This is a consent-based game that makes no use of stats. This means, by and large, you have a great deal of say over what does and does not happen to your character. The one rule that that supersedes your right to consent is the rule of ICA=ICC.

What does this mean?

In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences

In other words, by doing certain things in-character, you are considered to be implicitly consenting to the consequences.

For example, by attempting to infiltrate an enemy base, you are implicitly consenting to the risk of being caught. If the other characters reasonably RP in such a way to catch you in the act, you cannot refuse to consent to being caught.

Further, being caught by the enemy will have further consequences which may include incarceration, torture, or even, in extreme circumstances, death (please see news policy character death for details).

We encourage players to work together in order to contrive consequences that are both realistic and agreeable to all parties. If players can not amicably decide upon suitable consequences, please submit a +request for staff arbitration.

Staff may also choose to implement ICC when it is called for or suits plot. For example, your character might be ordered on a mission they do not like or punished for an infraction of the rules. Please remember that these are in-character consequences and are not meant to punish you, the player.

At the end of the day, remember that spying is dangerous business. Without the risk, there would be no reward. Even Nikita often sees her plans going awry and must think on her feet to come up with something new.

Don't be afraid to take chances, but don't be a poor sport if they don't go the way you wanted.