Idle Policy
  • Characters who have not logged in for over 90 days will be removed from the grid and destroyed.
  • Major characters such as FCs and faction heads may be NPCed by staff as necessary if the player is absent for over a week.
  • In the case of OC faction heads, 30 days of inactivity may result in an IC demotion to open the leadership spot.
  • After 30 days, FCs will be reopened for applications.
  • Characters who have not yet finished chargen will be destroyed after 14 days of inactivity.

Important Notes

  • In all cases, it is the player's responsibility to keep a backup of their work. Staff will not save your information if your character is deleted for inactivity.
  • If your character is deleted for inactivity, you will need to go through chargen, approval and probation again.
  • If you are going on vacation, you should inform staff, either via a public post on the vacations bboard or through +request. Please include an expected return date. We also ask that you make arrangements to cover for your IC absence if you will be missed, especially in the case of FCs and faction heads.
  • Faction heads and FCs who try to dodge these idle rules by logging in but not RPing will receive one warning from staff. Continued inactivity, especially when it is causing problems for other players, may result in the character being removed or recast.