If you are thinking about applying for a feature character (i.e. a character taken directly from the television show), there are a few important notes before you begin your application.

Firstly, be sure to familiarize yourself with our newsfiles on canon and episode one.

The most important thing to remember: Nothing that happened beyond the end of episode one has happened to your character at the outset of the game.

If you would like to see some of these things happen to your character, you will need to work towards this through roleplay. Be sure to communicate with the other players and with staff if there is something specific you would like to achieve - this reduces frustration for everyone.

You may (and should!), however, include background information that was learned in later episodes of the show. For example, even though we did not learn until quite late in the first season the real reason Michael was recruited by Division, this should still be included in his background - it has already happened to him by the beginning of episode one, the viewers just didn't know about it.

You can also apply for characters that did not appear until later episodes of the show, but will need to play out their introduction to other characters. For instance, Owen exists within our canon, but he is still in Montreal acting as a Guardian and has not yet met Nikita - this will need to be done through RP.

Where there are gaps in known background information, you should fill in the blanks yourself.

Finally, please bear in mind that FC approval may take longer than OC approval because staff will need to carefully review your application. At the discretion of staff, you may also be subject to an audition before you can begin playing.