Division employs a huge network of agents, all across the globe, though many are kept close at hand in the nearby City. To become a full field agent, a recruit must successfully complete training - and make his or her first kill.

Once an agent, operatives are set up with a cover story and the resources to go with it. Between missions, they are free to do as they please, so long as it doesn't compromise their cover or get in the way of Division.

Agents are all outfitted with a tracking device that allows Division to immediately pinpoint their location anywhere in the world. One should never assume that Division isn't watching.

When it comes time for a mission, the operative will receive a call on their Division-issued cell phone. Absolute obedience is expected, and too many mistakes will lead to permanent termination.

Agents are employed in a wide array of field missions, though none can avoid being tagged to kill at least on occasion. They can run from long-term deep cover missions, to acting as a simple courier. Whatever Division wants an agent to do, that is their only option.