2011 06 29: Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 1

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Mission Name: Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 1
Date of Mission: June 29, 2011
Locale: Las Vegas, Nevada

Lance and Rebekah arrive Las Vegas for their vacation.

Lance Rebekah

After few days of setting up vacation time with work, and getting the plane tickets and a hotel suite at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Two bedrooms and a view of the city. Six hours later, Bekah and Lance step out of the terminal and into the main concourse. Lance is dressed in a new suit purchased during their Vegas shopping trip.

Unknown to Bekah, Lance had to clear the trip with Division and must be available to contact at all times. The money for the trip, instead came from one of the many bank accounts he had before being recruited by Division.

Lance looks back towards Bekah as the other passengers rush past them to get their bags from the baggage claim. "Here we are. Vegas!" He says with a grin, his troubles seeming have been left back in New York."

Ah the joys of vacation. Bekah was hitting the drinks at the airport bar before take off, two during flight and now she's relaxed as all get out. She's luckily not drunk though. She puts one of her long legs out into the aisle to stop the people rushing by and to let them out. "Mmmm… I feel like my money is gone already and we are going to sing Elvis."

She gives him a bright smile before she shakes out her hair to reach for their bags. It is there that her shirt lifts to show the twinkle of her belly button ring. Then she drops back down to hand him his stuff. "So Casanova, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What is it we should do first? Go to a strip club? Get drunk? Find a call girl? Go play blackjack?"

Lance chuckles as she hands him the bags, taking the heavier of them. After they get their bags before he heads towards the exit and keeps an eye out for the driver. "That's is the city's motto. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." He chuckles softly as he carries the bag over his shoulder and wraps his free hand around her shoulder. "First, we go to the hotel and unpack. Then we can see about where to go from there?" He asks, motioning towards a limo driver holding up a sign with both their last names on it.

Rebekah stares at the driver for a few moments and then towards Lance. "Hmmm… impressive." She gives him a wink and then moves over in the direction of her last name. "Howdy, hope we didn't keep y'all waitin' too long. Ah told him to just hurry on up. Don't wanna be the fly in the bullfrog relay, ya know what Ah mean?"

Lance smirks and chuckles. "Figured if we're going to do this, might as well do it right. VIP treatment for the entire stay." He says before he looks to the driver. "That's us." He motions towards the sign the driver is holding.

The driver nods before looking to Rebekah. "It's all part of the job, ma'am." He says politely before he looks to Lance. "This way, please." He says before he turns and leads the way back to the waiting limo, taking the bags from the two.

Lance follows the driver to the limo, letting Bekah climb in first as the driver puts the bags into the trunk. He climbs in afterwards, sitting next to Bekah. "We're staying at The Mirage." He informs the driver after he asks. And with that, the limo pulls off towards the hotel.

Rebekah plays with all the buttons and lights in the limo. Of course, did one expect anything less than that? She even opens and closes the window. The woman cannot stay seated as she bounces around in it. "I have missed being in limos. I mean every since Daddy…" She just stops that conversation. Never is there talk of past, just present, right? "We should go and see everything. I mean are you going to take me shopping too? Maybe we can see a show?"

Lance just smiles and chuckles as he watches her play around in the limo. He just opens a bottle of champagne and pours two glasses, offering one to her to try to get her to calm down some, but he can understand the excitement she has. "We'll do whatever you want. You come up with the activities and I'll make sure they're done with style according to our VIP vacation." He chuckles and takes a sip from the glass. The limo cruises through the Vegas streets, passing the strip on their way to the hotel.

Rebekah is almost too excited to drink, until she hears the pop of the bottle opening. Then she's curled up beside him and drinking. "You should make a toast. I mean here we are on a vacation." That causes her to frown. "You know we have never really gone anywhere in all our years of friendship."

Lance nods his head as she smirks, looking to her. "You know, you're right." He says as he realizes this is their first vacation together. "We'll have to change that." And with that he raises his glass towards her. "Here's to a great vacation, the first of hopefully many together." He offers a smile as he takes a drink from the glass, looking to her. "What show do you wanna see?"

Rebekah starts to clink the glass until it sounds very relationshipy to her. She pauses with her hand extended and then she clinks it. "Here is to next time you take me to Italy or Hawaii. I have this small little bathing suit you see…" She trails off to answer. "A cirque show, there are a few. I would like to go to one of them."

Lance clinks the glass with her before he takes another sip of his glass, chuckling. "Is that the next stop? Italy or Hawaii?" An eyebrow raises slightly as she talks about the bathing suit. "Well, maybe we could stop by the pool before the show." He grins and drains the glass of the liquid as the limo pulls up to the hotel. The driver comes around and opens the door before helping the bellhops with the bags. Lance lets Bekah exit first before he climbs out of the limo and starts for the lobby to check in, leaving the bags with the bellhop.

Rebekah takes a moment to look around the area before she pushes off and starts to walk after him. Her lips curved upwards as she runs and leaps. Hopefully spy guy is quick, because she's leaping for his back for a piggy back ride. "Mmmm.. I like the idea of Italy, though I cannot speak Italian."

Lance chuckles as she hops on his back, hooking his hands hands on her legs to hold her up. "Neither do I, but I suppose that would make it a bit more interesting. Trying to figure out what everyone is saying." He chuckles as they near the check-in counter. He doesn't drop her as he speaks to the woman checking everyone in. "Reservation for Neville. Should have a suite." The woman checks the reservation log and checks them in, handing him two electronic room keys. He hands one to her as the woman mentions the bags will be brought up to the room soon. He looks over his shoulder to her. "To the room then?"

Rebekah points her right arm forwards, much like it was a sword, "Onward to the room!" She laughs a bit. "Wow, you are just sure I'm putting out or something. You got one room?" She makes a psh noise. "I guess you can sleep on the couch then." There is a wiggle as she slides the keycard into her back pocket, holding on with the left arm still.

Lance grins and looks back at her, chuckling as he heads to the elevators. "Yes, just the one room." He says to her, not mentioning the two bedrooms the suite has. Better to let her be surprised. "I though you were sleeping on the couch." He grins as he presses the button and steps into the elevator as it arrives. He bends forward to let her press the floor button for their room. "And I already know you put out." He jokes once the doors are fully closed and the elevator starts moving.

Rebekah gives a gasp. "Why Lance! Ah'm a southern gal and Ah will remain untouched to my weddin' night. How da'e ya say such than's about mah honah, suh?" She thunks his head lightly after hitting the button for their room. "Ah demand an apology."

Lance grins. "I apologize, your majesty. I did not mean anything by it." He says, adopting a southern accent himself. He's been around her enough to be able to pull one off, but how well is a matter of opinion. "I know you are a Belle who shall be chaste until her wedding night." He grins and squeezes her leg where he's holding her up.

Rebekah nods her head to that. "You totally should apologize to me. That was just mean." She doesn't tend to Southern him when it's just him. She chuckles to that and then wraps her legs a bit tighter. "Hey Lance… we are like totally in Vegas. I want to do and see everything."

Lance grins and watches the floor numbers change. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to doubt your virginity." He grins and rests his head against her. He can't help but chuckle and nod at her words. "I know. We totally will do everything. I promise. If we make this quick, we can get food and then start early. I plan on leaving this town with either some money won at a casino, no money at all or a huge regret that we will never speak of again after we leave here." He laughs softly at that.

Rebekah seems to ponder this as they are in the elevator. The woman seems to squirm a bit more as the numbers click by. In fact, her foot is bumping unconsciously against his side. "Do you think I'm going to be the huge regret that you never talk to once you are out of Vegas?" There is a devil-may-care look to her eyes as opportunity presents. Both hands find his head and…. muss, muss, muss.

Lance looks over his shoulder at her, shaking his head. "No. Not at all. You are never a regret, Bekah. Ever." He looks at her, making sure she knows he's serious about that for a moment before looking back up at the numbers. "No matter what happens between us, you won't be a regret." As she starts to mess up his hair, he simply lets go of her and starts to fix it again.

Rebekah gives a soft squeal as her legs are let go of and she has to stop to hold on. "Spoken like a man in love." It's a teasing comment and not at all serious. She shifts her weight. "Are we almost to our floor. I um.. I have to pee. I mean like I have to pee really really bad."

Apparently, that's the magic works for this elevator because as soon as she says that, the elevator doors open. Lance lets her step out first before he follows, chuckling. "Well I do love you, Beks. We've been friends for this long. I started loving you a few months into our friendship." He smirks. "Go ahead and run ahead to pee if you want."

Rebekah starts to flee out of the elevator and stops as she steps out of it. It could have been the words he just used. "No no.. I meant like… you know.." She makes a circle with her left thumb and forefinger as she slides her right fingers through it. "Love." There is a wiggle of her brows before she seems to wait for him.

Lance laughs and grins at her words. "Oh, that's just lust. That's not love." He chuckles softly as he catches up to her and moves to the suite's door. He uses his key and opens the door, letting her go in first so she can pee. "You go pee, I'll get tickets for the show tonight and then we can get ready to go out for the night." He says as he moves forward, their bags already waiting for them in the room.

Rebekah moves into the room and lets out a low whistle as she runs into the bathroom. There is no real privacy between them at this point in the friendship, so she yells through the door. "So what is love then, Casanova?"

"Let me get the tickets first and I'll answer it." The sound of the phone being picked up is heard then Lance's voice is heard. "Yeah, need to get two tickets to Cirque du Soleil show tonight. Yeah, evening show. As close to front row center as we can. That'll work. Thanks. Yes, bill the room. Thanks. You too. Au'voir." The phone is hung up before he looks back towards the bathroom. "So, what is love?" He asks with a chuckle. "Love is being with that one person who you wake up every morning excited to see their faces, that you think about every moment you're apart. Kinda like what my folks have."

Rebekah steps out of the bathroom after washing her hands and all that. "Okay so where is this bed I sleep in and you get the couch?" She hmms at his thoughts on love. "Is that how you felt about Jez?" She turns to look at him a bit to that before she lowers her eyes down towards the ground. Perhaps she's starting to feel a little guilt in that situation.

Lance smirks as he leans against the back of the couch. At the mention of the beds, he smirks and points to a closed door. "There's one in there…" He points to another closed door. "And another in there." He smiles and looks at her again. "So, take your pick and I'll take the other. Show starts at 9 tonight, so we have until then to see the town."

Rebekah moves from one door to the other. She finally decides on the right one though. It has the large jacuzzi tub in it. Mmm jets. Mmm water massage. She then gives a bright smile. "So what would you like to see first?"

Lance grins and shrugs. "Well, since this was your idea I was going to let you pick, but since you picked the show, I say we go have some dinner and go check out some of the other casinos and maybe gamble a bit?" He smirks for a moment. "Or, if you want it to be more exciting, we can just play it by ear."

Rebekah smiles a bit to that before she walks up and wraps her arms around him. The blonde presses her cheek to his chest in the hug. "Thanks for bringing me Lance. I know you have like a zillion people you could have brought and most of them girls. So thanks for you know.. bringing me. I appreciate it."

Lance smiles and returns the hug to her, more as a friend than anything else. "Of course, who else would I bring? Yeah, I could have brought some random with me, but it wouldn't be the same. They'd be with me for the money and sex. You're with me because you're my friend and I know it's not because of my money or my connections."

"Well to be fair, you are only half right." Rebekah offers easily. "If I wasn't here for the money, I wouldn't be here." THen she pulls from him to start inching towards the door. She looks prepared to make a break for it. "Who are you again?"

Lance laughs and smirks. "Actually, I offered to pay for you. You didn't expect me to. That's the difference." He says as she pulls away, watching her. "Come on," He says with a laugh and a shake of his head. "Come on, let's get ready. You wanna shower first?"

Rebekah nods her head to that. "Just promise not to flush the toilet while I do." She winks at him and then starts to move off. Her eyes flashing with humor as she goes and then stops. "Actually.. you go first."

Lance smirks and chuckles. "Yeah, but since you brought up flushing the toilet I'm going to be locking the door." He says with a smirk as he looks at her. "So, you might as well go first." He says, moving to pick up his bags and start unpacking while she showers.

Rebekah shakes her head and offers. "No no… you go first. I mean consider it a trust exercise if you don't lock the door. I mean, you do trust me right, Lancey?" Her eyes sparkle humorously towards him.

Lance laughs and nods. "Alright. Fine. Can you at least run the water for me?" He asks her as he tosses his bags on his bed and starts to get his bathroom stuff from the bags as well as a change of clothes. Soon, he heads into the bathroom to get showered up, not locking the door behind him.

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