2011 06 20: We Don't Want Any Trouble Here

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Mission Name: We Don't Want Any Trouble Here
Date of Mission: June 20, 2011
Locale: Club Diablo — Lower East Side - Manhattan

Be careful who you buy a drink for; they might turn out to be trouble.

Rebekah Thomas
cameo: Geoff
NPCs: Ginger, Bobby, and some bouncers

Rebekah is serving the people at the bar. "It's okay Sugah, Ah'll put it on his tab foh bein' lame." She winks towards Geoff goth vampiress. Her eyes turn upon Lip and his crew that are macking on women. "Stupid men.." Her blue eyes shimmer as she looks around the area.

Geoff winks at Rebekah, takes the drink, pounds it, then heads off into the crowd.

And next in line is Thomas, left alone when the pretty little redhead next to him wanders off— not that he appears bothered by it. "Yeah, what about us?" he pipes up, giving Rebekah a quick once-over. "Gimme a screwdriver, and give the lady whatever she wants when she gets back." If she gets back.

Rebekah smirks to the man. "Well howdy, Sugah.." Her Southern accent coats all her words with a flirtatious wink. She lifts the bottles of vodka and orange juice. "Can Ah see ya Eye-Dee?"

Thomas arches a brow. Really? C'mon, he's over thirty, much less twenty-one. But looks can be deceiving, and the bartender's just covering her ass. Fine. Reaching into a pocket, he takes out a wallet and flips it open atop the bar, everything evidently in order.

Rebekah smiles to that and leans over and reads it. "Is it fake?" Her eyes look from him to the license to the man. She also notes his name. the bottles are tossed into the air with some awesome flare. Then she pours the drink and sets it before him. "Seven dollahs an' a tip."

A smirk, covering up a secret: it is, just not in the way she had in mind. Thomas keeps an eye on her - so does the guy behind him, sporting a polo shirt and a combover - before peeling out a ten and setting it down. "Hell of a show you put on there. How much is the usual tip, huh? First time I been here."

"Per drink?" Becky's hip leans against the counter and then she hmms thoughtfully. "Well Ah'd call it.. ya know.. Ah'd say twenty." Her head cants to one side and then to the other before she smirks. "Ya galfhiend just ran off."

"Twenty? For twenty, I better get more than a juggling act." Thomas is new, not green; the wallet returns to his pocket, sans further withdrawals. "And she's not my girlfriend," he adds, stepping aside to let Polo get his order in, "first time I seen her, too."

Rebekah smirks softly to that. "Well don't ya think Ah'd chahge more foh somethang else beyond a drink? Ya tellin' me Ah look like that kinda gal?" Her eyes study the guy and then the one beyond him. "That's gonna be mohe foh that." She shrugs a bit to that before she moves onto the other drink.

"Half the gals in here are that kinda gal," replies Thomas, sounding as serious as he has been. "How do I know if you are or not? Sounds to me like you know the price list." Polo, for his part, just orders a beer and shuffles over in the opposite direction.

Rebekah gives a bright smile to that as she looks him over. "Just cuz Ah know what a badge looks like an Ah know how ta handle a gun, don't make me a cop." She winks to him and leans forward. "Ahe ya lookin' foh that.

Doesn't mean she isn't one, either. "Too bad," says Thomas, "I can picture you with a pair of handcuffs." Back and forth the teasing goes, with a definitive answer nowhere in sight. "So what if I am, huh? Don't tell me you don't serve that type— you'd lose half your business."

Rebekah laughs. "Ah like those types. They pay well and they don't ask ta many questions." She leans in a bit and flutters her lashes. "If'n ya want one, Ah can find it foh ya, but Ah ain't it."

Thomas shakes his head - "No thanks" - but still takes out an extra five and slides it across the bar to her. Always good to know these things, in case he runs into someone else who's in the market. Oh, and there's the redhead coming back after all: expression expectant, nose slightly red around the edges.

Rebekah pockets the money and turns to the redhead. "Howdy, the sexy guy he'e bought ya drink, name it." She turns to look at him and then look back to the cocaine girl.

"Ooh, I don't know! What's in the blue bottle up there? That looks nice." While the ginger leans and points, Thomas reaches for his wallet again, a tight little smile crossing his lips. So far so good, right? He's turned the wrong direction to notice Tall Dark and Ugly shouldering his way through the other clubgoers, making a beeline for their location.

Rebekah purrs softly to that as she leans in and presses her lips in a blown kiss towards Thomas. Her eyes lift up towards the man walking towards the couple. Oh that's not good. She looks. "Skyy, I'll get y'all some." She turns to pour it on the rocks, no flare.

Man, what is it with the mixed messages from Rebekah, anyway? First she's up, then she's down… She's probably down about something, Thomas realizes, and turns just as TDU reaches out to grab a handful of collarbone. "You wanna get your bony ass away from my girl?" he mutters, while Ginger just reaches for her drink and watches.

Rebekah winces a bit, but she's not getting involved at this moment. She sets the glass down in front of her. "Y'all orderin'.." She looks up at scary man. Then she looks at the hand on the collarbone. She waits for a moment.

Thomas doesn't look fazed. "Funny, she didn't mention being your girl. Why you think that is?" Right on cue, the taller man tightens his grip and takes a swing— only for Thomas to duck down and underneath the arm, pulling it the other way. The boyfriend, his momentum going that way anyway from the haymaker, winds up with his back to the bar: Thomas whacks the guy's elbow down onto the countertop, throws in a rabbit punch for good measure, then stalks off with a purpose, hoping to just leave it at that.

Rebekah tips her head at this. "Funny.. not how I saw that going." Her Southern accent replaced in the shock of the action. She moves to protect the booze. "Hey.. hey.. y'all want me to call the bouncers ovah?"

It's a good idea, but Ginger's boyfriend isn't listening. Shaking out his elbow, he lunges forward once again, only to catch a fist to the gut for his trouble. It could probably go on that way for a while, but by that point, the bouncers - ever watchful themselves - are already closing in of their own volition, prompting both men to back off before they end up outnumbered. "Bobby, you're buying my next round, right?" chirps Ginger, incongruously.

Rebekah eyes the trio for a few moments. "Yeah… Bobby was gonna buy y'all rounds, wasn't ya?" She looks at them and then the bouncer. There is a look between the three before she attempts to grab Thomas' shirt to plant a kiss on him.

Oh, well, that wasn't how Thomas expected things to work out; he was paying more attention to the others, expecting Bobby to keep pushing the issue and force a takedown. When he's grabbed this time, though, he quickly switches gears, leaning across the bar and kissing back.

The kiss lasts a bit longer before she releases him. Rebekah smiles at the bouncer, "Ya wouldn't be kickin' out mah man, would ya?" She then turns to look at the others. "Well y'all gonna buy anythang?"

Bobby is visibly annoyed with this turn of events, even as Ginger wanders over and clings to his good arm, but he shrugs it off and motions to Rebekah. "Yeah, gimme a brew. The hell's your deal, anyway?" he adds, glowering at Thomas but keeping his distance. Thomas, for his part, just stays put and waits for the couple to find somewhere else to go.

Rebekah smiles a bit to that. She turns to get a bottle and puts it in front of the man. She gets the money from him. Her eyes move over towards to Thomas. The bouncer puts turns to watch the couple too.

Thomas looks back and winks. "So what time you get off shift?" he asks. "Maybe we can go get something else beyond a drink." A fast move, but hey, those were Rebekah's own words a few minutes ago… and besides, she kissed him, not the other way round. At least she probably doesn't have her own Bobby waiting to swoop in and cause another ruckus.

Rebekah laughs. "Ah get off at two, last call." She shrugs her shoulders a bit to that as she offers. "Wha ya thinkin' to do?" Her lips curve into that promising smile of lustful things. "Ya gonna take me somewhere nice?"

A quick glance to the side - sure enough, Bobby is hustling Ginger out of there, resolving to keep an eye on her for the rest of the night - then Thomas returns his attention to the pretty and friendly and unattached blonde. "Oh, I definitely take you someplace nice. City that never sleeps, right? So two is good."

Rebekah laughs to that. "Some of the city sleeps, Ah heard tale of it once." She shakes her head a bit and offers, "Y'all wait right there as Ah gotta serve some of the patrons he'e before Ah can get off work." There is a pause and she lifts up the empty tip jar to set in front of him.

The bills from earlier, undisturbed throughout the scuffle, are dropped into the jar - along with a couple more for good measure - the actual price of the drink might be in there as well, it'll be sorted out later. "Hey, take your time," Thomas says, pulling out his phone and checking for messages. Nope, nothing so far— if he's lucky, it'll stay that way.

There is a moment that she glances to his phone too. Rebekah wiggles that leather clad ass every time she walks by him. Her eyes study him and then she winks and by two in the morning; she's at his left shoulder. "Ready to show me da town?"

There's nothing interesting to be seen on the phone. In that respect, at least, it's a boring night. "Been ready," Thomas confirms, rising from his seat and slipping an arm around Rebekah's waist. There's only a few hours of night left, they'd better make the most of it.

Rebekah laughs softly to that as she puts her head on his shoulder. "So where y'all takin' me tonight?" She allows her body to curve against his with all the familiarity of a pay to play girl.

"Well, we got so many choices," Thomas lies. There are choices, but only so many, given the hour. "You in the mood for another crowd, or— maybe we go someplace quieter now?"

"Ah thought y'all were runnin' this rodeo, Handsome." Rebekah offers a bit before she wraps her arm around his waist and snuggles more into him.

A momentary look of confusion crosses Thomas's face, but passes just as quickly. "I know a place with a good view, not far from here," gesturing toward a car parked nearby as they head out of the bar proper.

Rebekah nods her head to that. "Okay.. let's get goin'." She moves towards the car with an added swagger. Her head turns to look over her shoulder at him.

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