Once trained, a Gogol agent will be activated and sent out on missions, usually focussed within one geographic location of interest to Gogol. For the purposes of the game, all PCs are activated to work in the U.S. - specifically New York.

Despite promises made during recruitment, Gogol agents do not draw a regular salary. Operatives are rewarded for successful missions and are otherwise well-provided for by the org while on a foreign placement. Gogol pays for cost of living and any necessary resources while giving the agent very little of his or her own. Payment is usually carefully designed to be enough of an incentive to keep operatives going, while not giving them enough to save up and survive outside of the organization's care.

Although agents are recruited by choice, once an individual has signed up, it is not an option to quit - and somehow, this is not mentioned in the brochure. Agents who show any inclination towards defection are quickly fast-tracked towards being cancelled.