Chargen: Finish
                         CHARGEN: Finish -- OOC World                         

You must register your alts before applying. See +help alts for 

Also see +finger/fields to finish setting up the rest of your +finger.

Once you are happy with your character, please type +char/apply. 
Staff will quickly review your character and grant you a conditional 
approval so that you can hit the grid.

Once on the grid, you will be considered on probation until you have 
been vouched for by three different characters. See '+help vouch' for 
more information.

During this probationary period, you may be requested to return to 
chargen to make adjustments -- you may also be removed from the 
grid if you are causing problems. See for more information.

Once you have submitted for approval with +char/apply, you can head 
back out to Limbo to wait.


Once you are sure your character is set up properly in the previous room, all that is left to do in this room is register your alts and then submit your application.

If you do not have any alts (i.e. this is your first character on the game), you can skip that step.

If you have one or more existing characters already on the game, you need to register these before applying. In order to successfully register an alt, you will need to enter the email address for that character. This is the private email address, not the one in your +finger. If you can't remember what email address you used, log on that character and type ex me/email.

Type +alts to make sure all your alts are showing properly, and then go ahead and +char/apply.

Staff will give your app a quick review to make sure that it is complete and fits theme. Please see our file on probation for more information.