At this time, staff are not implementing a limit to the number of alts a player may have, with the following caveats:

  • All alts must be kept active. If you cannot keep up with your characters or have lost interest, consider killing them off or retiring them before taking on another.
  • All alts are subject to our idle policy. Logging in one alt will not count towards keeping another active.
  • You must register all of your alts when going through chargen.
  • Alts cannot work together or share information. If you have learned something through one character, this does not mean your other characters know this. Ideally, your alts should be oblivious to one another.
  • You cannot app an alt while you still have an existing character on probation.
  • At this time, there are no limits to how many alts you can have in one organization, but staff does ask that your alts be diverse and that they make the effort not to have the same relationships with everyone.