2011 06 29: Wingardium Leviosa

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Mission Name: Wingardium Leviosa
Date of Mission: June 29, 2011
Locale: CIA HQ's Toybox

We finally get to see where Van gets those wonderful toys.

eli van

Another day, another mission. And another mission, of course, means another briefing. Today's briefing, however, involves more than just the usual who-what-where-when's of the latest mission. No, this time, there are toys! Eli arrives for the meeting right on time, his cane tip-tapping against the floor right up to the door, where he has to check in with the guards, then swipe his key card to gain access to the basement. From there, he moves confidently to the back of the room. Long practice allows him to navigate through the cases without any hazard of bumping into anything, just so long as nothing has been moved.


Van steps off the elevator, reaching to adjust his tie and brushing off the arms of his suit jacket. He spends a lot of time down here, really. But that doesn't mean he can't enjoy it every time he does. He's walking with a pep in his step, mostly because he's getting some new toys and that's always a good thing for him. He loves toys. After the checking in and swiping of the card, he slides into the main room and his grin is already growing. It's almost like he's just walked into DIsney World for the first time.

Eli is at the back of the room by the time Van arrives, fiddling with a device that one can assume is the gadget the spy has arrived to claim. It's small, metallic, and difficult to identify from across the room, though it seems to be multicolored and…humming. Eli is fidgetting with the fingers of one hand, causing the pitch of the humming to change. However, when the door opens, he snaps his fingers and the humming dies. "Van Prescott?" he calls, turning his face in that direction to acknowledge the new arrival. Van may look like a kid turned loose in Disney World, but Eli is all professionalism.

Van is taking his sweet time getting from the entrance to the back of the room. He's actually having a hard time not touching things as he wanders pass this and that and that over there and ooooh that looks cool and… yeah, Van has to shove his hands in his pockets to stop from exploding the lab. "That's me." is offered towards Eli at the moment he gets close enough to speak in his normal tone. "What've you got for me?"

It's a good thing Van doesn't try to touch anything. Most of it's under glass, and each is protected by an alarm. Then again, Van may have personal experience with said alarms, from previous trips here. "I'm Eli," he returns, and starts folding up his walking cane, eventually snapping it shut and hanging it from his belt. He picks up a small wire mesh that he slips onto his left hand, which becomes nearly invisible. "Spy camera," he announces, shortly. "I'm here to teach you how to use it. /Without/ breaking it." He snaps the fingers of his right hand, and a small metallic device comes to life. It's about the size and color of a hummingbird, and small metallic wings move in a nearly invisible pattern. A small gesture causes it to lift off. "It's intelligent to a certain degree. It won't run into people or walls without some extreme pushing. Though you might want to duck, just in case. I can't see where it's going," he warns with a smirk, and starts it zipping around the room. It does remarkably resemble a hummingbird, particularly if one doesn't watch it too closely.

Gawking is about the right word to explain the look on Van's face at this very moment. He keeps his eyes on the hummingbird camera as much as possible, not really wanting to lose track of it and get smacked in the face or something. "Sweeeeeet." comes from Van's lips, though he's already gearing up for more information coming about the object. "I want two." Van Prescott always wants two. He's such a greedy spy.

Eli snorts faintly, though it's hard to tell if he's genuinely amused or if it's a sarcastic gesture. He's rather distracted by the need to keep track of the object by sound, and control it with his fingers. "Are you joking? You're lucky they trust you with one. Do you have any idea how expensive these are?" he ribs, as the hummingbird comes around to circle Van, and then returns to Eli. "As you can tell, they aren't difficult to control, as long as you have hands and don't get out of range." He puts out a hand and brings his thumb to his palm. The hummingbird-camera slowly hovers over and then drops into his hand, followed by a little grin from Eli, allowing a touch of his inner nerd to shine through. "They /are/ pretty cool though, I've gotta admit."

Van raises an eyebrow at the moment, as if wanting to inspect the invention himself. Not that he's actually sure at what he's looking at. However, if he's going to be the top agent that the CIA has… he's going to have to ask the tough questions. "Is it water proof?" Oh, the dickens only knows what Van is planning to do with this thing if he's asking about water. "Either it or the glove." is added for clarification purposes. Obviously, he ends up in the water a lot on these missions!

Eli frowns a little at that question. "It's reasonably safe in the rain, but don't try to operate it in a high wind," he answers. "And don't submerge the camera itself. The glove should be fine if you get dunked, but obviously, you want to avoid it if you can help it." He peels the mesh glove from his hand, then holds it out for Van to take. "You aren't allowed out of here until I'm willing to sign off that you know how to operate it, so we might as well get to work. Try not to break it before you get out of the lab, at least."

Van is already slipping into the glove as quickly as possible at this moment, because he can't wait to get this thing going. "Okay, so… it's like a video game, basically." Van remarks, making sure that the glove is fitting nicely before he looks to Eli for the instructions on how to make it go. "Or that thing from Harry Potter…" Van is too cool to have watched such a nerdy movie. Yup! That's it, exactly!

Eli raises an eyebrow slightly. "I guess? A video game that's worth tens of thousands of dollars, but…essentially, I suppose that's the idea." He reaches out to feel for Van's hand and arrange it into a flat surface. "Before I tell you how to start it, you need to learn the basic controls. If you want it to just hover, you hold your hand flat, like this. Your hand can be by your side or at any angle, really, as long as you're holding your fingers in the correct arrangement."

"Reminds me of a flight simulator I used to have… to stop my brother from playing with all the time." Van frowns a little bit, trips down memory lane suck. But then he's testing out some of these moves that he's being told. Mostly focusing on the hand being flat one. "How do I make it see through walls?" Not that he's going to be using it to do that or anything.

Eli gives another of those sarcastic snorts. "You've been watching too many movies," he accuses. "If you want to see through a wall, fly around it. Shit, this thing can go forward, backward, upside down, you name it. What does it need to see through walls for?" He manipulates Van's hand to show him how to control the thing, while explaining, "Pointer finger goes left. Pinky goes right. Your middle two will make it go up and down, and your thumb goes forward and back. If you want to set it on autopilot to return to your hand, just tap your thumb to your palm. If you need to make it self-destruct for any reason, snap three times. But only use that if the technology is about to fall into enemy hands." He picks up the little hummingbird and turns back to the counter, reaching out to find a small indentation to plug the device into. "We have to callibrate it before you can use it. It's set up for me, and your fingers won't be as flexible as mine."

"Niiiiiiiiiiice." Van's lips of praise are enough to keep everything going as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be listening to the part about when he should make it explode because, "How big of a bang does it make?" Sounds like Van is already considering other options for how to use this thing. "And where does the footage go? My phone?" Van doesn't know how all this crazy technology works, but he's definitely willing to listen. Even as he's playing with the glove. His middle finger seems to be raised more often than anything.

Eli plugs in the hummingbird device, and then reaches into his pocket to pull out a small piece of plastic. It unfolds into what could be a Braille keyboard and perhaps even a display, and plugs into the base of the pedestal via USB. "It uses your phone to access a satellite and sends encrypted code back to my computer, upstairs. My computer decrypts it, and then I can send it on to the appropriate person. If it fails to contact the satellite for any reason, it can store up to three hours of video on a small built-in hard drive. You'll have to bring it in to download it before you can watch it, though." His slides his fingers across the output portion of the keyboard where lines of braille are popping up and down, waiting for his fingers to read them. "And it doesn't explode. It makes a small pop and then dies. The case is impressive, but the really important stuff is all on the inside. Please hold still," he requests, suddenly.

Van freezes in place, with his middle finger raised for all to see… like the wall. Right now, though, he's frowning over at Eli. "You mean, I don't get to film anything for myself? I'm just going to have to trust I'm getting a good shot?" Van is not too happy about this filming for everyone else stuff. But he'll live. "… Is my car ready yet?" He seems to be bored with this camera device already. It is not as cool as all the stuff he sees in all the movies.

Eli continues sliding his fingers across the keyboard, his brow furrowing in some confusion until he finally huffs a small sigh. "Flat. Hold your hand still /and/ flat, or it won't work." That said, he hits a few keys on the keyboard, then moves his hands back to the display. "What car?"

Van flattens his hand out quickly and then decides he's going to be frowning even more. "Spies get cars. I watch James Bond. I know these things. I want a car." Van doesn't know how else to explain this one, without sporting some kind of temper tantrum. He does, however, start looking around the room for said vehicle.

Eli sighs heavily. "Good grief. I guess our standards have gone down since the last time I was in the field," he observes, and starts tapping away at the keyboard, now that Van is holding still. "Listen, this isn't James Bond. It's not a movie. You don't get a car, unless you need a car, and if you /do/ get a car, it'll just be a normal car. Maybe a bit souped up, but nothing like what you've seen in the movies. As far as I know, you haven't been marked down for a car, this mission. Wiggle your thumb."

Sigh. Van is not so good with the gift of gab to talk his way into the vehicle at this present time. Instead, he just listens and goes about with the wiggling of his thumb. "Real Life Sucks." is the only response he has to the terms that have been set by the likes of the Eli. "Y'know, you guys could learn a lot from the movies. Our enemies wouldn't even suspect me to be in an Aston Martin with missiles."

Eli can't help a laugh at that. "Tell me about it," he responds, with amusement, and continues typing. "Now wiggling your first finger. Seriously, though. If they invent an Aston Martin with missiles before they invent those glasses like that Star Trek kid had, I'm going to be shooting some scientists," he jokes, without missing a beat on the keyboard. "Middle finger, now."

Van moves the fingers as he's told, while trying not to geek out fully! Which is not exactly something that he needs to be doing right now. Not while he's playing the role of Top Super Spy. He has so many roles in his head he can't even remember which one is which at any given moment. Windows would totally be geeking out right now, though. "I would give my left uncle for those glasses. So beyond awesome." Okay, a little geeking out can't hurt.

Eli smirks faintly. "Man. You aren't even blind. I mean, the Star Trek glasses are practically the /only/ consolation for guys like me, you know," he jokes, "Ring finger." He keeps tapping away, then adds, "I hear they're in the experimental phases of something like that, though. I'm trying to get into the study, but it involves a lot of downtime, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to. Pinky finger."

Van continues to follow along as much as possible. "Well, good luck with it." is all he really knows to say to a blind man that is still as awesome as can be but still blind nevertheless. "You don't actually need it, though. I mean, look at the stuff you do anyway." Van is meaning this in the most complimentary way possible.

Eli hesitates for a moment, but then gives a crooked, joking grin. "Ah, but it'd be worth it to be able to look at the ladies again. A beautiful woman is a work of art…Not to mention that it'd mean I could go back to field work." He taps a few last keys. "Okay. If you snap your fingers, it should respond to you, now. Just keep in mind the instructions I gave you."

Van snaps his fingers and looks off towards the Hummingbird Camera of Epic Awesome to see if it does what it is supposed to do. "Eh. We all have our destinies, right?" Which is kind of like him trying to say some wise words but it probably isn't going to work out too well.

Eli raises an eyebrow slightly. "So…you're saying that you think it's my destiny to be blind?" he asks, suddenly looking a bit touchy. The Hummingbird camera does indeed fire up its wings and hover up into the air when Van snaps its fingers. It also wobbles precariously each time he fails to keep his hand straight.

"Uhhhh… not in the way you want to cane me for." Van says, still trying to keep everything aligned with the humming bird camera. "I'm just saying if that never happened, maybe the CIA wouldn't be as well off as it is right now. You're a tremendous asset, you know." Van hopes he's covered his tracks enough with that particular one.

Eli snorts faintly, and at least goes back to looking amused. "I was a better asset in the field," he persists. "Even behind a desk, I'd be better off if I could see. If you ask them, I'm a liability. It's just that the benefits outweight the risks, right now." Once the hummingbird is humming steadily, Eli suggests, "Why don't you try getting it to fly around the room?"

"Eh. If that's what they think, they're assholes." Van doesn't have a problem talking crap about his superiors. Even if they are listening. He's the top agent for a reason and that reason is that he gets the damn job done. And right now he's wiggling fingers and sending the camera off towards this and that and WHAP! into glass cases that are probably going to be cracked by the time Van finishes with them.

Eli gives a bit of a laugh at Van's comment. "Yes, well. Reality is what it is. They do have a point." The crash into the glass case sets off a sudden alarm that causes Eli to jump and clap his hands over his ears, instinctively. Sometimes having sensitive hearing sucks. "/Shit/. Bring me to whatever you hit," he orders, stress causing his tone to turn into the bark of an order as he thrusts one hand toward Van, impatiently.

"… Uhhhh. I would. But whatever it is, is dripping and eating through the floor." Which is probably not a good sign. And another reason why Van is snapping his fingers to turn off the camera and summon it or whatever the case may be. "I should go. I gotta' get to a meeting. Don't wanna' blow my cover, you know!" Oops. Time to GET GONE.

Eli freezes, brows lifting and his eyes a little wide in a startled expression. "What did you /do/?" There are already guards coming to the door, so it's not likely Van will have such an easy getaway. "Don't even /think/ about leaving me here with something eating through the floor," he snaps. The hummingbird has indeed returned to Van's hand, but Eli is still holding out his arm, impatiently.

Van is reaching to grab Eli, right after pulling the glove off and wrapping it around the hummingbird to shove into his pocket. Which is a safe place for it. "Come on. You didn't see a thing, got it?" And Van is already pulling Eli so that he can make with the fast getaway. "… I didn't mean— you didn't hear a thing, okay?!"

Eli frowns a little. "Van…They have surveillance cameras," he points out, stumbling a little as Van starts to pull him along. "Hey, easy. And watch the steps. Look, it was just an accident. The thing's not supposed to even be able to fly into things. I must have callibrated it wrong, somehow. Fuck, this is the CIA, not some high school slumber party. Get ahold of yourself." Of course, all of this is being said while he's being dragged clumsily along behind Van, which probably detracts a little from the calm voice of reason he's going for.

"We'll hack the system. You know how." Van says, making sure that the moment they get to the door, he's putting on his 'Nothing Happened' face, for the guards. "We'll meet at the Internet Cafe on 35th Street. One Hour." Van is really loving this spy stuff way too much. It is at that moment that he releases his grip on Eli and proceeds to walk out of the door. "THANK YOU FOR THE GADGET. I AM GOING ON MY MISSION NOW.

… Not suspicious at all, Van. Not at all.

Eli sighs and rubs at his forehead. "…Right. Okay. Have fun," he finally says, giving up on talking any sense into Van. He waits until Van is gone, then takes a step to the side, reaches up, and hits a few buttons on the keypad to turn off the alarm. The guards are looking confused but mostly patient until Eli turns to them. "We've had a bit of an accident. Do you guys think you can help me clean it up? We may have to get some special equipment from upstairs," he explains, wearily. And so, Eli and the guards go about cleaning up the mess Van made with a general lack of fuss or bother. How anticlimactic.

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