2011 06 12: Your Cue

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Mission Name: Your Cue
Date of Mission: June 12, 2011
Locale: O'Toole Box Pub — Midtown - Manhattan

A friendly game of pool becomes a battle against a creeper and invites for more drinks at Kidd's penthouse.

winter kidd

The thunk and angled shot of the cue ball banks off the far side of the table and barely knick the striped ball aimed for. The man holding the cue growls faintly as the woman leaning against the taller table taps her own against the ground. She sets down her drink and steps away from the table, her glass nearly just water. "Tough luck.." She states in a softened southern drawl. Blue-grey eyes are slightly glazed over, probably a result of the multitude of empy bottles and glasses pressed to the back of the table to make room for the fresh drinks consantly on a cycle to the small group.
She grins, leaning over the table as she sights down her ball off the cue. Two solids left and the eight ball. Biting at her lip, a habit, Eden tilts her head and arching her fingers as a guide, she takes a moment. Breath drawn, she steadies pulls back finally and lets her strike go. It hits the cue ball and the blue solid is snapped, hissing at an angle towards a corner pocke. It slow, edges and goes in.

The door to the bathroom opens, The form of Kidd moving back into the main area of the bar as he slips his blackberry away with a soft sigh. His head slowly shaking as he makes his way back towards the bar. His pale gaze lifting to look over the room watching those within, though it is the woman at the pool table and her male aquantance that garners his attention. His back moving to lean against the wall at the far end of the bar keeping his back pressed against the wall for one reason or another as he watches the pair. His left hand tapping the bar and motioning for his usual as he glances towards the bartender.

The tossle of hair is pushed back from her face as she circles the table and grins. A nice little buzz hitting her deep in the gut, Eden rolls a shoulder and brushes a strand of hair off the back of her neck. Finally she pauses, resting her hand on the side of the table and tilts her head. Lowering, she gets a look at her plan of attack and finally, in that southern voice states, "The red from here off this wall and into this corner pocket." She indicate. Called shot.

She lowers, squaring up and once more takes that time to sight down her stick. With a few brushing bobs to practice her angle, she slows, breaths and strikes. The cue ball whirls out with a spin on it, curving towards the ball will slams off the wall behind and hooks into the corner pocket. As it sinks, there is only the eight ball left and she lets out a yip. "Last one boy." She says to the random pool partner.

Her blue-grey gaze flits over towards the bar, as if to summon another drink and then pauses, her gaze catching Kidd's for a moment before she smiles at him. There is a quip from her partner, "Get on with it legs!" He says, grinning, "I got the drinks if you win this time." She nods her head. "You got it."
The man at the bar's gaze moved back towards the game, His eyes focusing for a second upon Eden watching her closely as she moves around the table navigating it with ease. His gaze traversing her form giving an approving nod of the functionality of the clothes before he focuses his attention upon the table itself watching her as she lines up the last shot, "I call next game!" The words called out over the bar, "Against the lady." His words holding a peculiar quality, with its absence of any discernable accent to them. His drink a jack and coke delivered to him and set on a napkin. His hand reaching out automatically to lift the drink as his form shifts slightly, that faint impression of a weapon shown to those trained to spot such things.

Leaning against her stick as Kidd calls out, her head snaps back towards him and she grins a moment. "You buying a round..if I pay for the game?" She calls back. The man she is playing against obviously hesitates and then smirks, "Alright…shoot already." He jabs at her verbally. Blue-grey eyes shift over to her current partner before Eden slips back around. She lets her gaze narrow, game once more becoming her focus. "Might want to get those winning drinks, am sinking it into the side pocket." She taps it with her stick and then lowers. Taking a moment to turn the angle of her shot.

The hit comes and the cue ball strikes outward, turning with a fierce strike to get the needed acceleration for precision and distance. The eight ball is slammed and rebounds, spinning towards the side pocket. It catches the corner just a little, but slips in, sinking. Her hands lift in victory as she grins, "Looks like I get a drink for free." She points at him with the blue chalked end of the stick. THe man holds up his hands and turns, muttering as he goes to get the drinks and fork over the cash.
This effectively leaves Eden alone, moving to restock the table after pressing in the proper quarters from the pile on the sticky bar table in the pool room.

Kidd slowly moves forwards with another drink grabbed, the jack and coke much like his own offered upto the woman. "If ya beat me I will raise it to carmbombs." A playful wink given as he gives her a warm smile. His steps leading him towards the rack of pool ques as he begins to examine each one trying to find the perfect one or as near to perfect as can be found with pool ques used by the general public. His hand tracing over each one in turn examining them for flaws or slight mistakes in their creation.
The man finally takes up one and turns to face her, His head dipping slightly. "Hey there..Name is Kidd, so is Legs your name or just a term of affection?" His fine brow raising.

Her original dance partner looks back over his shoulder as Eden takes the drink from Kidd, fingers curling around it with an appreciate, "Thanks, sugar." Southern drawl and all in place. She sips at the mixed concoction which will soon join the well of alcohol. She grins at his comment on car bombs and watches him over her drink look over his choices before setting the drink on the side of the pool table and leaning over to finish racking the balls.
At his question, she looks over her shoulder at him. "Affection? Little fast for first time pool partner." She looks over at the man getting the shots for her win. "Legs if you like, otherwise it's Eden." She says, "A pleasure, Kidd. Get your billfold ready. This will be a short game. I get better with more drinks." She is a bubbly drunk, if not a bit flirtatious and as she is downing more of the tumbler that Kidd offered her, the shot of tequila shows up and the guy grins, "Here we go, I got next game after this." He says, in away of stating his ground to Kidd. He gets a sweet smile from Eden. "Thought you would be broke by now, I can't turn you down if it means another free drink." A lot of lost games if that table of empty drinks is any indication. She tips her shot back and offers the glass back to him. She turns away from him, shot claimed and downed, she is on to her next challenger. "You get to break.."

The eyes of Kidd moved back to focus upon Winter hearing her words, A soft chuckle slipping from him as he finally picks a pool que from those available. His hand tossing the wooden shaft from hand to hand as if trying to decide which was best to make the shot with as he rounds the table to the front of it. His left hand taking hold of the que ball positioning it just off center. His head turning to glance over his shoulder towards her, "Alright Eden, well I will tell you what..After your done kickin his ass again..no matter the outcome I will play ya again..and well..Even up the anty on those drinks." A playful smile taking shape as he gives her a wink before taking the queue up begining to line up the shot. His hand drawing the pool Que back before slamming it forward to connect with the que ball with a loud crack as its sent down across the table.

Resting some of her weight against her stick as its butt settles to the ground, Eden watches him - drink in hand. "Up the ante you say?" She grins a bit more and chews at her lower lip and gives the other guy a look, "Sorry sugar, looks like the Kidd here is going to get the next two games. Wetting her lips, she downs the rest of her drink and sets it aside, slender fingers brushing up through her hair. She reaches into her back pocket and forks out a five, "HEre, get me another." She purrs.
Once Kidd breaks, her eyes watch the balls, waiting to see if any go in before she jumps to take her turn.

The balls smack together with a sudden force as the que ball strikes the ball to the right and just behind the first ball on the table, the balls send to richoette against the sides of the table while two seem to make it in, a single solid and a single stripe leaving the game still open. The sight of the sinking balls causing Kidd to sigh softly as he steps back and brings the pool que over his shoulder, "Well fuck..thats no good.." A glance is given back to Winter as he grins, "And yeah..Up the ante..no fun if the bets arent a challenge righ?"

"Pick one, Kidd." The other man is watching them and then mutters, and turns to go get her drink. Eden leans into the table closer to where Kidd looks on. Blue-grey eyes slide back to the table and then up at him, that haze of alcohol clear. "Stripes or solids…lets get this game over with so that we can see what you think is 'upping the ante'." She grins, winking at him before she steps back from the table to give him what room he needs.

Kidd smirks hearing her words of both challenge of a sort as well as egging, His eyes looking back towards the table as he views the position of the balls. His eyes spotting a few solids in good position for some shots and so he says softly with a small smile, "Solids, I figure you can be stripes this one.." A glance given to her as he winks before moving around to the side of the table only to bend down as he begins to line up the shot, The que ball suddenly struck as he sends the ball out towards the corner pocket and a solid just barely resting against the corner of it.

"If that is what you want.." Eden says, her drink arriving in the hands of her ex-partner. Reaching out to take it, she grins at him and moves to perch near the side of the table to watch Kidd sink the first solid. "Hmmmmm, easy shot." She intones. She sucks down more of her drink, swaying a little before she curls her fingers up around the pool stick. A brow lifts as she watches Kidd, head tilting. "What the hell…what is your bet now? We can up the ante now if you like." She leans against the side of the pool table opposite him.

Kidd chuckles at her words, "Well, How about the wager is raised to..Mhmm..A kiss if I win.." A playfulness taking shape, "And of course..you buy us some carbombs." His shoulders giving up a shrug as he rounds the table for a slightly more difficult shot, The ball needed to rebound off the sidewall just right to make it to the pocket. His form bending down as he carefully lines the shop up drawing the que only halfway back before taking the shot. His eyes watching the que balls movements towards the target.

Her lips part at his ante and she then laughs. "You got it.." Eden gives him a look before pushing away from the table and sipping at her drink. She turns, folding her arms before her attention drifts towards the outcome of his shot. He sinks the next and her brows furrow. "Hmmmm, be nice to have a turn." She chirps in that southern accent. The other player watches on and looks between the two, sliding over towards Eden to lean in and whisper at her ear. She grins a bit and looks back at him. "Keep your pants on, boy." She says faintly and moves to step away from him.

Kidd's brow raises as he hears the words behind him as Eden speaks to her previous challenger, His hand jerking and causing the que ball to go awry as it idly smacks into the walls of the table as he turns to face the man. His distant gaze focusing intently upon him before he glances towards Eden, "Is he bothering you?" His fine brow raising in question as his smile takes a mischievous edge.

At Kidd's question, she shoots a gaze up and over her shoulder before stepping forward to take her turn. "Always." She finally says. Ex-partner narrows his gaze upon Kidd a moment and Eden rounds the table. "Hold this and be a dear.." She says and gives her drink to Kidd. "Seems it's my turn." She sights over the table and then lowers, giving Kidd a faint brush of her hip to get him to move so she can angle in for a clean shot down at a corner pocket. Lining up the stripe, she sights down the pool stick and with a solid strike on the cue ball, she watches, slowly rising as it slams into the striped, turning the cue ball away. The man watching takes a deep drink downing his all as stays silent.

Kidd's fingers slowly brush over her own as he takes the drink from her to hold it, The pool que settled against the crook of his arm as he feels that brush of her hip against him as he steps back moving to take his drink off a nearby table and bringing it to his lips to take a large pull from the glass draining 1/4 of the contents away in that single pull as he watches her make the shot, "Very nice..seems this might just be close.."

A brow arches at his comment and she laughs. "It will be over soon." She says to him. Eden circles the table, passing by him with her hand to run the sides. Finally she lowers and lines up a edged shot. She tilts her head, once more sighting down the stick as she bends over the side of the table. She draws a breath, releasing with a strike as it catches just the side of the striped ball, hooking it towards the side pocket. She rises, as it sinks with a loud thunk and roll of it moving to rest in the belly of the table. "Looks like you might not get that kiss afterall." She laments for him.
Rounding about, she takes her time and finally lowers to line up the next ball, slamming the stick hard. The stripe sinks, but she scratches with a whispered curse, rising up to move back towards him and reclaim her drink.

Kidd smirks some hearing her words, the sinking of that last ball causing his brow to furrow until he notices that the que ball was sunk as well. A soft chuckle slipping from him as he hands the drink back to her while setting his own aside. His left hand taking hold of the pool que as he slowly rounds the table looking at the possible shots for now, "Do you trust in your skills so fully and without question?"

Sipping at her drink, her answer does not come right away. Eden then laughs and tilts her head. "Haven't lost a game yet tonight.." She says. She leans near his drink, using the taller table as a prop. The other observor moves about to join her again. Saying slightly, Eden rubs at her face to try to clear her gaze when the rather insistent man slides his hand up to rest at the small of her back and lean in to draw her close. He whispers something once more and she laughs, setting her drink aside. Her hand lowers to press his away. She doesn't say anything but does a good job of taking a few steps to the side and rests her back against the table to deter him.

Kidd's eyes focus upon the man's interaction with Eden from across the pool table, His steps slowly guiding him back around the table slowly to bring him up to bring his elbow to press against the man's solar plexus, His elbow turning in slightly to become more firm as he leans in to speak with the man in a hushed tone for a moment. A quick explination of what exactly the solar plexus could be made to cause when broken as well as informing the man of just how many pounds of pressure it would take to rip off his scrotum if he continued to bother the woman before he turns to move and lean in, His eyes focusing upon a simple rebound shot as he shoots for the que ball, the que ball slamming against the ball sending it on its destined path.

Eden watches with some amusement the rather direct and hushed interaction Kidd has with the creeper. The man grunts, gritting his teeth as he takes a step back. There is a dangerous glint in his alcohol infused gaze and shifting where she is, Eden rights herself as Kidd steps away. The man seems about to take his lead when he is moving over to grasp up a new stick and move back towards Kidd. "Hey!"
She is up, getting between them and reaching out to try to stop the incoming strike. "Settle down!" She says sharply.

Kidd hears the words from the man, his weight quickly shifting as he pivots upon his heel to spin and face the man. His right hand quickly moving to drop the pool que down upon the pool table behind him as it moves back to slide beneath his jacket, the small glint of metal can be seen as he pulls out the butterfly knife flicking it open as he sees the strike coming in at him. The man's other arm lifting to block the incoming pool que as his eyes focus with a cold stare upon the man's. "So its a dance you want…"

The pool stick smacks into her stomach and the man growls at Eden. She stumbles to the side, hitting the table as she tries to fill her lungs with air. Her gut starts to coil with tension and pain as she weezes finally. Looking up, she catches sight of the cold metal and reaches out to try to grab Kidd's arm. "Damn it, stop.." She says, her voice strained.
The man turns, meaning to bring the slam of the stick down hard upon his neck with an arcing twist. He doesn't yet see the knife. Not at first.

The sudden smack of the pool Que against the side of Kidd's neck causes him to grunt, his eyes closing as he winces before opening back up. His arm held by Winter's suddenly tugged away as he brings his left foot out to snap towards the other man's leg just beneath the kneecap not wanting to do any permenant damage. Kidd's free hand moving to grasp teh man's shirt tugging him in close as he brings the blade suddenly to rest the edge against the man's groin. "Do it again..I will walk out of here with your dick in a bottle..you understand me..Now leave.." The words spoken coldly as Kidd's face is brougth within inches of the other mans. The shirt finally released as he pushes the guy back closing the butterfly knife quickly and pocketing it again.

Shaken off, Eden takes a side step and watches the interaction with widened eyes. Catching her breath as the knife is slid in close to the creeper, her gaze lifts back up. THe warning is understood, the stick dropped and as he is pushed back, the man turns. As he gets some distance, he throws back a few curses at them, one aimed at her and she narrows her gaze. "Jesus.." She mutters and is turning, grasping for one of the empty drinks - glass full of ice as she moves back towards Kidd slowly. "I am sorry about that." She's drunk but her actions are of one who is sobering slowly by the events.
Hooking her hand into the ice, she grabs it out and lifts it towards his neck if he allows.

Kidd's eyes watch the man closely as he moves to leave as the knife is returned to a small pocket just along the small of his back, a attachment to his belt. The words from her drawing his attention finally as he glances to her and smiles faintly, "Its okay..But I figured..that he was one to just keep on in..and well if I didn't say something..figured he might try something else when ya tried to leave.." His shoulders shrugging causing him to wince but as he sees the ice in her hand his head tilts exposing his neck to her, "Thanks..and well..I wasn't gonna cut him.. No point in dealing with the cops unless he tried doing somethin real stupid.."

"Still…" Eden says, wincing for him as she presses the ice to his neck, cold water forming as it melts, trickling down his shirt. "He probably would have. You are right." She gives a tilt of her head, blonde hair falling in her face. "I just really know how to pick em.." She smirks some, "Attract the wrong attention.." Does she mean him as well?
Fingers curl at his neck, attempting to see a bit. She can feel the warm sting of a bruise forming on her stomach, but she ignores it. "How you doing?" She asks.

Kidd's eyes focus upon her own as he watches her hold the ice there against his neck, The reddened and bruised flesh easy to see in the shape of the pool que across his neck. Slight blood spots showing just beneath the surface of where vessels had broken with the impact. His fine brow raises after a moment, "Well I am attracted to ya..so that mean I am the wrong sort?" A wink given as he smiles playfully trying to lighten the mood some. His right hand moving to lightly touch her side as his thumb brushes her stomach, "You okay? Saw ya take the que to your stomach..and figured I would ask.."

Her brows furrow at the spread of his bruise and the broken vessels clotting up beneath the skin. "Shit..thats a big hicky you got there…." SHe says and in reply at first to his comment and Eden lifts her gaze to his from the wound. "YOu might be..you handled that knife a little too well.." But there is a smile as she says it, "Most guys are the wrong guys.." There is something knowledgeable in the way she says that statement. Keeping his gaze even when he touches her, she nods her head. "Yeah…it's gonna look like a birthmark and I shouldn't go wearing anything cropped. But I will be okay. Didn't catch my ribs." She says softly. Clearing her throat, she breaks eye contact to look back at the bruise, swaying a little as her adrenaline rush starts to fade. "We should see about getting you an ice pack.." Her eyes slip back to the pool game left waiting.

Kidd's eyes lower to look at the bruise growing over her stomach as she checks it out, A soft chuckle leaving him as his head shakes causing him to wince again. "Son of a..well you know how it is..grow up in the wrong neighborhood..and ya learn to protect yourself.." His eyes looking back to her a moment before he looks over the bar, "Yeah but I dont know much if we can get one of those here.." A pause is given as he seems to think for a moment before glancing back to her, "How about we go grab a drink without assholes smacking folks with pool ques..I know just the place..and I can even get us both ice packs."

Eyeing him carefully, Eden's smile half remains as she turns her head to finish that gaze askance. "I -may- be drunk but why does this sound like you are trying to be sly and get me back to your place? Becuase that sounds just like the 'place' you would know well." She falls silent, studying him and then pushes the edge of her shirt down, covering her bruise. Finally she draws her hand back, the ice all but melted before she shakes her hand free of the water. Droplets collect at her fingertips and she flicks them aside.

Kidd chuckles at her words, His head shaking some, "Well probally because and I will be blunt..I was..In a way. Atleast to the place I am staying currently..but under no promises or..thoughts beyond enjoying a drink in a calm atmosphere and well getting ice on our bruises.." A pause is given as he smiles slightly more broadly, "Though I might try for that kiss..since I am thinking this game..is a push.." A soft chuckle leaving him once more as he raises his hand to touch his neck as her hand draws away.

"Such a charmer.." She says in that thick southern accent of her's. Eden nods her head, "Alright, Kidd..who isn't a kid." She muses to herself. "Need a ride or am I following you?" She asks. Drunk woman, driving. She is moving for a leather coat strung ove the backside of one of the stools at the table where all the empty bottles and glasses are. She grabs for it, none too graceful as she draws it up, sliding her arms into it slowly, wiggling fingers and then grabbing at each side to give it a tug and adjustment into place.

Kidd chuckles softly hearing the words from her, "You can drive, Head towards Central park..I will give ya directions as we go." A small smile given to her as he moves along to meet her near the door. His eyes watching as she slips on her jacket while his arms cross his chest, "Are ya sure your okay to drive?" the question spoken softly and simply as he watches her movements.
Her head lifts and Eden looks up at his last question, "Am I okay to drive?" She hmmmms, narrowing her gaze in mock thought, "Juries still out drinking..let me get back to you on that. So central park." She quips, looking alright, but her fingers are twitching rather swiftly and her smile is just a little too easy. Fingers delve into the pocket of her coat and she can't find her keys, patting them down, she frowns and then turns, looking over the table. She moves towards all the empty bottle and begins to push them aside, finally claiming the small keyring. "Ahh here we go. The smarter me already tried to keep the now me from finding her keys. Not so smart this round."

His fine brow remains raised as she searches for her keys in her pockets, though the words about the jury still being out causes him to laugh. "Lets hope the night doesn't end in the need for a jury yeah?" A playful smile given to her as he brings his hand down off his neck to watch as she goes to search for her keys, Upon seeing her take them up he motions her to follow him as he pushes the door open stepping out into the cool summer night. "So tell me Eden..what exactly is it ya do then besides hustle guys outa their money for drinks?" his eyes glancing to her as his head turns just slightly.

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