two before she shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to screw things up between you and Lance. I think you're right, honestly. If I'm causing this many problems, then I sure as Hell don't need to stick around. How long you and Lance been friends?"

Rebekah lifts her shoulders. "It apparently doesn't mattah. Oh Princess, Ah've seen ya types. Ya meant to fuck it up. It's why y'all will run right back to him. Ya'll be all like aawww ya dumpin' ya friend foh me." She shrugs and throws a bottle a little too hard at one of the other bartenders to catch. She may be a little more hurt than mad to be honest, but hell if she's saying that. "We were friends befohe ya entahed. Now Ah guess while ya he'e we won't be." She looks at the woman pointedly for a moment. "Do ya like fuckin' up relationships oh is it just somethin' of a career goal for ya?"

Jezebel pauses for a long moment. "Did you ever think that maybe Lance told you to get out because he didn't appreciate your childish behavior? You think you know my type and you know nothin' about me, but here you are still makin' accusations. I get the feelin' that I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't with you, girl." Jezebel shakes her head as she picks her mug up again and begins to drink her beer again, watching Rebekah with some mild apprehension. "If I don't call him, you're gonna say that it was my ploy all along. And if I do, you're still gonna say that's what I was up to. So what do I do? Seppuku right now, right here at the bar?"

Rebekah smiles slowly, but it is a cruel smile. "Ya don't fuckin' cahe wha' Ah think. Nevah call him. How's that, ya gonna do it?" She rolls her eyes. "Childish?" She shakes her head. "Ah ain't seein' him hurt, but ya know what? He's out of my life anyways. Ah know that makes ya happy. Ah know, because Ah ain't stupid and Ah know how it's gonna play out." She sighs a bit and looks up at one of the bouncers. They are already starting to move in the direction of the bar, but Becky hasn't called them over. "Finish ya drink and get out."

Speaking of people in Rebekah's life? There's one over there, just now waving to the bouncers - he's not the one getting into trouble tonight, see? - and making his way over toward the bar. Thomas can see her and Jezebel talking, but at that distance and with the amount of flash and noise in the club, a claws-bared argument and a delighted reunion of estranged friends look about the same, really.

"Okay. You're right. I don't care what you think. I'm just gonna do what I wanna do. How's that?" She asks, standing from her stool. She hasn't yet stretched a hand out or even looked upset with Rebekah yet. She seems to be a bastion of cool calmness for the most part. "I'm sorry for havin' troubled ya in the first place. Don't mind me in the future. But ya oughta give me a chance. Most people say I ain't really that bad once they get to know me."

Rebekah smirks. "At least ya said somethan' honest. Besides, why would Ah like ya? Lance knew how Ah felt and told me to tell ya anyways. He knew wha Ah was gonna say. Ah said it when he was ovah." She shakes her head a bit towards the girl. "All Ah see is a little c…" She pauses to change that word. "Good foh nothin' that ended up takin' mah best friend. So ya tell me, why would Ah like ya?" Her eyes lift up as she sees Thomas and there is a moment she smiles at him and frowns almost at the same second. She waves a hand towards him. "Ya know, Ah've seen him a time o' two, wanna go mess that up too? It's almost like everythan' ya touch falls apart. Ah didn't want Lance to be one of those thangs." See it could look like she was just going to do introductions from the poor Thomas bystanders side.

Thomas helps himself to a seat not too close nor too far from Jezebel, leaning over as if to steal a kiss from Rebekah while he's at it— and at about that point, he comes to realizes just how far from 'delighted reunion' the conversation really is. "I— can come back later if you two are having a moment," he offers. He's never met the one before, and the other, well, seems to enjoy a good personality clash.

Jezebel raises a brow at Rebekah and looks over her shoulder at the woman. "You don't know me near well enough to say that everything I touch turns to shit." She simply says, continuing on her merry way out the club.

"Nah.. Ah've seen it in first person." Rebekah watches Jezebel for a few moments and then sighs. Her eyes flit over to Thomas and she gives an almost apologetic smile. "Sorry Tommy, that's Lance's who'e. She kinda fucked up ouh f'iendship the othah night." Which was the night she came over. She will lean over to press her lips to his, if allowed. "How ya evenin'?"

Ah, that would explain tonight's mutual outburst, then— and maybe it's why she was kind of jumpy about Tamara, too. "Charming woman, I can tell," replies Thomas, holding no real opinion on the matter really. Maybe Rebekah started the fight both times, but what business is that of his?

Maybe? Rebekah probably totally did. New York + Georgia + Protective never equates well. Southern women are like that. She lifts her shoulders a bit. "He chose he', wha am Ah gonna say?" She reaches out to touch his hand a moment. "Ya just ain't seein' me in mah finest, Tommy." She shakes her head a bit. "How ya doin' though?"

Thomas draws closer, snagging that kiss now, and another for good measure. It's the least he deserves for waiting around a whole minute. "Long day, lot of stupid people. The usual. Doing better now," he adds, looking around and taking in a fresh look at the club.

Rebekah nods her head. "Wha y'all wanna have to drink?" She looks over the bar as well. "Ya ain't gonna try an' start a fight again a'e ya?" Her lips quirk to that as she watches him. "Ah think Ah saw that redhead a'ound tonight."

"Hey, I didn't start that fight, I just finished it." Defensive and boastful in one breath: quite a trick there, Thomas. "Besides, I'm not going after the redhead tonight." As for the drink, he turns to squint at the bar, then shrugs. "Anything with vodka. Surprise me, coyote."

Rebekah hmms thoughtfully to that. "'ight." She grabs about five bottles and starts to toss them up in the air. The bottles twist and turn in the air before she catches them. The vodka is poured in with a few other items that are filled fast. She tosses the bottles back on the shelf and takes a sugar along the rim of a glass and drops a sugar cube into it. The drink when she pours it is a strange green-blue color, much like the ocean. "Ah call it unknown island. Ya find it on accident an' yet it blows ya mind."

Thomas picks up the glass, sniffs at it, then takes a quick sip. "Long as I'm not stuck with a volleyball for the next five years." Judging from his abruptly taut expression, the drink's either great or terrible. And he does take another swig right after, so. "What about you, had any other noisy people come through tonight?"

"Just ya, sweets.." Rebekah offers. "A volleyball?" There is a tip to her head as if she doesn't understand the reference. "Ah don't undahstand.." She grins at him and watches. There may be absinthe in it, hence the sugar.

What the hell is absinthe? All Thomas knows is it smells like vodka and looks like astroturf. And tastes like fire, but he expected that even before Rebekah picked up the first bottle. "Some movie about a guy who got stuck on an island." Yeah, he didn't see it either, just heard about it.

Rebekah stares at him for a long moment as if he's said something really really strange. "Wha kind of survivoah movie has a volley… oh wait.. the Tom Hanks one?" She scrutches her nose. "Well Ah hea'd it was kind of good? What kind of movies are y'all inta?"

Thomas shakes his head. "Don't see a lot of them— rather go out and see real people. That one with the Japanese drifters was a good one, you seen it?" If not, maybe he'll have to rent it and invite her over; they can't spend all their time in the bedroom, after all. "What's your favorite?"

Rebekah shakes her head. "Ah don't think so, wha is it called?" Then she grins a bit to some thought. "Ya really wanna know?" There is a shift of her weight. "It's a toss up between Fifth Element and uh… um.. zombie chee'leadahs." There is a slight blush to her cheeks when she says this.

Fifth Element? A little before Thomas's time, and a little far away from what he pays much attention to. No sign of recognition. The second one, on the other hand… "Zombie cheerleaders? I might have to check that one out. What is it you like about it?"

"It's totally like.. cheesy." Rebekah offers with a shake of her head. "It might be a C movie and not even a B. Ah just like vampiah and zombie movies. Ah don't know quite why. Oh, and Bruce Willis movies." She shrugs.

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