2011 06 30: Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 2

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Mission Name: Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 2
Date of Mission: June 30, 2011
Locale: Las Vegas, Nevada

Rebekah wakes Lance up early and drags him around to the various wedding chapels.

Rebekah Lance

They went to KA last night, which is a sort of Asian martial art Cirque show. The stage actually goes vertical while the acrobats are upon it. It's a rather impressive thing to watch. Then Rebekah dragged him out to various clubs and star sightings until they got back to the room when most people are waking up. Thank God for black out shades. So as they went to bed at about seven in in the morning. It is almost hard to believe that she's up at noon.

"Lancey… Lance…Lancelot.." The soft coo is coming into his sleeping ear as Bekah is already dressed. She's kneeling on the bed almost in a bow to him. "I haz hunger that only food can satisfy. Lancey-Lance… Casanova." There are a few pokes to his rib as she starts head-butting his shoulder lightly.

Lance lays on the bed, sprawled out and still passed out from their exploits the previous night. At first, Lance doesn't react to Bekah's voice despite it being only five hours after they went to sleep. Finally, Lance acknowledges her by a few moans and a mumbled response before falling quiet again. As the mention of the food is made, he mumbles again, the only audible words are: "Room service… mumble, mumble… waffles…" And then he falls silent again, groaning at the pokes in his ribs and the head-butting of his shoulder.

Rebekah bounces on her knees on the bed as she offers. "It's Vegas we should go out. I hear they have a crepe place at the Paris. Can't we go to that? Comeon… either we go or your wallet and I go." She pushes him a bit more with her head. This time a bit more insistent.

Lance groans again as she starts to bounce and nudges her before finally rolls over onto his back, his eyes barely open. He looks somewhere between half dead and half asleep. He takes a deep breath and looks around the room before looking back at her. "What? What time is it?" He asks before he stretches out his entire body, a joint or two popping audibly as he does so.

Rebekah smiles in a most becoming manner. "It's noon." She chirps happily as she puts her shoulder to his side. No. She wouldn't dare. "So wakey-wake." Actually she would. There is a rather forceful shove that intends to dis-bed him.

Lance groans at the time. "What are you doing awake already?" He asks her before he tries to roll back over onto his stomach, but the added momentum from the shove does send him to the floor with a grunt and an 'oomph'. He moans at the pain in his head and body. "Fuck me." He says softly as he lays there. After a moment or two, he finally starts to pick himself up. "For that, you get the kid's menu."

Rebekah gives a bright and brilliant smile over the bed at him. She's peaking over the edge as he crashes to the floor. "I'm too much a big girl for the kid's menu. And I don't want to fuck you, I want to eat." She wiggles her brows at him as she grins down at him. "Now that you are up…"

Lance yawns and stretches again on the floor, looking back up at her. At least he looks more awake now. "You suck, you know that?" He says as he starts to pick himself up off the floor and starts to shuffle himself into the bathroom to take a shower and wake up more. "Five hours is not enough sleep." He calls back to her before he shuts the door behind him.

Rebekah beams cutely after him and then hollers. "I didn't wake you up an hour ago when I got up." She does watch him leave the room. You know what this calls for? Snoop check! That is where she starts flipping through his wallet.

His wallet contains nothing unusual. Diver's Licence, credit cards, video store membership cards and cash. No photos or hidden condoms in the wallet. The sound of running water is soon heard before he steps into the shower. Fifteen minutes later, the water is shut off and Lance comes out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and goes to get dressed.

Rebekah has that wallet right back where it was and just missed going for the phone. The true art of snooping is not to get caught doing it. She's lounging on the bed in a pair of super short shorts and a halter. Vegas is fucking hot this time of the year.

The entire Southwest is hot this time of year. Lance changes into a pair of jeans and a gray t-shirt. After he finishes getting ready, he puts on a pair of sunglasses to hide his still tired eyes and to block out the bright sunlight. He looks back at her as he gathers his phone and wallet, putting them into his pockets. "Ready?" He asks once he's ready to go. The shower helped some, but he's still tired.

Rebekah nods her head to that. "We should take the stairs down. It will help work up an appetite and wake you up." She grins at him in a more humorous manner before she slides off the bed. A pair of large sunglasses are picked up for her as well. "Crepes.. I just love crepes. We are going to get some."

Lance chuckles as he leads the way towards the exit, holding the door for her. He lets her lead the way since he's not fully awake yet. "Stairs? That's a lot of stairs." He notes to her as he glances towards the elevators, following her anyway despite which she chooses. "I'm sure they'll make the crepes better than I do."

Rebekah nods her head. "I know. I mean I've tasted your sucky cooking." She lies, it isn't sucky. The woman gladly moves for the stairs and starts to walk down them. He thought he was tired before they started going down them, he's going to be wiped at the bottom.

Of course it's not sucky, otherwise the people Lance orders them from would be out of business. He follows her down the stairs, leaning against the wall as he descends the steps, holding himself up and to try to conserve his energy. "I hope you don't suggest that we walk to the restaurant after this. If so, I'll meet you there." He chuckles, seeming to wake up more and more already.

"It's not really a restaurant. It is more like a.. um.. well.. you'll see. Of course we are going to walk there. I mean it's at the Paris and that's just a bit up the road." Rebekah offers. It's almost like she's use to running up and down stairs.

Lance makes a mental note for himself, 'First floor hotel rooms from now on'. He smirks as he looks at her, chuckling softly. "You are so going to owe me for all this. First you keep me up all night, make me come home early, wake me up after 5 hours and make me walk down all these stairs. I'm telling my mother on you and you are going to be in so much trouble!" He says in a joking manner to her, despite the complaining, he is use to running up and down stairs thanks to the same people who put the tracking chip in him.

Big brother is watching… and judging.

Rebekah hmms this over. "I will let you spend more money on me to make up for it. I'm kind and sweet like that." She gives a low chuckle and then shakes her head a bit. The woman smiles vibrantly at him and then starts to buck it down the stairs double time.

Lance chuckles and smirks at her retort. "That is very noble of you." He says to her as he follows her down the stairs until she starts to pick up the speed. Yeah, that's not something he's up for right now. He keeps the same steady pace that he has been going with as he watches her move further down the steps away from him.

Rebekah gets to the bottom and waits for him to join her as she presses a kiss to his cheek. "Okay so crepes. Then I want to go to see some of the chapels that people have gotten married. Oh and then dinner and then um… more clubbing." She is silent for a moment. "And shopping… lots of shopping."

Lance smirks and raises an eyebrow slightly. "Chapels?" He asks her, his head tilted slightly to the side. "Something you wanna tell me?" He asks in a joking manner. He says as he gives her a kiss on the cheek in return. "Shopping? Must be a Walmart around here somewhere, I'm sure." He says as he starts to head out of the hotel.

"Just because it's your money doesn't mean you get to choose the stores." Rebekah offers. There is a pause at the chapels and then she blinks at him. "No. I just told you." Then she giggles and leans against his tired form.

Lance smirks and nods. "Yes it does. You can pick if you're paying." He says with a slight shake of his head. He wraps an arm around her as she leans against him. "Let's just hurry up and get where we're going. I need coffee." He says to her as they exit the building.

Rebekah shakes her head to that. "My day, my rules." They do end up at Paris and it is less than a mile walk after they cross the strip. Which will involve more stairs. Then they are at a walk up window to order sweet and savory crepes.

Lance eyes her for a moment as he follows her, nodding his head slightly. "We'll see." He says as they near their destination, walking up to the window. He lets Rebekah order whatever she wants, getting a coffee for himself as well as the food. He looks around the area as he stands next to her, looking at the sights around them. He looks at the replica of the Eiffel Tower for a few moments, scrutinizing it.

"It is supposed to look like the actual tower you know. There is a place to eat at the top." Rebekah doesn't say if she thinks it looks like the real one or not. Her eyes move over the area as she eats the sugary chocolate hazelnut one.

Lance smirks as he nods. "It's not a bad copy." He says as he looks at her, turning away from the tower and drains half of the liquid from the cup before he starts to eat, nodding slightly. "Not bad." He comments.

Rebekah would talk but she's too busy stuffing food into her face. MMmm.. food.

Lance finishes off his food rather quickly and downs two cups of coffee before getting the third one to go. He sits back down at the table after retrieving the new cup of coffee. He sits back in his seat and lets out a content sigh.

Food and coffee are done and now there is exploring. However, if you see one chapel, you pretty much see them all. So she drags him to the flower one, the little white wedding chapel. She actually drags him to about fifteen different ones to compare and contrast.

Lance seems to be more awake after the coffee and meal than he was earlier in the afternoon. He follows her to all the chapels that she wants to go visit. At the fifteenth chapel, he finally has to ask. "How many chapels does a single city need?" He chuckles softly after being asked how long they've been together for the fifteenth time.

Rebekah shrugs. "I think this one has like thirty or more. I mean we don't have to go to them all, just the famous ones." Some are really really really sketchy. They are also talked to bey 'pay to play' girls. "Is there anything you would like to do?"

Lance smirks and shakes his head. "Wow. Didn't think there would be that many in a single town." He chuckles slightly as he thinks for a moment, trying to figure out what to do next. He checks his watch to check the time. "I dunno. Any good shows around this time you want to see or anything?"

Okay she lied. There were more chapels to be seen. Then comes the idea of shows to see. "We could see Zumanity, or Penn and Teller or Phantom of the Opera…" Rebekah studies him for a few moments. "Do any of those sound interesting?"

Lance decides to have fun with the rest of the questions about them being together, deciding to tell them they've been together for six years and have four children out of wedlock, but decided to finally make an honest woman out of her. At the suggestions he nods, "I think the last two sound pretty interesting. I like Penn & Teller's humor and Phantom is just a great show."

At one of the chapels she explained that he was her brother, but they were Mormon, so it was alright. Rebekah nods to that. "You pick. I picked the show last night."

Lance plays along with her as they torment the owners of the chapels. "Let's go see Penn & Teller. I could go for a good laugh right about now." He says to her, slipping his arm around her waist after giving her ass a good smack just for show. "Come on, sis. Let's go watch a show and figure out which chapel to get hitched at."

Rebekah turns towards Lance for a moment and then suddenly just lays the largest and most passionate kiss upon him. "Okay.. bro, let's check out Pea and tea."

Lance is a bit surprised himself at the kiss, but gives in anyway before the kiss is broken. He looks at her for a few moments, not expecting any passion in it. "Shit, after that, I might just say we skip the show and go back to the room." He chuckles and looks back to the other guy. "Thanks for the help. We'll be in touch." He offers a wave before heading towards the exit, trying not to laugh right away.

Rebekah slaps his ass on the way out the door for more of a show. Then she gets out the door and starts cracking up. "Did you see his face? Like he wasn't sure what to make of us."

Lance laughs as soon as she does, nodding. "I know right. I don't think they'll be letting us get married there. Too bad, it really was my favorite." He grins and chuckles as he pulls out his cell phone to try to get the tickets for the show.

Rebekah beams at him as she looks more hoochie than high class right now. "We should have told them we were from West Virginia." She smiles as a few men look her way, but a few women look at Lance too. "Maybe we'll have to wed in that really scummy one by the hotel that rents by the hour." Yes, that does exist.

Lance smirks and nods after hanging up the phone. "Yeah, but this one was better because you made fun of the Mormons as well. Got a twofer." He grins as he looks to the women and men that looks at 'em. "I guess so. So doomed is our fate." He slips his arm around her. "Only show that had tickets left for tonight is the late showing. So, we've got some time to kill."

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