2011 06 21: Warning Shot

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Mission Name: Warning Shot
Date of Mission: June 21, 2011
Locale: Tamara's apartment

Tamara comes home and gets a painful warning from an intruder.


After another long day of not actually working, Tamara arrives home, a few shopping bags in hand, ready to get changed for a night out on the town - which she might say is her actual work. She pauses outside her apartment door, shifting the bags to one hand so that she can get her keys and unlock the place, before stepping inside and bending to set the bags down by the kitchen, only then turning back to turn on the lights and shut the door behind herself.

Nothing seems out of place at first glance. The lock was still locked when she left and it's locked when she gets back. But wait a minute… did she leave that light on before she left? There's a dirty dish in the sink that wasn't there before too. Upon closer inspection, something will seem off somehow. There's an air of uneasy stillness in the apartment.

Tamara didn't survive this long without having instincts. It takes her only a moment for her spidey-sense to start tingling, and she stiffens slightly, slowing as she carefully closes the door. Turning back, she bends again like she's gathering her bags, using the gesture as a way to cover that she's drawing a tiny gun from her boot, before she straightens, now moving to stand behind the island as she casually takes a look around.

There's a soft noise of footsteps that come from the hallway. It's just soft enough that one would really have to listen if they wanted to hear it. But it's there. There's definitely a threat in the apartment. It seems to be a subtle weight shift rather than someone walking toward the hallway. It's almost as if whoever or whatever is in the apartment is trying to lure Tamara to them…

It's a trap, hm? Tamara may full well realize this, but she's also got zero patience to wait around for this intruder to show him or herself. She cocks the gun, holding it low by her side as she comes around the island and begins to creep slowly towards the hallway, doing her best to keep the corner of the living room between them. She moves steadily and smoothly, beginning to close the space between them without hesitation.

The intruder is on the other side of the hall, armed with a Desert Eagle. From any indication by size, this person seems to be a man — though he's dressed all in black, with his face covered. He doesn't reach out to grab Tamara or anything when she closes in. He simply aims at her kneecap and fires a bullet away quickly. He's obviously someone that has done this before, judging from how fast he draws that weapon, aims and fires. The close range shot is most likely going to hurt quite a bit unless she dodges out of the way just in time.

Tamara lets out an expletive word as she tries to dodge. He's quicker than she expects… too quick - but at least she manages to keep the bullet from smashing her whole damn leg, taking it in the fleshy tissue of the thigh just above her knee instead. It's enough to send her to the floor, her leg giving way beneath her. She fires off several rounds of shots to drive him back while she tries to drag herself back behind the island.

The man is caught by surprise with one of the bullets. It hits him in the arm, but he doesn't drop his weapon. There's a brief bit of cursing in another language… German, perhaps? He takes a moment to breath in deeply before he starts to run for the door, firing errant shots around Tamara. Perhaps this was a warning call after all. "Stop prying where you are not wanted!" Comes a deep voice, laden with a German accent.

Tamara hunkers down behind the island, ducking her head while she also reaches for a tea towel, pressing it to her injured leg. With her free hand, she reaches around the island to fire a few blind shots in return, more concerned with keeping him on the run than actually hitting him again. Her leg is bleeding too much to give chase at this point, but she does risk a quick peek around the island, both to make sure he really is going, and to see if she can spot any details that might make it easier to track him down later.

Another one of the bullets hits the man right in the ass. That's definitely going to make him easy to track down, even in New York. He's bled quite a bit on her carpet. He lets out another German curse as he gimps out of her apartment and down the stairs, managing to keep up with a trained pace even as injured as he is. Granted, he's not shot in the leg like Tamara is.

Even in pain like she is, Tamara can't help but grin as she gets the guy right in the ass. The carpet is problematic - no doubt, she's going to lose her security deposit. But right now, most of her concern is on her leg. Keeping the towel pressed to it, she climbs to her feet… and then nearly falls right back down as she tries to put weight on the bad leg. Still, her gun held at the ready in her other hand, she limps towards the door, still hoping to be able to take him down. But there's no way she's going to be able to catch up to him on those stairs, she realizes, with another bout of colourful language.

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