Division is a secret operation working to train spies and assassins. They operate above the law, having their nasty fingers deep in the CIA.

Known to only very few powerful figures within the CIA, Division began as a black ops unit of the government. Today, it still does operate in that capacity when called upon by the the powers that be, but has also spawned a number of its own interests and projects, often working as hired guns for the highest bidder.

Despite having created a monster with Division, the government is helpless to stop it now, as those in charge have collected far too many dirty secrets on everyone who is or has ever been in power.

Percy, head of Division, is said to be untouchable, thanks to his series of "black boxes" hidden and guarded all around the world. The boxes contain details that could cause serious damage to the world's governments, and innocents would be hurt should the contents ever go public. And killing Percy means the contents go public.

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