2011 06 21: Terrible Twosomes

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Mission Name: Terrible Twosomes
Date of Mission: June 21, 2011
Locale: Chinese restaurant

Mimi and Van are interrupted on their first date by another couple on their first date…

Mimi Rebekah Thomas Van

After confirming that he could pick her up and drive them to the Chinese Place, Windsor Pryce had arrived at the location needed to pick up Mimi… even though he was using his less than sparkling ride. The, as they call it, Hoopty was good enough to get them to Dim Sum and Windows was already holding the door to the restaurant open for her. He's a gentleman, at least, even if his car is a piece of crap.

"Sorry about the AC, Mimi. I've been meaning to get that fixed." Windows mutters, still feeling less than happy with the drive over. If she's wearing less clothes than when she came out to the car… that'll just have to be a slight bonus. "And the window. Gotta' get that fixed too." Yes, the passenger side window didn't roll down either.

There are in fact less clothes options for Mimi when she exits the van, though it's in the form of a removed jacket. The blonde wears a stylish white dress that is entirely too dressy for the Chinese restaurant, along with a pair of black boots that reach just below her knees. Her black jacket has been removed to show off a bit more skin and she sits, fanning herself in the car. She doesn't seem to mind the crappy car or the lack of AC, however, content to look out the window and make quiet chatter until they reach the restaurant. "I'll admit that it's a rougher ride than I'm used to, but that just means you're going to have to make it up to me later." She winks at him as she enters the restaurant, glancing around it. She holds her arm out expectantly. Apparently she expects to be escorted in.

"I can pay for dinner?" Windows remarks, hoping that will be enough to subside and take care of any debts that might be lingering over his head for a long time. He's not the most debt paying man in the world but he does realize that maybe she needs to be escorted or something and he reaches out an arm to try and get her to come along with him to a table. However, the fact that he's touching a female causes his feet to no longer work right and he ends up knocking into a waiter on his way to a table that might cause a bit of a chain reaction around the restaurant, if that waiter doesn't keep his balance.

Windsor is, of course, oblivious to anything that may or may not be going on behind him. He's trying to get Mimi to the table unharmed.

Mimi mercifully overlooks the fact that Windows bumps into one of the waiters on the way to a table. She slides into a booth and even crosses her legs as is appropriate. No Britney slip-ups here, boss. The blonde glances around the restauarant with some curiosity, putting her slim handbag against the wall in the booth. "You can pay for dinner," she says with a grin. She reaches downward to run a hand across one of her legs in a way that might be called sensual. She's more than likely just checking to make sure they're shaved. "I didn't expect to be going out with you so soon, but I'm glad you called. It would have been a boring night without you."

Windsor takes a seat after he's sure that Mimi is nice and comfortable. He still looks kind of nervous, which is probably why he's yet to really look Mimi in the eye. There's so much more in store for the poor waiter still trying to keep an internation incident from happening in this place. "Was it too soon? Too desparate? Ugh, I knew it." Windows frowns and leans back, raising a hand to his forehead and reaching to pull at his hair in frustration. "We can do this another time if you…'re glad I called." It took him a minute to catch up. "Nevermind! We can't do this another time. This time is perfect." An uneasy smile and he's definitely looking around for someone to bring them a couple of menus. He needs something to hide behind.

Meanwhile, just outside:

Well isn't this a surprising thing? Beckah took his number (of course) and the blue-eyed angel said she would let him buy her dinner and maybe she'd give him more. Rebekah is totally in casual clothing that is nothing like the leathers of the club. In fact, her eyes are even green. The blonde stands near the Dim Sum place holding up the wall and texting on her cellphone.

Thomas is dressed down as well, sporting a T-shirt (Wanted - Dead and Alive - Schrodinger's Cat) and squinting as he takes off a pair of mirror shades, slipping them into a hip pack. A quick check of his phone, then a look around— oh yeah, there she is over there; he waves a hand to catch Rebekah' attention as he heads over, glancing around to get a feel for the rest of the pedestrian traffic.

Rebekah looks up as if her spidey senses went off. She types something else on the phone and then finally pockets it. There is still that come-hither sway to her hips. "Well howdy, wasn't suhe Ah'd be seein' ya." He's totally on time too. She moves forwards to attempt to put her lips to his cheek. "Y'all ahe buyin' right?"

Thomas leans closer, tilting his head at the last moment so that the peck lands more on the corner of his mouth. It's the little perks of downtime that you treasure. "Twenty bucks, same as downtown," he replies, deadpan. "Where we going, this place here?" he adds, gesturing toward the nearest building. He hasn't spent a lot of time on this side of town, and the funny symbols on the signs are lost on him.

Rebekah chuckles and then reaches out to kiss him correctly on the mouth. "Stolen kisses ahe bettah, Ah know, but this one Ah can give ya." She looks confused for a moment. "Ah thought we agreed on forty." There is a laugh before she weaves her arm through his and walks him into the dim sum place.

"No, I like it. If I say I like something, I mean it. I don't beat around the bush very often, Windows." Mimi reaches out to take one of his hands in her own, smiling at him. The waitress decides to bring the menu just then, ending their public display of affection — though Mimi doesn't take a menu. "I know what I want." She says to the waitress. "Give me the shrimp surprise with two egg rolls, a bowl of rice, and a Coke. Not diet. You got that?" She asks the girl, who nods and looks sheepishly at Van. The blonde and the dark-haired man sit at a booth. Mimi is way too overdressed for the Chinese restaurant, and Van maintains an air of awkwardness even when doing nothing but sitting down.

The door to the place opens to allow the entrance of Rebekah and Thomas. Blonde hair is tossed over her shoulder in a notice-me move while her arm is woven through Thomas'. They seem to be chatting between each other as they wait for a table.

Thomas stays nice and close to Rebekah as they enter together, even as he shakes his head. "Goddamn inflation, I can never keep up." Only then does he take a proper look around at the place, taking in the booths and the help and the other customers. If he's at all familiar with the place, then it doesn't show.

"Uhhhhhhhh." Windsor doesn't even really understand this whole not taking a menu thing. However, he wants to be like the cool people and gives a dismissive wave of his hand at the woman and the menu at the same time. "Psh posh. I need not a menu either." It is in that moment that he realizes he probably does, but since he doesn't want to backtrack on his statement, his meeker voice follows up in a soft whisper, "… I'll have what she's having. Except, do you guys have Dr. Pepper? Could totally use one of those right now…" Oh Windows.

Mimi only seems to find this even more cute. The young woman watches him with a vague mixture of amusement and interest before she looks at the waitress before the girl begs off in the fear. "Change mine to a Doctor Pepper too, okay?" Peer pressure totally works both ways. The younger blonde notices the other two come in — particularly Thomas, who gets a long once over before Mimi remembers she's on a first date with an innocent, inept, and extremely cute dork, turning her attention back to them as the waitress saunters off to the kitchen, undoubtedly cursing Mimi in Chinese. "Where were we? Right. I was going to say something charming…" Not that the Senator's daughter can remember what it is right now.

Rebekah smiles vibrantly and when she sees Mimi look over her date, there isn't a catty moment. In fact, she snuggles closer. "That gal just checked ya out." It's almost like she takes a bit of pride in someone looking over her amusement for the evening. Becky tosses her hair and offers. "Inflation like a good man, it always goes up an' when it goes down. Ya world is rocked." She nods as they get sat near to Mimi and Windsor. She allows the same favor and lets her eyes run down Windsor slowly, as if savoring him in all the most inappropriate ways. Her green eyes then flash back towards Thomas.

One step ahead of you, Rebekah. That one quick sweep of Thomas's eyes has taken in everyone in sight— but most of them are visibly lost in their own conversations, and thus dismissed just as quickly. "Well, you're just saying all the right things tonight, huh?" Following her example, he takes an ever-so-slightly closer look, first at Windsor, then at— Mimi. Hmm, why does Mimi look familiar? It'll come to him in a minute, no doubt.

"You like Dr. Pepper? God, woman, where have you been all my life?" Apparently, Windows has managed to take these very small victories and turn them into something he wasn't even prepared for: Epic Moments! And he's practically jumping for joy on the inside. His huge glasses, though, are the only thing keeping him weighed down in his seat. "Y-you were?" He looks at Mimi, puzzled and oblivious to any other couple that may be having 'look at what I have' battles with them. "… was it going to be about me?" Poor Windows.

Mimi shrugs her shoulders. The moment has passed and now she can't remember exactly what she was going to say after all — especially not after she catches Bekah looking Windows over. She raises a brow and reaches out to squeeze the man's hand, giving another glance to Thomas before she looks back. "That blonde girl that just walked in with that almost dorky looking could be GQ model is totally checking you out, FYI. Apparently you don't give yourself enough credit for being as adorable as you truly are." She managed to say something charming, if not exceedingly complimentary. "I'll admit that Coke is usually my flavor of choice, but I'm not opposed to seeing the good Doctor every now and again."

Rebekah watches the other couple for a few moments and then looks Thomas over very slowly. She doesn't even care, but this one is with her … for now. "GQ model.." The Georgian twang holds true on her lips as she ponders this. Menus are set upon their tables as Rebekah continues to hmm. "Seems the Senator's gal thinks ya hot. If'n ya want to go introduce yaself.." She finally drops her greens to the menu before her.

The hell is a GQ model, anyway? Sounds like an abbreviation for some weird fetish, if you've never actually paid attention to it before, which Thomas hasn't. 'Senator', on the other hand? That explains the sense of familiarity, sure enough. "I guess we should get it over with," and he's up and heading over to the other table, addressing— Windows, actually. "The woman over there, Rebekah? Says hello, how you doing." At the same time, he waves unobtrusively to Mimi. Hi.

Windows is clearly confused about everything that's going on at this moment. There's really too much happening at this moment. He's in the middle of blushing at what Mimi said and he even spares a look off in the direction of the other couple, before his table is invaded by Thomas and this causes the dork to frown and slink into his chair a bit. "Uh… okay?" Windows is not exactly sure what should be happening at this point and he just does the only thing he can think of. "HELLO REBEKAH! YOU ARE A VERY NICE WOMAN OVER THERE, I'M SURE! BUT I'M HERE WITH MIMI! SO, I'M SORRY!" Windsor's yelling is probably not needed, but he's awkward. "She seems nice. Why'd you leave her all alone?" This question is posed at Thomas.

Games of these type only seem to amuse Mimi. She watches with intrigue when Thomas approaches the table, waving right back at him. She doesn't seem to take offense to the mere wave that's offered to her, nor the hello to Windsor. She does however look like she might want to die a little bit when he yells across the restaurant. The waitress meanders up to the table with their drinks and says to them, "You no yell!" before walking off again. Mimi slinks down in her seat and puts her hand over her eyes. She mumbles underneath her breath, "Senator's daughter spotted with loud yelling man at Chinese restaurant. Details to come…"

Rebekah turns to look at the trio for a few moments at the screaming. She looks more amused than anything. She deals with drunk people for a living, this is fine really. "WELL AH'M GOOD SUGAH! IT'S GOOD TO MEET YA!" Rebekah waves a hand towards the slinking down Mimi and then she looks over at Thomas. Her lips curve up into a smile.

Okay, /that/ went well. Actually, it's going better than the night Thomas first met Rebekah; at least this time, nobody's trying to punch anybody else's lights out. "Anyway. Ice broken, yes? Looks like you two were having a moment, so…" and he starts backing up again, but slowly. Who knows whether the shouting pair is actually done yet?

"LIKEWISE! HAVE A GOOD DINNER! YOUR FRIEND IS NICE! IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP WITH HIM, I SAY GO FOR IT!" Windsor doesn't realize what he's said until after he's said it. And then he claps a hand over his mouth. "Oops." He looks as sheepish as he can muster up the energy to, instead of looking like he's scared he's going to get punched into the middle of next week or something. But his fearful sheepish look is broken as he turns to look at Mimi. "Wait. You're a Senator?" Yeah, maybe he should've been playing closer attention or something.

Yes, wonderful. Mimi looks like she might die of embarrassment, even seeming apologetic to the waitress who gives them a warning look. "Thank you," Mimi says to Thomas, a little strainedly before she looks at her Coke and takes a long drink. When Windows mentions her being a Senator, she smiles. "The Senator's daughter. Roger Taylor…? Yeah, that's my dad. He's…" Mimi tries to think of a way to adequately summarize her father. "He's… okay, I guess." She still looks moderately embarrassed, eying the door for a few long moments before she looks over at Rebekah and waves back finally, fanning herself. "It's hot in here all the sudden."

Rebekah watches the other trio for a few moments and then she drops her eyes to her menu. Her lips curve up a bit at Mimi's discomfort as she looks over food. "Tommy? Y'all wanna discuss food now?"

Another few steps, and then Thomas is back and settling down into his seat again, nodding to Rebekah. "Sounds good." Not that Mimi isn't a pretty young thing in her own right, but he's just as glad to have gotten all the cross talk out of the way for a while. "So what are we getting? I don't know what half this stuff is."

"Man. Your father's a Senator. That's… I dunno what that is. You see, I've got a bad history with Senators. They tend to turn the heroes of the universe into Darth Vader and that just ruins everything. Well, actually, it makes everything so much better. Everything's better with Vader. I'll bet even sex is better with Darth Vader…" And yes, Windows has taken to tilting his head to the side and picturing just that. Himself, dressed as Darth Vader and sex with… some blonde. Hard to see her face in all the—

There's a brief ringing noise from inside Mimi's purse. She reaches in and grabs her phone, furrowing her brows. "I'm pretty sure that my dad has never turned anyone into Darth Vader, no matter how cool it would be." She opens the phone and asks, "What?" There's a pause. "I'm on a date. ..No, not with that guy, with a different guy. What does it matter to you?" Beat. "Really? Are you serious? …Like, now? I'm in the middle of something." Pause. "No, not that kind of something. You're so gross. Fine. I'll come, but this is your last get out of jail free card, and I mean that." Mimi stands up just in time for their food to arrive, hanging her phone up and dropping it in her purse. She leans in and kisses Windows' cheek before planting another right on his lips. "I can't stay. My brother has an issue he needs help with… you'll call me again though, right?" She asks him.

Rebekah shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Ah just tend to point at whatevah looks good." She smiles a bit towards him. "Ah'm really just thinkin' of dessert mohe than anythang he'e ta eat, but Ah want ya to have some strength." She then turns to the other couple as one of them prepares to leave.

Thomas leans back and nods to Rebekah, setting the menu down and favoring her with another nice long look. She really does say the nicest things— he's not sure how much of it she really means, but that'll work itself out soon enough. And once again he takes passing notice of the others as Mimi prepares to bail.

Windows is blinking madly out of his daydream and only have figuring out that there's something going down and it's not the good kind. He blinks this way and that, before he's kissed into another fluster and just kind of flails for the moment. No, really, his hands are flailing as he tries to keep up with everything that's happening. "Uh. Yeah. I… will?" It takes him a moment, though, to realize what's going on and suddenly his mouth blurts out, "You owe ME, this time!" Yeah, that's right. Windows is taking charge!

"Okay. I owe you." Mimi agrees easily enough, smiling at the man before she reaches out to scritch his head like someone scritching a kitty. "Seriously, call me. Maybe next time we can do this… somewhere else, like my place. And I'll shut my stupid phone off so that someone's not telling me to come over right now and chase women out of his apartment." She pauses. "Don't worry, it's just my brother." There's another pause. "Is that weird? Yeah, that's weird. It's a long story. I'll tell you about it another day. See you later, Mister Pryce!" Mimi calls out as she high tails it for the door, looking over her shoulder to wave as she bounds out.

Rebekah laughs. "She sounds like my relationship with Lance." There is an uncertain look. Are they supposed to invite Van over now? She cants her head and instead slides her cowboy boot up the inside of Thomas' leg. "So wha ya wanna eat, Tommy?"

Thomas arches a brow. He's been waiting for the other shoe to drop; this Lance guy could easily be it. "What kind of relationship?" Something like a brother, apparently, but that still leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The other question goes unanswered as he just shrugs at the menu, even as he sneaks a hand under the table to slip beneath Rebekah's ankle.

Windows sits there for a short moment, before he looks at his watch and frowns. Money is tossed down on the table and he gets up, stumbling as he does so and starts for the exit. It's definitely time to get home. He has work in the morning! And it's at the damn airport! Which means… lame!

Rebekah gives a bright smile as her ankle is grabbed. "The kind that he has a galfriend an' Ah'm mohe like a sistah." She looks him over and teases. "Ahe ya jealous of him?"

"Not any more I'm not," replies Thomas, settling the ankle comfortably in his lap as he waits for the waitress to come back around. Ever seen a cat who's just drowned in a barrel of cream? That's the sort of look he has on his face right now— at least until something comes along to change things up on him.

Rebekah watches the couple leave and then she looks back to the GQ model type. Her eyes flashing with impish delight and humor. "Ya look like ya enjoyin' the night so far. So, Tommy, tell me about yaself, Sugah."

Thomas hmms, scoping out how the table and chairs are set up, and then scoots over so he's more next to Rebekah instead of across from her. Ah, that's better. "What part? My job's boring compared to yours, you don't want to hear about that." If only.

Rebekah slides her chair closer to him as her hand slides across his thigh towards his groin. "Well…" She leans in a bit more to smile at him. "Ah like ta be boahd if'n it's about ya." She drops her voice to an intimate whisper. "Tell me everythang."

Well, she asked for it, so Thomas obliges with some stories about electronic components this and price haggling that. It really is kind of boring— hell, it's boring for him to go through it every day, much less talk about it while he's away from the office. Under the table, his hands slip out of the way, giving Rebekah plenty of room to make her next move.

Rebekah slides her hand even closer to run across the fly of his jeans teasingly. She nods her head in all the right places, like a true Southern girl, she knows how to feign attention. Her fingers are on their own course though. As well, the green of Becky's eyes are glazed over halfway through the talk.

For a couple of reasons, Thomas can't get out of that place quickly enough. At least the food's decent, but he's got other things on his mind. "So you said something about dessert?" he murmurs into Rebekah's ear, after settling up the dinner bill.

Rebekah nods her head to that. "Let's go back ta ya place. Ain't propah to bring a man ta mah home." She leans in to bite the lower part of his ear before nibbling up the ear shell. "Ah got a lot Ah can show ya."

Thomas leans in, fingertips toying with the edges of her hair. "Sounds good to me." Once again he stays close on the way out, and to the now-familiar car parked down the block.

Rebekah doesn't really swing those hips as she leans into him and does a whole lot of other things. Her body tight against his as she moves to his car.

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