Character Death

As SOON as it looks as though character death is even a remote possibility, staff should be advised with a +request ('+help request'). If death is imminent in this current scene, please pause the scene and wait for a staffer who will join you to mediate the scene. All PC deaths MUST be observed by staff so that we can help to minimize any OOC hard feelings or potential problems that might arise after the fact.

We also invite players to contact us via +request if they would like to volunteer their characters as canon fodder in a current or upcoming plot.

The matter of IC death is one place where there are some differences between OCs and FCs. In our view, OCs are your creation and your property: if a player desires to kill off an OC, staff will not deny them this - except in extenuating circumstances where it may cause too great a problem or invoke undeserved consequences onto other players. FCs, however, belong to this world and to the game. FC death must be agreed to by staff, who will gauge the viability and long-term consequences of removing that character permanently from play. FC death should NEVER be used because you are 'tired' of that character.

Player-Run NPCs can be killed off without staff involvement, provided you are willing to accept the ICC of that action. This applies to short-term one-off NPCs (such as running a generic enemy for an action scene). For long-term NPCs, such as those on the wiki, please use +request to discuss the death with staff first. Players should NEVER kill the NPC of another player or staffer.

If you are asked to acknowledge that you play a high-risk character, it implies that character death could be imminent at any time.

If your character is a Civilian or Independent who gets too close to sensitive Division or Gogol information, there is a good chance that they're going to be killed. The same goes for agents in either Division or Gogol who give out organization sensitive information. This should go without saying. Spies are not given a clap on the back and told 'don't let it happen again' if they spill the beans or fail massively on a mission. You will be dead.