Mackenzie Reid

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Portrayed by Victoria Beckham

Anu Kollikivi
Known Aliases: Mackenzie Anwen Reid, Kenzie Reid, Ms. Reid.
Date of Birth: 18 August, 1985 (age 26)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Gogol
Position: Agent
Specialty: Espionage
Fame: Stylist to the rich and famous. Her company, Sense Surround caters to the style, life and luxury needs of the upper classes.

Lifestyle Designer

Cut & Dried:

Mackenzie Anwen Reid, Lifestyle Designer. Born in Aberfeldy, only daughter of Alasdair and Lorna Reid, both now retired to the countryside of the Isle of Man. A simple scottish girl, with dreams of moving to the 'big' city, Glasgow, which she did, for college at least. And a taste of the big life, the hustle and bustle of sight and sound and industry. Majored in fashion design and interior decorating, a holistic approach to 'livestyle branding', as the company likes to think of it.

Flash & Substance:

I work as a private consultant, owner of my own company, Sense Surround. I do not create a look for each of my clients. I grow them into a brand. A brand that begins with dressing and moves on to their home, their offices, their vacation properties. Think…perhaps of Sean John, or Kimora Lee-Simmons. Every aspect of their life reflects the name they have made for themselves, from their clothing, to their homes, their cars, the events they appear and reappear at. The name that everyone else wants whispered on the lips of the faithful. Though I reside in Manhattan proper when I am in the city, I spent most of the year traveling to the Hamptons, to Martha's Vineyard, to Catalina, to Aspen, to all of the places where those with money and power and influence congregate.


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