Chargen: Finger
                         CHARGEN: Finger -- OOC World                         

While most of the +finger is optional, some fields must be set 
before hitting the grid.

&FULLNAME ME=<Your character's full name>
        This should include at least a first and last name. It does not 
need to be your birth name, but should be your character's most 
common alias.

@SEX ME=<Male or Female>
        How your character identifies, most likely biological gender. 
Please limit to male or female ONLY.

        Most characters will be OCs. Use FC only if your character is 
taken directly from one of the television shows or movie.

&FACTION ME=<faction>
        Who you work for. Currently, these choices are limited to: 
Division, CIA, Gogol, Independent, Civilian.

&ACTOR ME=<actor name>
        Also known as a PB: who you have chosen to portray your 
character. See '+actors' for a list of taken PBs.

        +birthday/set [<MMM>] [<DD>] <YYYY> -- Sets your character's 
birthday as specified, choosing the remaining elements at random.
        +birthday/age <age> -- Gives your character a randomly generated 


In this room, you provide some basic information that other players can see when they type +finger <yourname>.

Just work down the list and provide the requested information.

You will also set your birthday and age while you are at it. You can provide either a birthday or an age and the code will do the rest.

For example, if your character was born October 23, 1984, type: +birthday/set Oct 23 1984
If you just want your character to be 26, type: +birthday/age 26