The CIA employs people in a variety of roles, providing them with a regular salary, benefits and retirement package. Agents are also supplied with weapons and any resources needed to help them accomplish their current mission (housing, vehicle, cover job, etc.).

Undercover agents still remain in close contact with their employers and may be assigned handlers to help them complete their missions. While those employed in the HUMINT division may not report to the office on a regular basis, they still must file reports and complete briefings before, during and after every op.

No one is forced to become a CIA agent and no one is forced to remain one either. Agents who have served their country are allowed to retire or change jobs, provided they do not pose a threat to national security.

Agents who are caught breaking laws or putting the state at risk may be arrested or detained against their will, sometimes even without trial. The CIA does not, however, cancel its operatives - at least not directly. In extremely dire circumstances, the killing of a CIA agent can be outsourced to Division, in order to keep the government's hands clean.