2011 05 30: Truffle Shuffle

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Mission Name: Truffle Shuffle
Date of Mission: May 30, 2011
Locale: O'Tool Box Pub - Midtown, Manhattan, NY

A convergence of spies unintentionally meet in a bar on the last day of the long weekend; alcohol, nachos, and manly complaining ensues.

argyle geoff jezebel kidd lance

The holiday weekend has forced most people to get out and spend time with their loved ones. When you don't have any loved ones and it's only 8PM at night, AND you work a minimum wage job, you come to a pub. Jezebel can be found sitting alone at a table, still wearing her uniform from the coffee shop. There's a large mug of beer in front of her that's halfway gone. Her feet are propped up on the chair across from her. The woman stares down into her mug as she contemplates something or other — managing only to look disinterested in her surroundings. A jukebox in one of the corners blares 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll' by Joan Jett to a mostly empty bar. The few sad drunks that always remain in bars are here, but most of them are already too far gone to care about much.

The door to the pub opens, Kidd's outstretched hand pressing against the wooden door to bring it to open holding it there for a few moments. His eyes slowly sweeping over the pub only to bring about a rolling of his shoulders as they rose and fell in a shrug. His steps guiding him into the establishment further as he heads towards the bar. A small nod offered to the woman in her work uniform as he passes her before turning his back to her as he moves to stand at the bar. "Irish Carbomb…" The words spoken simply and with an almost tired tone to the bartender.

Geoff isn't working tonight, so his condition pretty much dittos Jezebel's, except that he is just arriving. When he slouches his way in, he doesn't bother to look around, but goes to the jukebox instead, putting a dollar in and picking his two songs. Jukebox inflation is out of control these days. He takes his time selecting his two songs and then goes to the bar to get a vodka tonic.

There's a whistle from the back, in the little hallway that leads to the men's room. Argyle emerges and continues whistling an aimless little tune as he walks towards the bar to reclaim his pint. He makes a face at how little is left in the bottom, and how his plate of nachos is now minus a lot of the cheese. "Oh hey now, that's harsh, man. Step away to take a piss and someone lifts a man's cheese. What's the world comin' to?" He drops back onto his stool and scoops up an impressive number of toppingless chips to shove into his mouth.

Not long after Kidd enters the pub, the front door is pushed open again and Lance steps through, dressed up from the previous day. He doesn't pause, just makes his way towards a booth in a far corner of the room, placing his briefcase on the table to show that it's taken before he moves towards the bar, waiting for his turn to place his drink order.

Jezebel is observant if nothing else. When she sees Geoff come in, she eyes him curiously but does nothing save for taking a long drink of her beer. When Kidd comes in… well, there's less of a reaction, save for noting what kind of drink he orders. But when Argyle emerges from the men's room, Jez stands up and moves over to him. "Look, if someone was bogartin' your nachos, sure as Hell wasn't me." She leans in to him and says quietly, "You think we can get free food outta them?" When the door is opened the next time around, Jezebel turns to see Lance come in. She raises a brow at his more dressy attire before going back to her table to retrieve her beer, waving it at the bartender. "Another one of these and step on it." She mutters something underneath her breath about 'set-up' and then totals the rest of her mug, moving back over to Argyle and attempting to perhaps unwisely stick a hand near his plate to get at whatever nacho remnants she can.

Kidd's footsteps guide him towards the end of the bar, his form moving to sit down before placing his back against the wall so he can watch the room. The man's eyes following the movements of Lance as he enters and Geoff before finally focusing upon Argyle, The man's words draw a soft laughter as he simply shakes his head. "Don't ya just hate when that happens? I swear there is a leprechaun runnin' around here stealin drinks when folks aren't lookin.." His shoulders giving up a shrug as his drink is set down, A small nod is given to the bartender as Kidd's right hand moves out to claim the Carbomb dropping the shot glass into it before bringing it to his lips to start draining the contents of the pint glass quickly.

Argyle squints at Jezebel. "Free food?" he asks with a mouthful of corn chips. He swallows what's left in his pint to wash the shrapnel down with. She's welcome to pick at the carcass of a cleared-out platter of nachos. All that's left are a few bits of onion, some tomato, a few big chunks of jalapeno, some chip fragments and a full plastic cup of guac. He doesn't order his beer with words like a normal person. Instead he catches the bartender's eye and taps his pint. He glances towards Kidd. "Nah. The leprechauns don't come out until the sixth pint. Proven fact."

Geoff turns around so that his back is to the bar, then sits down, glancing quickly at each person just in case. He sips his drink, looking over toward Jezebel. When her song ends, 'The End' by the Doors comes on. Doesn't quite match that phone of his, but there you have it.

After taking a jalapeno or two or three from Argyle's depleted nachos and putting them into her mouth, chewing them thoughtfully, Jezebel makes another motion at the bartender when he brings her beer. "We're going to need another order of these, sans tomato, with extra onion and jalapeno." She gives him a doubtful if amused look when Argyle talks with his mouth open, shaking her head. "Not if you keep eating them." Jez eats another junk of jalapeno without wincing, managing to catch Geoff's look at her. She waves at him and smiles. "Well, hello there, Gigi. I like your choice in music. I assume you went on down to the vidya store and rented yourself Goonies today?" She asks him, winking in his direction before looking over toward Lance again. The slightest look of apprehension crosses her face before she returns to looking as unassuming and carefree as any other woman her age would.

The pint glass with the shot glass is lowered back to the bar as the last of the contents are drained away, Kidd's lips forming into a faint smile as he motions the bartender over calling out, "A pint of the dark stuff and a double of whiskey yeah?" The man's left hand moves into his pocket to remove a Tic-Tac box from his pocket popping one of the small white pills from inside that look far different from Tic-Tacs into his mouth before replacing the container. His eyes focusing upon Argyle as he gives a soft chuckle, "Well with 5 to go, I better hurry the hell up. Don't wanna miss the fun or the show then…Besides if we catch the bastard we get gold or something yeah?" His fine brow raising in question before dropping back into place, a playful smile taking shape as he glances towards the juke box as the doors come on, His eyes focusing upon Geoff and he grins, "Good choice man.." His attention turning to Lance as he watches the man in silence a few moments only to have his attention taken by he movements of Jezebel, "Now what's wrong with the Goonies? I mean..who doesnt laugh or find enjoyment from the Truffle Shuffle.." The man raises up slightly as he grasps his shirt and starts to wiggle. Not truly lifting his shirt, "Truffle shuffle…" A pause is given as he drops back onto his stool coughing, "Um…more fun to watch the fat kid do it…"

Geoff looks over at Kidd and nods. "Thanks," he says. When he mentions 'The Goonies,' Geoff looks past Kidd at Lance and lifts an eyebrow. "Oh, it's you," he says, not registering extreme surprise despite the unlikeliness of two random encounters in Manhattan in as many days.

"Hey, Latte girl, if you want me to go in on those, we're gettin' tomatoes. And they already overdo the jalapenos as it is." Argyle bunches up a napkin and does his best to get the corn off his fingers. His beer arrives a moment later and he sucks down a mouthful. It's not the cheap stuff - it's a good strong ale. He sniffs the air and glances at Jezebel. "You smell like singed milk and bad tips. Rough day?" The bartender is just about to take the nacho carcass away when he reaches for the last few jalapenos which he pops into his mouth. "This music is depressing."

Lance takes another quick drink from his bottle before he sets it down and starts to open his briefcase, but stops as Kidd performs the truffle shuffle, a raise of his eyebrow as he watches the man perform the classic dance movie of the '80s. After the performance, a smirk forms over his lips before he starts applauding the show. "Not bad." He says before he decides to take another drink from the bottle.

Jezebel watches Kidd curiously when he pops a few 'Tic-Tacs', but more curiously when he begins his cult classic dancing, her eyebrows furrowed. "To think, usually I gotta have more liquor than that before I bust out into the Truffle Shuffle. But I give you an A for effort." She gives the man a thumbs up before calling out to the bartender. "Sorry! I wanted tomatoes on those after all!" She eyes Argyle and takes in a deep breath. "Someone spilled hot milk all over my front. I've got a burn. And anyway, all those screamin' kids durin' the summer get on my nerves… mommy, mommy, I want a latte! Who gives their damned kids coffee?" She asks no one in particular. Jez turns to Geoff and smiles at him, nodding. "Yep, it's us. Surprise. It's a small world after all." Under her breath she adds, "And everyone is always so enthused to see each other…" She also waves at Lance then, smiling at him too. "I liked your Goonies t-shirt better but you clean up good."

Kidd's form leans back fully against the wall, his eyes taking in those present watching their little exchanges as he falls silent keeping to himself for the moment atleast. His left hand slipping out to take the shot glass as it was set down with his beer, the shot raised up and something spoken under his breath in Romani. The shot glass raised to eye level as he looks at the darker liquor within the lowball glass before bringing it to his lips downing the shot with a sigh of contentment. His eyes falling parially closed as he allowed the glasses rim to rest against his bottom lip for a moment, His smile growing just slightly. His eyes opening fully to glance to Lance, "The fat kid does it better." His eyes falling upon the empty shot glass only to set it on the bar tapping the bartop and pushing the glass to edge of the bar before motioning towards it. His attention raising to focus on Jezebel, "Nah its another show all together after a few drinks…"

"Ahh, the hazards of the barista life." Argyle clucks his tongue. "Parents who give their kids coffee enjoy pain. Pain and jittery children. In short, crazy people." He lifts a brow at Geoff, then hops off the stool while digging out his wallet. He stands in front of the jukebox until he finds what he's looking for. In goes the money and the code gets punched in. Suddenly, "Shake, Rattle and Roll" fills the bar. He does a little shimmy-step back to his seat. "You people are way too depressed for a holiday weekend. Seriously. Do we need to do a round of shots?"

Lance glances towards Jez as she speaks to him, he offers a smile and looks down at his suit. "Thanks. Just got off work and haven't had a chance to go home to change." He says as he looks back up to her. He looks to Argyle as he mentions a round of shots and shrugs slightly. "If you're paying, I'm drinking." He then looks to the others.

Geoff rolls a shoulder at Argyle. "I didn't say I was depressed," he says. "You don't have to put that on me just because I want to listen to some real-ass music. He points over at Jezebel. "She ain't depressed either, she's just bitching about her day at work. Which I would, too."

Jezebel looks at Kidd with raised brows, blinking at him a few times. "Is that so? I ain't sure what I'm supposed to be feelin' about that… but bartender, while we're at it, get this man another Irish Carbomb!" She slams her fist down on the bar top none too delicately, grinning when she hears Geoff's advice about the jukebox. She steps away from the bar and goes to put her coins in, queuing up Poker Face by Lady Gaga. She moves back over to the bar in time to intercept the aforementioned fresh order of nachos, setting them down between she and Argyle. While not directly facing the door, she does look toward it periodically. Hearing Argyle's comment about depression makes her grin. "He's right, I ain't depressed. I'm a white American woman in her prime. But if you're buyin', I'm flyin'." She looks over at Lance and considers him for a moment. "You must work somewhere more fancy than a coffee shop, then."

"Hoo boy, I stepped into that one, didn't I?" Argyle makes a show of checking the contents of his wallet. He hisses air between his teeth. "All right. Bartender, give me a tray of whatever's cheapest. Not picky. And neither will they be if they want a free shot." He glances to Geoff. "Next you're gonna be telling me your dad could beat up my dad."

Lance smirks to Jez and nods. "Yeah. You can say that." He says to her without going into details. He glances towards Argyle as he makes the drink orders and then to Geoff as he talks to the other guy. "Why don't you two get it over with and just whip 'em out to see whose is bigger?" He smirks and takes another drink from his bottle. "Your arguing is making this place depressing."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Geoff tells Argyle frankly, his expression not really changing as he blinks at the guy. "I do want a free shot, though." He looks over at Lance. "What?" he asks. "I was just sitting here listening to some music. Y'all are all overreacting." He seems calm, even though the words imply annoyance.

Jez takes a few long sips of her beer, if not a few out and out chugs. Wiping the foam from her lips she grins and sets the beer down, digging into the plate of nachos — mostly eating around the area with the most jalapenos and onions. She doesn't eat with the refined sophistication that some women do, but she's not covered in cheese and chewing with her mouth open either. She licks her fingers clean and after listening to the men for a moment, rolls her eyes and wipes her hands on a napkin. "Y'all need Midol more'n I do for Chrissakes. I gotta go take a leak. I come out and you boys are fightin', I'ma put y'all in time out. You don't want that to happen!" She warns, heading back toward the hallway that houses the bathrooms.

"I'm not arguing, I'm being a smartass. The difference being, I don't care if I win." Argyle shrugs and picks up the most cheese-encrusted chip he can find. Screw the chips. This is the good part. The tray arrives with shots full of something that looks like dyed blue pond water. "The hell. Why is there toilet water in these shot glasses?"

Lance chuckles as he looks to Geoff and smirks. "Just sayin'." He takes another drink from his beer, draining the last of the liquid. As Jez excuses herself and gives her warning which causes an eyebrow to raise slightly. "I'm almost tempted to call your bluff." He says towards her as he stands from the boot to get himself another beer. He chuckles at Argyle's reaction to the shots.

Without saying a word Kidd slowly raises up from his seat, Giving a small smile and nod to Jezebel for the drink. His movements guiding him through the pub towards the jukebox, his eyes looking over the screen a few moments as he begins to look through the selections.

As soon as Jez goes into the bathroom, Poker Face comes on and Geoff's eyes narrow. "Aw. Who the hell put that on?" he asks, although even at that his tone remains even and his face barely registers anything. He leans over to grab a shot off the tray. "Here, give me that," he says. Either he knows what it is, or he doesn't care.

Jezebel comes back out a scant moment later, moving back to perch on a bar stool next to Argyle. She takes a look at her shot and then eyes Argyle. "Did you order us toilet water?" She asks him. "If the smell is any indication back there, I really don't want it…" She picks the small glass up and looks at it, peeking at the liquid from the bottom of the glass before she sets it back down and abandons it for now in favor of the chips. She'll wait until someone else drinks it before she does, thankyouverymuch. When Geoff asks who put the Gaga on, she points over toward an aging, slumped drunk in the corner. "He did." She smiles over at Lance and winks at him. "I never bluff, mon ami."

Argyle makes a face at the music. "Oh come on now, this isn't a dance club. I come to pubs to /avoid/ this kinda music." He rolls his eyes. He picks up one of the shots and sniffs at the blue liquid. It smells sickly sweet. "…oh great, so we have Lady Gaga and girlie drinks. Now we just need some leopard print leggings and the evening will be complete." He braces himself and swigs the blue stuff back. "Augh."

Lance gets himself another drink before he claims a shot for himself and waits for someone to take the first shot. After Argyle does, he shrugs once before he chases it with his beer that arrives. "Ugh. What was that? I wanna know what to never order again." He says before he glances to Jez and returns the wink. "I'll keep that in mind." He says before he moves towards his table again, sliding in the booth. He takes another drink from his beer before he finally gets around to opening his briefcase and gets around to acting like he's doing business work.

Kidd's right hand moves take out a five slipping it into the machine, His index finger hitting one of the buttons on the screen. The sound of the song Citzen soldier from 3 doors down filling the bar, His eyes not once leaving the screen as he scrolled through the various music available. His hand moving to choose 2 other songs, Flogging Molly's the likes of you again and Ray Lamontagne's cover of Crazy. His body turnng back to look over the bar area before simply shaking his head, faint ammusment showing across his features as he returns to his seat taking the carbomb and dropping the shot glass into the pint before begining to drain the contents quickly.

"You get a pass," Geoff says, following Jezebel's gesture with his eyes to see the old drunk, then looking back at her. "But only because I think you're funny. Seriously, though? For the rest of he night—Thank you," he interrupts himself to agree with Argyle, then resumes: "For the rest of the night, anybody who puts on Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney, Christina, Tina, Madonna, Cher, or motherfucking Barbra…" He looks around the bar to make eye contact with everyone he can, to show he's serious, "Is officially testing me." He does the shot.

Not wanting to be rude, Jez downs the drink anyway. She makes a slight face but doesn't comment on it otherwise. She picks at her nachos for a minute before letting out what is a belch that might need a Richter scale to measure it by. She does look appropriately embarrassed after it, licking her lips and panning her eyes toward Lance. She belched in front of the pretty business man. Aww Hell. She lets herself get distracted by Geoff's proclamation though, smiling when he mentions her pass (which may have well been revoked with that nasty burp). "What did those ladies ever do to you? But… okay. Luckily for you I don't think that Truffle Shuffle over there has the nerves to put up with any of that." She eyes Argyle for a minute, "You offerin' to model those leopard print tights?"

"It tastes like blue Kool-aid and cheap vodka." Which is probably exactly what it is. Argyle promptly stuffs chips in his mouth and swallows a few mouthfuls of beer. "Augh. I can still taste it." Then to the bartender, "Gimmie a shot of tequila." He eyes Jezebel and says with a straight face, "…not since my frat days."

Lance looks to Geoff as he goes off about the music and who not to play. "I think you're safe. I think she might be the only one to play them." He nods towards Jez. He raises an eyebrow at the massive burp that erupts from the woman as he looks towards her. "Impressive." He says before he starts organizing some papers on the table before him. It's the mention of the leopard print pants that causes him to look back to Argyle.

Kidd's eyes lift and he focuses his gaze upon Geoff as the empty pint with the shot glass inside is set down, "What about the wet spots? Are they off limits?" His brow raising in question as his smile grows, the alchohol and the Tic Tacs taking their toll and effecting him. His eyes traversing the room slowly before finally looking to the remaining pint glass raising it up. "Cheers.." The words spoken to no one in particular before bringing it to his lips taking a healthy sip from his beer only to set it back down.

"Well, it's like this," Geoff says to Jezebel. "You serve coffee all day, right? So what's the last thing you want to see, or smell, or taste, when you come into a bar to relax? Coffee, right?" He gives Lance a quick smile that seems somehow insincere, then looks at Kidd. "Go crazy," he says, then looks back at Jezebel. "It's Monday. Barracuda is closed. It's my night off. Soooo…the inside of my ears is currently a No Divas zone."

"That does make sense in context," Jezebel agrees to Geoff's explanation of his sudden distaste for all the well-known divas he had previously listed. She picks up a nacho and munches on it before glancing over to Argyle and waggles her brows. "And how many more pints will I need to buy you for you to reprise your stint as a tight model?" She asks him, turning her head toward Kidd and watching him with those mysterious little white pills he keeps in his Tic-Tac box. There's a faint shake of her head and shrug of her shoulders. "Hell, I think all of you would look better in tights than I would." Her aimed gaze at Lance seems to say, 'And especially you.'

"More than you have money to pay for, latte lass." Argyle crunches into a chip and chews it slowly. His shot of tequila arrives. He goes through the salt and lime ritual like a champ, then slams the shot glass down on the bar. "Whoo. That's better." He glances to Geoff. "Drink enough and you'll stop hearing what song's playing."

With the number of interesting topic, it's obvious Lance won't get much 'work' done here, so he gives up and packs his suitcase back up and returns his attention to the others and his beer. He chuckles at Jez as she mentions the guys wearing tights until he sees her gaze on him. Not entirely sure what the look means or what she's thinking, he just simply shakes his head. "If you guys start breaking out the tights, I'm out of here."

"Buy me another one and I'll stop bitching about it," Geoff counter-offers Argyle, with another smile that's still somehow cold. He glances up at Lance. "You look too big to be scared of a little pair of tights," he says.

Jezebel raises her eyebrows at Argyle, smirking vaguely. "Well… you might have a point there." And then she is left to wonder if she could somehow misappropriate Division funds into some kind of 'seeing Argyle crossdress fund'. She's snapped out of her reverie when Kidd leaves, her brows furrowing. "Tic Tacs my ass…" She says to the rest of the men before reaching into her apron and pulling a ten out, laying it on the table to pay for her drinks and nacho order. She doesn't make a move to leave, however. "I don't think that our friend the accountant here is as much afraid of the tights as he is seeing another boy in 'em. Understandable, I s'pose. Or maybe it's just this gent over here."

Lance chuckles as he looks to Geoff, shaking his head. "It's not the tights I'm scared of. It's the idea of seeing you guys in them that scares me." He takes another drink of his beer before he continues, nodding in agreement with Jezebel's assessment. "The only one I'd think about seeing in tights is her." He nods towards Jez before he watches Kidd as he leaves for a moment before he looks back to the others. "And I'm not an accountant." He says to Jez.

Argyle looks around, then picks up one of the blue shots that nobody claimed. He sets it in front of Geoff. "Knock yourself out. Perhaps literally." He makes a face at the conjealed nacho cheese, but eats some anyway. He sure can pack it away. "Man must have chronic bad breath." A shrug.

"I know, you'd think the dude could go to the bathroom if he wanted to use," Geoff says to Jezebel. Apparently he was paying attention after all, however casual his demeanor. He pulls back a little at Lance's comment. "Scared you'd like it, huh." He picks up one of the shots Argyle offered. "For the record, these are terrible," he says before pounding one.

The brunette woman fans herself with a hand gently. The alcohol she's been imbibing has finally left a rosy blush in her cheeks. "Whatever floats his boat, I s'pose. Pill popping is an epidemic these days, or at least that's what the news report I heard a few weeks back said." The woman shrugs her shoulders and just shakes her head, more in a 'that's a shame' way than a disapproving one. "Not an accountant?" She asks Lance with some curiosity. "I've always been poor at guessin' games. Banker? Straight up business man?" She asks him, laughing. "If there is a such thing. Y'all got your specialties and fields, mergers and acquisitions…" The girl shrugs and looks at Argyle. "You're gonna regret eatin' all that cheese later."

Lance shakes his head to Geoff. "Not really. I'm just afraid that you guys don't have curves in the right places. Sorry." He shrugs his shoulders slightly before he looks towards Argyle before he looks back towards the door that Kidd just left before he looks back to Jez, nodding once. "Businessman. I work for Alpha Helix." Anyone in Division might know that it's a Division dummy company said to do the country's leading medical research.

"I am fully aware, but it's free and it's alcohol. I think." There's still another blue shot on the tree that Argyle isn't going anywhere near. "Who ever regrets eating a lot of cheese? That's simply not true."

Geoff picks up his shot. He looks over at Lance, not looking pleased by the man's judgment of his curves. "You might be surprised," he says, but doesn't press the topic. "Alpha Helix. What are they, like…pharmaceuticals? Or…?" He narrows his eyes thoughtfully. "Food engineering? Something science-y. You a scientist?"

The mention of Alpha Helix makes Jez raise a brow. "Really? I donated blood there once." This, between the subtle accent slippage, should let him know just above everything he needs to. She reaches for one of the cold nachos and piles a few jalapeno slices onto it, licking her lips as she eats it. "It constipates you." Jezebel says to Argyle, smirking as Geoff asks about what kind of company Alpha Helix is. She'll just let Lance explain that one for now, as she picks around at the onion and jalapenos.

Lance can't help but chuckle at Geoff. "At least no one can say that you don't lack for confidence." He says, raising his bottle of beer towards him in a salute. He takes a drink from the bottle and goes about answering the questions provided. "Pharmaceuticals and other medical research. Mostly. I'm not a scientist. I handle business deals with other companies around the world." He says before he looks to Jez. "Yeah?" He asks her, making note of the accent slip and her claim of giving blood there but says nothing, just giving her a simple nod. "Maybe if you give blood again, I'll see you there." He says to her with a simple smile.

"The beer evens things out," says Argyle. That's supposed to be a defense about cheese, apparently. He polishes off his beer and waves down for another one almost out of habit. "I think they make my injections." Alpha Helix, that is. Hint hint. "Name sounds like the evil corporation you need to take out at the end of a video game."

"I might just take that as a challenge," Geoff warns Lance, ordering another vodka tonic for himself. "Not that I think you'd ever show your face at the club…" He turns to watch the bartender make his drink.

"I think you're mistaking Alpha Helix for Umbrella," Jezebel points out to Argyle with a wink before she fans herself once again, reaching up to run her fingers through her hair, effectively tugging it from it's ponytail. She doesn't seem concerned about how messy it might be. "And maybe so, Lucas. I'm not a fan of it though. Needles aren't a big… draw for me. It sort of just happened." She chuckles at Geoff's assertion that Lance would never show his face at the club, looking toward the other man to see his reaction.

Argyle checks his watch, then downs his beer at a rate that isn't recommended outside of frat houses. He drops the glass onto the bar. "Whelp. I have things to do in the morning. So I'd better call it a night, as lovely as it's been." He catches the bartender's attention and digs out his wallet.

Lance raises his hands in surrender at Geoff's warning. "No challenge given, but I appreciate the thought." He says with a soft chuckle before he looks back towards Argyle at he speaks up, smirking. "Well, it truly is a small world." He chuckles at Argyle's joke about the company. "Who knows. They just might be, but I guess we'll never know until the robot warriors start appearing on the streets and destroying every human they see." He looks back to Geoff and shrugs. "I don't know. It wouldn't be my first time seeing a drag show. The business world is full of all types of people and colleagues can drag you into some pretty interesting places." He clarifies to the man before he looks to Argyle as he excuses himself, offering a raised hand in farewell. "See you later."

Geoff doesn't answer Lance, just staring at him. It's kind of a creepy stare because it doesn't seem to mean…well, anything. It's just kind of a dead look. He lowers his head so he can sip his vodka tonic.

"Likewise, I should probably get the Hell out of Dodge, as we say down south." Jezebel watches Geoff's dead eyed stare with a bit of admiration. Or at least intrigue, if not that. She digs another ten out of her wallet and lays it down beside Argyle on the bar before she starts out toward the front door. "Been nice chattin' with you buys. Hope to see y'all again real soon. You should stop into the coffee shop for your fix if need be. I'm there all week, ladies and gents." She bows at the waist and stumbles out the front door then.

From the money he sets on the counter, Argyle's been here awhile. Probably ate a hamburger or something before they all came in. Either that or he's a hell of a tipper. He eyes Geoff's stare, then flicks a glance to Lance, then back to the tray with one lone toilet water shot left. He picks it up and sets it in front of Geoff and pats him on the shoulder. "G'night, kids. I've got a feeling I'll see you 'round. Jezebel. Next time I come in, I want a double tall mocha with extra whip and caramel sprinkles. Think you can remember that?" He grins, then salutes them each and then walks in a surprisingly straight line towards the door.

Lance nods his head as he looks to Jez as she also makes her departure, offering another raised hand in farewell. "Catch you later." He says to her, with a glance towards Geoff as he stares, but looks back towards Jez and then Argyle. "You two take care." He says before he picks up his drink again and gets back to his paperwork.

Geoff breaks the stare without comment and finishes his drink. When he's done, he gets up, pays his tab, and leaves without a word.

"Sure thing. You wanted a coffee thing!" Jezebel cries out to Argyle before she's flinging open the door to go and catch a taxi, presumably to wash that spilled milk off of herself.

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