The game makes use of several 'channels' in order to help players communicate.

Channel To Join To Speak Description
Public addcom pub=Public pub <text> For all general conversation. New players are connected by default. PG language only.
Guests NA NA For staff to help guests with questions.
CIA addcom cia=CIA cia <text> For members of the CIA faction.
Civilians addcom civ=Civilians civ <text> For members of the Civilians faction.
Division addcom div=Division div <text> For members of Division.
Gogol addcom gog=Gogol gog <text> For members of Gogol.
Greetings addcom gr=Greetings gr <text> Broadcasts connections and disconnections to only those on the channel. If you're not on the channel, no one will see when you connect or disconnect.
Help addcom h=Help h <text> For questions relating to the game or the Wiki.
Independent addcom ind=Independent ind <text> For members of the Independent faction.
Media addcom med=Media med <text> For OOC discussion of video games, music, television, movies, etc.
Naughty addcom nau=Naughty nau <text> For players 18 or older only. Curse words go here.
………………………………… ………………….

Only current, active members of a faction are allowed to join that faction's channel. If you are unsure whether you should be on a channel, please talk to staff first.