Chargen: Background
                       CHARGEN: Background -- OOC World                       

This game makes use of the +char system, which you will use in 
order to finish setting up your character.

You will need to break your background into manageable chunks. For 
example, you might use one section for childhood, another for teenage 
years, a third for recruitment, and a fourth for spy life.

*** Spy characters who are currently living incognito out in public 
should include a separate section on their cover story. ***

To set each section of your background, use the command:
        +char/set bg=<section>|<text>

For example: 
'+char/set bg=Childhood|Info about my childhood goes here.'

You can review this information at any time by typing '+char'.


In this room, you will craft the history of your character. Your background does not need to be terribly long or detailed, but should cover the major points in your character's life.

Your background also needs to back up the skills, resources and flaws you will set in the next room. For example, if you want your character to be a master hacker, you're going to need to include details on how he learned this and what attracted him to it.

You can break up the sections however you'd like, but below are some recommendations:

  • Childhood - Where was your character born? What name was she born with? What were her parents like? How did she do in school? What was she like as a child? What did she want to be when she grew up?
  • Teenage Years - What sort of trouble did your character get into as a teen? Was he popular or more of a loner? Did he have any significant relationships? Did he get along with his parents or did he run away?
  • Recruitment - What made her want to become a spy? Or if she was recruited by Division, what brought her to their attention? How did she do in her training? How long did she train for and what sort of things did she learn (note: these will be important later when you set up your skills section)? What did she excel at? What did she struggle with? What was her first mission?
  • Spy Life - What has he done since becoming a spy? What are some of his most important missions? Has he had any major screw ups? Has he been tortured or injured in the line of duty? Has he made contacts and allies?
  • Cover Life - What does she tell people she does for a living (note: this should be a job that explains a need for frequent travel and urgent phone calls in the night)? Where do they think she gets all her money? Where does she say she was born and what does she say about her childhood? What does she act like when not on the job? Does she have non-spy friends and associates who don't know about her secret life?