The Central Intelligence Agency operates somewhat like its real-world counterpart, although our IC CIA will have a large domestic focus as well and will function as a catch-all for the various government-mandated (and recognized) covert organizations in the United States.

The primary function of the CIA is to collect information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals, and to advise public policymakers. The agency conducts covert operations and paramilitary actions, and exerts foreign political influence through its Special Activities Division.

- Wikipedia

Civilians can join the CIA entirely by choice, unlike Division. There are pay grades, benefits, rules and legislation. Operatives working for the CIA operate within the law (although this can become a little grey when in the middle of an op and things need to be done).

As well as operatives, the CIA also requires a huge pool of support staff, including computer and tech experts, analysts, cryptographers, security guards and even office admin, and all of these roles are open to players.

Most of the IC action for the CIA will take place at their field office in New York. TPs or other IC events may occasionally call employees back to Langley, Virginia, where the organization has its headquarters, but we expect IC focus to remain on the New York office.

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