Alt Secrecy

While some people work harder than others to keep their alts secret, this does not give ANY player the right to reveal the alts of another player or staffer without express permission. Whether you know someone's alts because they told you, because you figured it out, or put it together through wiki-stalking, consider that information private.

Furthermore, it is against policy to page or poke one alt to get at another (i.e. paging someone's connected alt because you want to RP with an alt they haven't logged on), unless they have expressly invited you to do so, or have a note in their +finger to this end. It is especially rude to do this when you have figured out the alts on your own. Assume if a player has logged on one alt over another, it is because they feel like playing that alt right now. Try @mailing the alt you wish to play with, or offer to RP with the alt they have connected.

This especially applies to staff alts. If a staffer is connected as a player and dark as staff, you are NOT invited to poke at either the character or the dark staff-bit for staff-related matters. If a staffer is connected as staff and not as their characters, do not poke them to bring on their characters.

While these policies may seem extreme, it's really just a matter of etiquette, respecting personal privacy, and understanding that players and staff log on certain bits for different reasons. If you don't care who knows your alts and are happy to be paged anywhere at any time for anything, simply put a note to this end in your +finger. Otherwise, assume that all alts are private and respect that.