For most, a life at Division does not begin by choice. The agency handpicks promising young people who have run afoul of the law (although sometimes this turns out to be orchestrated by Division in the first place).

Through their shadowy means, Division fakes the death of the potential recruit, and secrets them away to their underground headquarters. However the recruit feels about matters at that point is largely irrelevant. The only choice they get is to join the regime or face a certain death. However, some are brought around with talk of second chances and the shot at a new life.

Once settled, the recruit enters an intensive training period. Kept in the underground HQ, they are unable to leave, even just to see the sun, except on official missions.

Training includes everything necessary to become an elite spy, including combat, computer skills, etiquette and weapons handling. Once training is underway, promising recruits begin to go out on field missions, always under supervision of experienced agents and handlers from HQ.

Recruits begin with absolutely nothing but a couple of uniforms and a bare room to call their own. Little perks, such as electronics, books, music, and personal items, must be earned during training or missions.

While minor infractions might earn a meal penalty or solitary confinement, recruits who fail to meet expectations are killed without remorse. While they are never told this directly, every recruit learns this from his fellows soon upon his arrival, and remains only too aware during his tenure.