2011 06 05: Wise Up

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Mission Name: Wise Up
Date of Mission: June 05, 2011
Locale: Off-grid Starbucks

Jezebel unwittingly tracks down Geoff who takes a bit of heat and Jack goes a little gaga over one of the Division agents.

Geoff Jack Jezebel

«Note: This was a scene in progress when it was logged.»

"Well, you gotta meet people to get work," Geoff says. "Most people get their jobs by word of mouth, you know." He speaks carelessly, though, not really looking at Jack.

"Um, right…I guess that even applies to entry-level jobs at Best Buy," Jack responds, stifling a chuckle. He takes another gulp of his tea and gets a little distracted by the ruckus going on a few feet away from him. Two of his buddies are hovering over his laptop, enjoying their third round of Quake 3 by the large glass window. He and Geoff are standing close to the counter where drinks are distributed, and a few customers seem to be waiting for theirs in front of them.

Jezebel wanders through the front door, sans barista outfit. It seems she's at this particular Starbucks chain as a customer rather than employee. The girl stands her turn in line, affecting the very look of apathy that plagues thousands upon thousanda of New Yorkers each day. She blinks at the line in front of her and then at the employees, no doubt critiquing them. She takes a look around the Starbucks, occupying herself with something other than looking angrily at the ground and wishing for the line to move faster - that is, until she spots Geoff. Her eyes widen considerably and her look goes from apathetic to markedly more interested.

Geoff shrugs at Jack. "Yeah, it does," he says. "If Joe the clerk knows a position opens up, he calls up his friend Bob and tells him to come down, and Bob gets the job before Best Buy even gets around to advertising, you know?" He sips his coffee, glancing over at Jezebel.
"Politics, through and through," the dark-haired teen mutters, his expression turning somewhat stoic. His light-tricked eyes follow Geoff's glance towards Jezebel, and he whistles softly. "Whoa, she's cute." Jack shoots her a shy smile, albeit unconsciously. "Uh, I think you're right. I gotta go out and meet people." People like her. It's all over his face.

The brunette woman smiiiiiles at Geoff a very perturbing smile to anyone who would know better. She resists the urge to butt in front of the few patrons in front of her in order to make a b-line toward the man. It's only then that she notices the young man talking to him and draws her scary smile back a little bit. She eyes Geoff once more before waving to him and stepping in time with when the line moves. "Hiiiii, buddy. Y'know, I heard somethin' real interestin' today…" Jez starts out, her Southern accent dripping with honey that should not ever be dripped.

"Not politics," Geoff says. "Networking." He looks over at Jezebel, lifting an eyebrow at her. "Yeah?" he asks, sipping his coffee. He looks pretty tired out, but she's got his attention. "What?"

There's a brief pause from Jezebel at Jack's question. "He and I used to work together at this place downtown. Crazy times, crazy times." She pauses again to study the younger man and smile at him fleetingly. "And you are?" She asks before turning back to Geoff, watching him carefully. "Our little French friend told me that you told him I was 'hot to trot' f'r him, for lack of better terminology… or more appropriate terminology…" Not likely that most people in New York would care about a dirty word or two though.

Geoff rolls his eyes at Jezebel's comment to him. "That is most certainly not what I said," he insists, then looks at Jack. "What's your name, again, kid? Oh, right. Jack. Jack, Jezebel."

If there was any indication that the youth was mildly surprised, it's gone now. "Right," he confirms with Geoff. "Nice to meet you, Jezebel." He offers his hand to the new girl, as if to shake it. "Um, I'd buy you a drink if you didn't get one already." Teens and hormones. Really.

Geoff's reaction presents Jezebel with a delicate dilemma; whether she should believe the conniving Frenchie or the guy who looks like he might slap a bitch down if she gets a little too annoying. In the end, she takes her chances with the guy standing right in front of her. "I'll take your word for it then. Sorry 'bout that…" She looks around the Starbucks and then back to Jack, seeming amused when he offers his hand. She takes it and does the proper thing in shaking it. "Nice to meet you. And thanks, I might take you up on that." She leans in and stage whispers to the boy, "Stay away from their iced stuff here. It's garbage." Raising her voice again, she adds, "I'll take a pumpkin spice cappucino. They'll tell you they only do it seasonally, but they're lying. They've still got the powder sittin' there."

Geoff shrugs at Jezebel. "Don't know what /you're/ sorry about," he says. "I ought to kick his ass for telling you that. Rude." He sips the coffee. "I did tell him you /might/ be interested, but only because he goes around callin' you 'cute coffee girl' all the time. I mean, you gotta give a guy some hope, no?" He smiles slightly as she exposes company lies.

Jack stares, STARES right down at his Tazo tea. Iced. Well, what's remaining of it anyway. "Yeaaah, I must have bad taste then." He laughs quietly, somewhat oblivious to the conversation between Geoff and Jez. Whatever it is, it looks like some sort of inside joke the two of them are sharing. At least, it does to him. "Hey, sure, I'll get you that cap?.my treat." The youth grins at Jezebel, and finishes what's left of his tea before dumping it in the trash. He then proceeds to walk away from the two, getting in line so they could have a little bit of privacy.

"Are you shittin' me?" Jez says, after Jack has moved off. She shakes her head at Geoff. "Well, now I just feel stupid. He told me that and I bought it, hook line and sinker." She steps in a little closer to Geoff and says quietly to him, "And now I have to go on a date with him. I think it'll just be the one time affair thing; I don't wanna get punished for havin' my cake and eatin' it too." She steps back and raises her voice to the normal tone before shaking her head at herself. "Who's your new friend there? He seems…. eager."

Geoff shrugs at Jez. "I have no idea who that kid is," he says. "We just struck up a conversation. Fresh out of high school, computer nerd type, obviously thinks you're cute." He smiles a little. "I can't believe he said that to you, though. Prob'ly too scared of rejection to tell you straight up he thinks you're cute. Child." That term is clearly an insult for Lance. "I'm gonna take him aside and teach him how to talk to a lady like a fucking man. Prob'ly too pigheaded to listen."

At this point, Jack is completely out of earshot. It's not long before he's up at the cash register again, and as he pulls a five-dollar bill out of his pocket, he orders the pumpkin spice cappuccino Jezebel had requested not too long ago. "Yeah, and?" He glances back at the two conversing, "Make it a venti."

Jezebel smiles over at Jack and waggles her fingers at him in a small wave. "Poor kid. He's cute. He's not going to last long hangin' around with us types though. Ah well. Big city. What're the chances we'll see him again after tonight?" She asks Geoff before shrugging her shoulders at him and sighing. "My fault. Shoulda known better. Got played by one of the players, when I'm s'posed to be one. I think I did allude to the fact that I didn't appreciate coyness, and that when women are coy toward men, they get accused of playin' games, and it was a sick double standard. Hope he took my words to heart after that…"

"He's from California, too," Geoff adds in a pitying stage whisper. "Bet he didn't," Geoff wagers about Lance. "I dunno, maybe he's okay, but…" He shrugs. "Still, he ain't too young, and all he's got is that immature-ass game? Sad." He snorts. "And that's the kinda guy who has the nerve to tell me I can't pull off print tights."

Jack finally makes his way back towards the two strangers he just met today, carrying a large cup of steaming cappuccino with him. Again, oblivious to the conversation they're having about him and someone else. "And one pumpkin spice cappuccino for you." He offers it to Jezebel, "Didn't know what size you wanted, so I just got you a large." The teen then turns to Geoff, "Um, so it was nice meeting you," he nods quickly. "And you too," that to Jez, his smile contrite. "I'm sorry I couldn't stick around and get to know you better, but I gotta go." He turns to look at his friends, two guys around his age, who are still going at it on his laptop.

"I'm willing to think that's a safe bet, boyo." Jez just shakes her head once more and accepts her coffee when Jack brings it back, smiling at him. "Thank you kindly, Jack. You're a sweetheart. Don't let any older girls take advantage of that kindness now. I'll have to come after 'em." She winks at him before looking down at Geoff's legs and then back up to him. "Maybe I'll just have to drag him down there during our 'meeting' and let him see just how well you do look in a pair of tights."

Geoff smiles slightly at Jack. "Good luck with the jobs, kid. I'll come here looking for you if I hear about anything." He looks back to Jezebel and snorts. "He wouldn't admit it, even if I looked amazing. Awkward with girls, so he's gotta prove something."

The dark-haired teen completely ignores Jezebel's comment about Geoff in tights. Performer? Club? It all somehow registers now. If he's a little bewildered by the revelation, he doesn't show it. It's not like he hasn't seen it walking down the Sunset Strip with his mother back in grade school. "Thanks dude. I'd totally appreciate that," he responds to Geoff quickly before giving Jezebel an awkward grin, "T-thanks?" He's not used to hot girls and compliments. Especially compliments from hot girls. With that said, he walks over to his friends, "K, guys, game's over. Let's go, I gotta get back to Brooklyn." Jack shoves his silver laptop back into its case, and the three boys leave Starbucks together.

Jez laughs quietly at Jack's reaction and nods to him, brandishing her cup in a 'cheers' sort of way. She grins at Geoff. "Awkward with girls? To listen to him tell it, he's a millionaire playboy. We'll see. It'll all come out in the wash." She takes her coffee and starts to head for the door> "This was all I needed and I'm beat. I'm going to go home and get myself to bed before I have to start my shift tomorrow. See ya 'round, Gigi. Nice meetin' you, Jack!" She cries out a little louder before she disappears around the bend.

"You think he's really real with that shit, given the weak-ass game he showed you?" Geoff asks skeptically." He drinks more coffee and nods. "Peace," he tells Jezebel.

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