2011 06 05: Wimpy Burgers

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Mission Name: Wimpy Burgers
Date of Mission: June 5, 2011
Locale: Bob's Diner - Hell's Kitchen

Argyle walks into the diner Jez is eating at and the two talk trade for a minute.

Jezebel Argyle

Sitting at one of the tables in the diner is Jezebel. She's amongst the other patrons, blending just as she should - and more specifically, she's eating like no one has fed her in years. All that remains of one double bacon cheeseburger in front of her is part of a bun, and she's shoveling another into her mouth, alternating between that and a large order of fries. There's a chocolate-vanilla milkshake in front of her that she's plowed through significantly too — but she manages to do it without looking like a total pig. Still, the fact that there's an otherwise attractive young lady destroying her food makes a few patrons cast their eyes toward her every now and again.

Argyle was in the neighbourhood. For what reason? Well, given the fact that his line of work involves deadly deadly weapons and this is Hell's Kitchen, it could be for any number of reasons. He enters, carrying a wooden case slightly smaller than a briefcase. He stops to peek at a menu, then looks up, brows slowly raising as he spots Jezebel. For a moment, he considers just letting her be. Sometimes it's good to keep work and private life separate after all. But he decides to move over and stops in front of her table. "I'd ask what's good but I don't think you're eating slow enough to tell."

The brunette does stop choking down her food long enough to respond to Argyle, even wiping her mouth with a napkin all civilized-like for him. "For you? Definitely the smothered dog, a Coke, and tater tots. I don't think you can handle this caliber of meat, guy." She eyes the wooden case as she picks up a single French fry (easily the most restraint she's shown since coming in here) and nibbles at the end of it. "Practicing clarinet, are ya?" Jez asks him. Leaning close to the table, the smell of smoke will be noticably wafting from the young lady.

"You been smoking weed, kiddo? I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that's against regs." Without being invited, Argyle drops into the booth and tugs out a menu. He sets the case on the inside. "Some parts for a project."

"No, I was working on a project." Jezebel counters to him. From the smell of things, it was a project that smells suspiciously like burnt wood and ash. She considers his words about his project and frowns briefly. "I really hope that new project is makin' me a new loveseat or somethin'. Rats chewed through mine. Landlord says he'll have a look, but…" She waggles her hand dismissvely and eats her French fry. It seems that all it took was Argyle's speaking to her to break her momentum before she pushes her food away and works on her milkshake instead.

"I'm an engineer, not a carpenter. Unless you want a deadly-deadly loveseat." Despite the recommendations, Argyle orders a bacon cheeseburger and fries with gravy. "So, what's with the giant feed?"

She grins briefly at his question. "I'm hungry and I like to eat. That's just about it. That and sometimes when I come off a job, I get a powerful hungriness that needs to be addressed with mass quantities of meat, dairy, and sodium. I figure since my life expectancy is unpredictable as it is, why not?" She shrugs her shoulders in a carefree manner and takes a long drink of her milkshake. By the time she's pulling her mouth away from the straw, she's making that obnoxious wet sucking noise at the bottom of the cup. "A deadly loveseat could be good if any guys ever try to get fresh with me — not that I'd let 'em in. Damned roaches and termites."

"A job, huh? Anything exciting?" Well, with the limited details they can go into in public, at least. He murmurs a thank-you when the waitress brings him a cup of coffee.

"Just your usual." Which could mean any number of things, really. "Someone pissed off the wrong person, y'know." She sucks up the rest of her milkshake and leans back in her seat, letting out a burp that may or may not be verging on the edge of just plain nasty. There's a muttered 'excuse me' afterward. "What about you? Gettin' any steady work lately?"

Argyle keeps a straight face despite her lack of table manners. "Not in the field. Mostly lab work. I have a feeling something'll be coming down the pipe in the near future. Things never stay quiet for long."

Jezebel nods. "That's true. Not in this city, at least." Her cell phone begins to ring from her pocket and the girl rolls her eyes with mild annoyance, retriving the gadget and answering. "That's right. Yes. I'll be there. Mmhmm. Okay. Yeah." With that, she hangs up. The only thing missing off the end of that conversation was an 'I love you', else it may have sounded like she was talking to her mom. "Well, that's my cue. There's paperwork to be done… and probably a whole new can of worms to be opened. I'll see ya around, Pieface."

"Popular girl. Running all over town. That's why they pay you the big bucks." As if on cue, Argyle's burger arrives. He lifts his mug in a salute to her, then tucks into his food. "Good luck."

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