Other Positions

Not every recruit necessarily graduates to field agent. Of course, a lot of them are lost along the way, but even those that do graduate the program may end up somewhere else.


Recruits who lack the necessary spark to become field agents but have performed well in training and show a good head for rules may eventually graduate to guard. On the plus side, guards enjoy more freedom than recruits, and don't have to complete a kill mission to move up. On the down side, they're still stuck underground in Division HQ and don't get anywhere near the respect of agents.


Those who excel at killing without remorse or pity may find themselves placed as cleaners. They are kept deeper undercover than regular field agents and are held apart from the rest of Division. They are generally held in the highest esteem, because, well, who's going to talk shit about a guy who could kill you without blinking and knows what to do with the body.


Guardians operate solo, independent of Division. They are handpicked by Percy to guard his little black boxes, which are hidden in cities around the world. Each black box has its own Guardian, who is in charge of protecting it and performing regular updates to the hard drive, with information from new missions. They are the sort to get the job done without ever asking any questions. (Probably unlikely to be a good PC role, since they operate alone in a foreign city.)