Chargen: Beginning
                        CHARGEN: Beginning -- OOC World                       

Welcome to Black Ops MUSH! These next few rooms will guide you through the 
process of getting your character set up.

To begin, please set the following on yourself:
        @set me=ansi ..................... PENDING
        @lock me=me ...................... PENDING
        @lock/use me=me .................. PENDING
        &rlage me=<your real age> ........ PENDING
        &email me=<staff-only email> ..... PENDING
        @alias me me=<short-name> ........ PENDING

You will also need to write a desc. This should be a one-to-two paragraph 
description of your character.
        @desc me=<description> ........... PENDING

Once you have finished, type C to continue.

The first step of chargen is to set several attributes on yourself. Simply move down the list and type each command. For example, type @set me=ansi and then hit enter.

You will also need to write a description of your character. This should be one or two paragraphs containing your physical details. Important things to include are height, weight, build, hair color, length and style, eye color, and any distinguishing features.

You should also describe what your character is wearing: you can either describe their outfit in detail or give a general statement about their usual clothing style.

You should not include statements that tell people what they think of your character. You see a beautiful woman, for example, is not a good description because you don't know what other people will consider beautiful. Instead try to describe the details that make her unique.

You should also not include movements or responses in your description. She smiles at you is not something you want to write because you don't know that your character will smile at everyone who looks her way. If someone gives her a once-over while torturing her, there's a good chance she won't be smiling when he does it.

Ideally, descs should be simple and straightforward, allowing other characters to make up their own mind about what they see. Try to avoid excessive or flowery prose and please do NOT go into graphic detail about your character's body.