Mimi Collinwood-Taylor

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Portrayed by Candice Accola

Miranda Miriam Collinwood-Taylor
Known Aliases: Mimi
Date of Birth: February 14 (age 20)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: CIA
Position: Sleeper Agent
Specialty: Pistols
Fame: Getting super drunk

Scandalous party girl daughter of a New York senator.

Miranda Miriam 'Mimi' Collinwood-Taylor is the thorn in her father's side. Her father is Senator Roger Taylor. Mimi's antics often make the headlines much to her father's dismay. The girl is an underage binge drinker, verging on Lindsay Lohan levels of epic. She has a taste for both the finer things in life and the not so finer things in life, specifically when it comes to men. The press love to prey not only on how much she can drink in one night, but what trainwreck of a man she'll discard soon after meeting him. It is a well-known fact that Mimi is less than agreeable when you meet her in person and terrorizes employees all over New York. Of course, her reign of terror is not limited to employees; she just seems to enjoy ruining peoples' days.


2011 06 30: The Long Haul foster mimi
2011 06 27: Barbie Doll mickey mimi privateeyes
2011 06 24: And So It Begins foster mimi
2011 06 22: Eating Out crewe mimi privateeyes
2011 06 21: Terrible Twosomes mimi rebekah thomas van
2011 06 21: Maneater mimi privateeyes van
2011 06 19: The Call crewe foster mimi privateeyes
2011 06 19: Meet The Family dalton foster mimi
2011 06 15: Three Barbies And A Ken geoff mimi tamara winter
2011 06 14: Booty and The Geek foster lip mimi
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Watch For

  • Blackouts after binge drinking.
  • A hairpin trigger temper.
  • A mean sense of entitlement.
  • An attraction to men that she shouldn't be attracted to.


Do you know who my daddy is?!

At a club you're either supposed to get really drunk, dance, or take a guy home. Or any combination of the three. You're not as drunk as you could be.

I'll be here tomorrow night. Don't keep me waiting and don't stand me up. My father is very influential and powerful. I could have you found.

I'm going now. You can feel free to ogle me as I walk away.


Title/Artist Theme Lyrics
AAXXX by Peaches Taste in men "I like the innocent type, deer in the headlights."
Blame It by Jamie Foxx Behavior "Blame it on the Goose. Blame it on the Henny. Blame it on the Blue Top. Got you feelin' dizzy, blame it on the alcohol, blame it on the alcohol."
Body Shots by Kaci Battaglia Alcohol "Walk up to the bar, buyin' drinks like a star."
DUI by Har Mar Superstar Alcohol "When it comes to closin' time, who you gonna crush with the drunken dial?"
Flashing Lights by Kanye West Lifestyle/Behavior "She don't believe in shootin' stars, but she believes in shoes and cars, wood floors in a new apartment, couture from the store's department." | "As I recall, I know you love to show off, but I never thought that you would take it this far."
Maneater as performed by The Bird and The Bee Dating/Men "Watch out boy, she'll chew you up."
Rich Bitch by Die Antwoord Money "I'm a rich bitch… a motherfuckin' rich bitch."
Sleep Alone by Bat For Lashes Loneliness "You know my darling I can't stand to sleep alone. No sweetheart in the dark to call my own."
So Happy I Could Die by Lady Gaga Discontent "Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine, stars in our eyes 'cause we're havin' a good time. So happy I could die and it's alright."


Icon Name Notes
dalton.jpg Dalton Mimi's dumb as a doorknob older brother. She loves him anyway, and they do their best to protect each other from whatever comes around the bend.
foster.jpg Foster Foster is one of the few people that Mimi is consistently kind to… in her own special way.