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Portrayed by Timothy Olyphant

Nikolai Macklovitch
Known Aliases: Nicholas Mack, Dominic Mackey, The Mack Daddy
Date of Birth: January 13 (age 37)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Gogol
Position: Management
Specialty: Seduction and persuasion
Fame: Running a Hooters-esque restaurant called Sugarpuss's.

Former pimp and sex trafficking ring operator; now operates a honeypot.

Nikolai Macklovitch never asked to be as good at wooing the women as he was. He didn't exactly object when Gogol approached him at the ripe young age of eighteen and asked him to start pimping a few girls for them. What started out as relatively innocent pimping grew into a sex trafficking ring.

After a bust gone wrong, Nikolai has been deported to America where he works under the cover name of Dominic Mackey. He operates a Hooter-esque restaurant called Sugarpuss's that is nothing more than a front for Gogol's best honeypots.



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Watch For

  • Killer moves on the dance floor when his right knee isn't acting up.
  • Surprising manners toward women.
  • No sense of humor at all.
  • A certain amount of know-how with a shotgun.
  • An aversion to strawberries.


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  • Don't You Want Me - Human League: You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you. I picked you up, shook you out, and turned you around, turned you into someone new.
  • Notorious - Duran Duran: Girls will keep the secrets as long as boys make the noise.