2011 06 05: Trashy Romance Novels

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Mission Name: Trashy Romance Novels
Date of Mission: June 5, 2011
Locale: Laundromat - West Village

Jezebel attempts to catch up on laundry and is significantly derailed by a sudden appearance from Lance.

Jezebel Lance

Even though the weather outside is mild, Jezebel has found herself indoors catching up on laundry. Her building doesn't have it's own laundry unit and thus she's taken to the streets to find one of the least dirty public laundromats one could in New York. Currently the brunette woman sits on a chair near a table littered with trashy romance novels — remnants of patrons gone by. She has a large empty laundry basket sitting next to her and the dull clank of the washer/dryer seems to signify that she's waiting on one or more loads to get done. She wears a red t-shirt with black lettering that says, 'I don't have an attitude problem, I have an idiot problem', mid-thigh length cut off jean shorts, and a pair of beaten up black and white canvas sneakers. She looks the picture of perfect boredom as she reaches for the romance novels, flips a few pages in each time, then lets them thud to the table again.

Despite having no laundry to do, the break in the weather allows Lance to be out and about to day and he moves down the sidewalk in the West Village, bringing him in front of the laundromat. He glances into the window as he passes by, glancing at Jez as he passes by. He takes a few steps past the laundromat before he stops as who he saw registers and he walks back to double check. Upon verification that it's her, he smirks and heads into the building, the door announcing his arrival.

On cue, Jezebel glances up when Lance walks in. She picks up another romance novel, this one called 'Passions of the Heart'. "Have you ever read of any of this tripe? It's disgustin'." The Southern drawl is in place once again as Jez brandishes the book at Lance. "Maybe disgustin's too strong a word, but it is somethin' else. I can't believe this kinda stuff gets published." She drops the book on the table again and moves her laundry basket in a silent invitation for Lance to sit down. "I seem to notice you don't have any laundry with you. You obsessively shadowin' me again, boy?" Jezebel asks, playful mischievousness twinkling in her eyes, though she sounds dead serious when she poses that particular question.

Lance smirks and moves over to her as she picks up the romance novel. He offers a wave as she looks over to him and smirks as she speaks. "I can honestly say that I have not." His American/French accent back in place as her Southern drawl is. He chuckles and takes a seat next to her as she moves the basket. He takes a seat and chuckles at her question. "Of course. What guy wouldn't obsessively shadow the hot coffee chick?" He grins and chuckles again. "Actually, I was just passing by and saw you in the window. Thought I'd come say hey."

"You should count yourself lucky. They're… well, I realize I already used the term 'somethin' else' to describe 'em, but it's the only thing I can think of." She shakes her head and stares at the pile of books left by people, digging through one. It's something like a James Bond novel, only it's a far more cheap imitation. "Now this I could get a handle on." She grins briefly at him and smirks, lowering her head at his nickname of 'hot coffee girl'. "Hey yourself then, too." She mutters underneath her breath, "And to answer your question, a guy who don't wanna get stabbed or find a small explosives charge glued to his balls."

Lance smirks and nods as he chuckles. "Oh, don't worry I do. I do think that they're made for lonely housewives with nothing better to do or those crazy cat ladies." He glances towards the book that she likes, looking at the cover. "Well, here I'd figure you'd go for something a little less close to home." He smirks as he leans back in his seat as she mentions the types who wouldn't follow her. "Well, I do think that may be the most intense style of foreplay that I've ever heard of." He jokes, glancing back up at her.

Jezebel grins at him. "These are funny to read now… especially considerin' how awful close to home they come at times. They never touch on the brainwashin' quite as much as you'd expect 'em too though." She puts the book down and then props her feet up on the mound of books on the table, yawning loudly for a long few seconds. She eyes him when he mentions a more intense style of foreplay before she half-grins at him. "You know, if you keep this kinda thing up, people are gonna start to talk and say you want in my pants. I'll have to tell them they don't know what they're talkin' about of course, but…" She falls silent after that, having no more witty comments to append to the end of that particular train of thought.

Lance nods. "Yeah, but I'll just stick to the spy flicks. I don't think that I can sit there and read a spy book without criticizing it too much. Though I do the same with the movies, so.." He ends the thought with a simple shrug of his shoulders. At the mention of people talking, he smirks and shrugs. "Well, who's to say that I don't?" The smirk turns into a grin. "Besides, Geoff is already saying that you want in mine."

"Already saying that I want in yours?" The very allegation leaves Jezebel looking downright scandalized, and all talk of being too critical when reading books or watching movies is forgotten. "What basis does he have for that?" And like a true Southerner, Jez's accent only gets thicker the more upset/flustered she gets. "It's not like I've been shovin' my ruttin' tits in your face and hangin' on ya and bein' as nasty as half the hos these days are. My God, a woman can't talk to a man without wantin' to jump his bones apparently!" Yes, for a long moment it seems she's missed Lance's mildly rhetorical question, until: "Wait, what?"

Lance shrugs his shoulders slightly at the talk of Geoff. "I dunno. It was just a comment he made one day. I'm sure he was just joking, but it was a comment made none-the-less." He says as he reaches forward to grab a discarded newspaper from the table. "I wouldn't think too much about it, unless there's a basis in fact in the matter." As she realizes what he said before the mention of Geoff, he looks up from the paper feigning ignorance. "Hrm? What, what?"

Jezebel eyes Lance for a long moment. "Hey! You know what I meant. Don't be coy with me, Lucas. You said, 'Who's to say I don't?' Then you act like you never said that. As much as I always have heard men say that they don't like girls playin' games, men are just as guilty and frankly, it just chaps my ass." Jezebel stands up like a shot as her dryer goes off, grabbing her basket at breakneck speed and carrying it over to the appliance to gather up her clothing and shove it down into the basket. Markedly, she seems to be ignoring Lance's assertion that there may be truth in Geoff's claims. "See if I ever give him any freebies about make up again…" She trails off there and mutters under her breath, grabbing up another load of laundry from the washer and changing them out into the dryer. "So, you wanna bone me or what?" Eloquence isn't Jezebel's calling when in civilian form, nope.

Lance smirks and shrugs as he looks at her. "Well, if women can play coy with us, why can't we play coy with them" He asks with a grin, watching as she stands when her dryer goes off. He watches her as she gets her clothes from the dryer, chuckling softly as she goes off on Geoff even though he's not here. "Don't blame him. It wasn't a conclusion that I hadn't thought about myself." He says and starts to say something else, but her question to him catches him off guard. He blinks a few times as he tries to catch himself. "I.. umm…" He blinks a few more times. "Well, I was going to start with an invitation to dinner first. Do it right instead of jumping right into the sack."

"Double standards." Jez simply says before she looks over at him, expression softening a bit. "Do it right, huh? Good thing, 'cause I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'll call you sometime later in the week." She opens her mouth to say more before the phone in her pocket lets off a tell-tale ring. She glances to Lance briefly before taking it out of her pocket and flipping it open. "Now? Right. Time to move then." She hangs up the phone and grabs her still-wet clothes out of the washer, throwing them on top of the rest. "They're all gonna smell like mildew now, but you can't exactly keep them waiting, can you?" She asks him before she grabs her things and starts to bustle out the door. Before she goes, she taps her nose and looks over at Lance. "Later." She moves for the door at a brisk pace after that, clearly being called out for business.

Lance nods at the mention of the double standards. "Good point." He says before he nods as she says she'll call him. He starts to reply, but the phone catches him. He lets her take the call, knowing what it probably is. He stands as she starts getting ready to go, nodding at her comment. "Nope. Not if you want to keep your job." He chuckles softly. "Well then, I look forward to hearing from you and I'll start working on the reservations." He says, offering a wave as she heads out. "Later." He says before he follows her out and continues off to where ever he was going.

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