2011 06 25: Unexpected Encounter

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Mission Name: Unexpected Encounter
Date of Mission: June 25, 2011
Locale: Bronx Mall

Lance runs into Rebekah at the mall and they patch things up.

Rebekah Lance

The afternoon hustle and bustle that is the mall during the summer and amidst the chaos is Lance. He's dressed down, though still stylish. Brand name jeans and t-shirt under his leather jacket and a pair of Oakley sunglasses cover his eyes. He sits on one of the many benches in the mall, watching the people pass by him. He doesn't have any bags with him, so he hasn't purchased anything except for the large cup from one of the shops in the food court that he casually sips. He just sits on the bench, people watching and sipping his soda.

Rebekah is walking through the area in her very non-name brand items. The strike of her cowboy boots echo a bit through the mass of people. Right now, she's nibbling out of a container of McDonald's fries as she window shops. There is a rather regal, seductive, and grossly expensive blingy dress that she pauses to stare at. Wantonly stare at.

Lance takes another drink from his cup which soon emits the sound that signals the cup is empty. He looks down at the cup as he shakes it a bit to verify it's empty before he stands and moves back towards the food court for a refill. As he passes by a few stores, he glances in the windows, looking at the display and into each store. As he does this, he spots Rebekah which causes him to pause in his steps for a moment as his mind tries to figure out what to do next. Trying to avoid a potential scene, he looks to the stores on the other side of the corridor as he continues to move to the food court, not sure if she saw him or not.

The cool thing about windows? They can act like mirrors. So Rebekah turns her head a bit to watch Lance, but he's told her not to contact him. So it stops the blonde from crying out at him or causing too large a scene. Her green eyes watch him though before she tries to casually look back towards the dress. There is now a glower at her fries. Glower we say.

Lance tosses the empty cup into a trash can as he passes by, continuing to the food court, his mind continuing to race at the unexpected encounter. He glances back over his shoulder towards her, frowning slightly as he enters the queue for one of the fast food joints. He sighs softly to himself as he digs his phone out of his pocket and starts pressing away at some of the buttons before he slips it back into his pocket, the text message sent off to Bekah's phone. The message is short and simple. 'Want something to drink?' He watches the woman, waiting for the message to arrive.

There is a few beeps on her phone and Rebekah jumps and then looks around. There is a hopeful expression that no one saw her try to jump away at the phone in her pocket. A soft cough and then she relaxes a bit and pulls the phone from her pocket. The blonde frowns at the who before unlocking it to see the what. Her green eyes drift back where she last saw him and a frown. Those nimble fingers typing back to him: Sure, where?

Lance's phone beeps twice to signal an incoming text message. He fishes his phone to retrieve the message, sending a reply after he reads the message. 'Just stay there.' As his turn arrives, he steps up and places his order. He leaves the line with two cups and heads back to where he last saw Rebekah. As he draws near he offers one of the cups. "Peace offering." He says to her to break the ice.

Rebekah studies the cup offered to her as she cants her head. "It ain't diet is it?" She holds out her container of fries towards him before she reaches out to take the drink. "Why in God's name a'e y'all in the Bronx? Ah mean it's cheap so Ah'm he'e…"

Lance shakes his head once. "Nope. Not diet." He replies as she takes the drink and he takes a fry and eats it. After swallowing it, he shrugs his shoulders as he answers her question. "People watching mostly. No one I work with shops here, so I come here and it gives me a sense of normalcy I guess." He glances around for a moment before he looks back at her. "Look. I'm sorry for kicking you out of my apartment. I wasn't myself after everything that went down and I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I'm sorry."

Rebekah shrugs a bit and has that invisible wall of Becky emotional detachment. "It's okay. I mean.." She drops her accent as she looks at him. "You are going to throw away years of friendship over a girl that you dated twice, Lance?" There is a shake of her head as she tries to lower her eyes away a bit. "She came to my club. It didn't go well."

Understatement of the year.

Lance looks to her as he shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know. I just got caught up in the heat of everything and I guess that's why I'm here now instead of in the parking lot heading home. I'm not going to throw away our friendship, so I want to make it alright between us again." He takes a drink from his cup for a moment before he continues. "I'm not saying I'm over her or anything or that we may not get back together and I'm not saying that we will, but I don't want to loose you."

Rebekah pushes a hand through her blonde hair. "Lance…" He might be the only man she's ever honest with, hell the only person. "It really sucked when you kicked me out like that. It sucked that our friendship seemed so conditional on who you were dating or not dating. How would you feel if you didn't like some guy I was hooked up with and I eighty-sixed you?" Her eyes are actually filled a bit with hurt as she looks up to his. "I can't say that I want you two together or that I ever will. It's your life, though." She chews her lower lip for a moment. "So I'm sleeping with this guy…"

Lance nods. "I know it sucked. But the reason I kicked you out wasn't because of your opinion. It was your delivery. You told me that you'd be nice and hide your claws, but you didn't. Then I got dumped and that just sent me over. I wanted to be alone and I was angry." He raises an eyebrow for a moment at the news of a guy. "Yeah? Good for you." He doesn't seem to be interested much in him given the recent events.

Rebekah shrugs. "I was trying to leave Lance because of that. It's not like I stood and unleashed. I even paused so you could shut me up before I left. You didn't, so you know my delivery when I start to say something. I've been in New York far too long. As well, it was your delivery. Telling me to never contact you." She shakes her head. "So does that mean the next time I don't live up to some standard you are going to toss me aside too?" The other guy doesn't seem to be more than the comment she's made. Or she doesn't know that much about him.

Lance shakes his head slightly. "You guys had to talk about your feelings sooner or later, but I thought you would do it more…" He pauses for a brief moment as he searches for the right word to use. "…tactfully instead of… well… the way you normally do since you told me you'd be nice. You lied to me and I was hurt. I've already apologized for kicking you out. I'll apologize again. I'm sorry." He glances around once more before he looks at her. "I was angry," He reiterates. "and people say things they don't mean when they're angry. I didn't call or come see you right away because I needed some time alone."

Rebekah shakes her head. "I didn't lie. I was nice for a time, when I thought I might not be able to be. I tried to leave." She shrugs a bit to that. "I suppose I just.." She trails off to look around. "Well um.. thanks for the drink." There is a shift from one foot to the other.

Lance sighs softly as he nods his head slowly, looking down at the floor for a moment. Finally, he looks up at her and nods. "You're welcome." He says before he falls silent again for a few moments. He takes a drink from his soda as he stuffs his free hand into his pocket. Finally, he speaks again. "Can we just forget about the shit that happened that night and start fresh?"

"I want to but there are few people that can hurt me.." Rebekah blinks and looks up as if she's mentally counting something. ".. okay maybe you are the only one. I just.. don't toss me again. Okay, Casanova?" She attempts to lean into his side a bit. Hey it's odd family, you forgive oddly.

Lance nods his head once at her condition. "Okay. But warn me next time you're leaving because you can't play nice anymore. Might have made things go a little bit smoother." He wraps an arm around her and looks down at her as she leans against him. "I'm sorry for hurting you. I never meant to do that." He pauses for a moment. "Let's get out of here. I'll go buy you desert. I still owe you that."

Rebekah looks a bit more interested at the mention of dessert. "Ice cream? Will you buy me my weight in frozen yogurt?" Her body fits right against his side as if she's supposed to be there. Then she gives a slight chuckle. "Where are we going Romeo?"

Lance chuckles. "I don't know about your weight in frozen yogurt, but we can start with a cup and we'll see how it goes from there." He says as he heads towards the mall exit. "Where ever you want to go, I suppose. You can pick." He says to her as he opens the door and heads out into the parking lot.

"In that case, let's go to your place and you can make me dessert." Rebekah offers in a cheery fashion and pauses. There is a laugh. "Not make me dessert. I meant as in you could make some." She grins a bit more. "Or you know, the u-swirl place."

Lance shrugs and nods. "Sounds good to me. Did you want to follow me or just take my car?" He asks her as he leads the way. "I think I have stuff to make sundaes at the house." He says after a moment of thought.

Rebekah stares at him. "I take the subway, Casanova. Hard to follow you that way." There is a soft tease. "It costs too much to own a car in New York and anywhere I like to go, so does the subway. So how about we take yours?"

Lance nods and chuckles. "Alright. Fair enough." He says before he heads into the parking lot and leads the way to where he parked before driving her back to his apartment.

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