Any player is welcome and encouraged to run a scene or plot at any time. These "Player-Run Plots" or PRPs should be contained stories that don't have a direct impact on anyone outside of those who are directly involved. For example, something like a Division recruit class, party, or even petty crime.

In order to make your PRP official, you simply need to submit a new +event. See '+event/help' for instructions. The event will then be quickly reviewed by staff to make sure that it falls within these guidelines.

Once it is approved, it will show up on the +events listing for everyone. You can indicate within the +event notes if the attendance is limited (for instance, if you only want to take three people; or if the event is open only to those on a certain team).

If your idea is bigger than a PRP, you're welcome to submit a TP request. Just shoot us a +request (see '+jhelp request') with the important details, and someone will get back to you to follow up.

If you want to suggest an idea for a plot but don't want to run it, you can use +pitch ('+jhelp pitch') to pitch it to staff. Please note that while we welcome ideas, not every proposal will be implemented.

If you are in a plot but find yourself unhappy with how the plot is going or unable to work with another player in the plot, please bow out respectfully and let everyone else enjoy the plot.