Master List of Newsfiles

news rp Events

Any player is welcome and encouraged to run a scene or plot at any time. These "Player-Run Plots" or PRPs should be contained stories that don't have a direct impact on anyone outside of those who are directly involved. For example, something like a Division recruit class, party, or even petty crime.

In order to make your PRP official, you simply need to submit a new +event. See '+event/help' for instructions. The event will then be quickly reviewed by staff to make sure that it falls within these guidelines.

Once it is approved, it will show up on the +events listing for everyone. You can indicate within the +event notes if the attendance is limited (for instance, if you only want to take three people; or if the event is open only to those on a certain team).

If your idea is bigger than a PRP, you're welcome to submit a TP request. Just shoot us a +request (see '+jhelp request') with the important details, and someone will get back to you to follow up.

If you want to suggest an idea for a plot but don't want to run it, you can use +pitch ('+jhelp pitch') to pitch it to staff. Please note that while we welcome ideas, not every proposal will be implemented.

If you are in a plot but find yourself unhappy with how the plot is going or unable to work with another player in the plot, please bow out respectfully and let everyone else enjoy the plot.

news theme FCs

If you are thinking about applying for a feature character (i.e. a character taken directly from the television show), there are a few important notes before you begin your application.

Firstly, be sure to familiarize yourself with our newsfiles on canon and episode one.

The most important thing to remember: Nothing that happened beyond the end of episode one has happened to your character at the outset of the game.

If you would like to see some of these things happen to your character, you will need to work towards this through roleplay. Be sure to communicate with the other players and with staff if there is something specific you would like to achieve - this reduces frustration for everyone.

You may (and should!), however, include background information that was learned in later episodes of the show. For example, even though we did not learn until quite late in the first season the real reason Michael was recruited by Division, this should still be included in his background - it has already happened to him by the beginning of episode one, the viewers just didn't know about it.

You can also apply for characters that did not appear until later episodes of the show, but will need to play out their introduction to other characters. For instance, Owen exists within our canon, but he is still in Montreal acting as a Guardian and has not yet met Nikita - this will need to be done through RP.

Where there are gaps in known background information, you should fill in the blanks yourself.

Finally, please bear in mind that FC approval may take longer than OC approval because staff will need to carefully review your application. At the discretion of staff, you may also be subject to an audition before you can begin playing.

news factions Gogol

Arising out of the Cold War, Gogol can be loosely described as the Russian equivalent of Division. Gogol, however, no longer operates within government control and there is no Oversight attempting to keep them in line. They are at times little better than a terrorist organizations or an organized crime syndicate, although they use espionage and counterintelligence much more often than overt violence.

The existence of Gogol is not common knowledge, but the group is well-known (infamous) within the espionage community.

Their main motivation is amassing wealth and power, which they will do through any means necessary - everything from infiltrating foreign and domestic governments to arms trading and drug trafficking. They are also big on getting into bed with other terrorist groups, providing goods and services in exchange for money or favours.

Gogol has a particular hate on for Division, ever since Percy began running his side-jobs and started stepping on Gogol toes. They would like to see Division brought down so that they can step in to fill the void and gain more U.S. power.

To that end, they have put considerable resources and manpower into their New York operations, which is where the IC Gogol will focus. Their main HQ is in Russia, but while certain TPs or IC events may bring Gogol characters home from time-to-time, the main focus of day-to-day RP will be on New York. Gogol PCs will operate out of the field office in Brooklyn, which is headed up by Ari Taserov.

More information about Gogol:

news gogol Agents

Once trained, a Gogol agent will be activated and sent out on missions, usually focussed within one geographic location of interest to Gogol. For the purposes of the game, all PCs are activated to work in the U.S. - specifically New York.

Despite promises made during recruitment, Gogol agents do not draw a regular salary. Operatives are rewarded for successful missions and are otherwise well-provided for by the org while on a foreign placement. Gogol pays for cost of living and any necessary resources while giving the agent very little of his or her own. Payment is usually carefully designed to be enough of an incentive to keep operatives going, while not giving them enough to save up and survive outside of the organization's care.

Although agents are recruited by choice, once an individual has signed up, it is not an option to quit - and somehow, this is not mentioned in the brochure. Agents who show any inclination towards defection are quickly fast-tracked towards being cancelled.

news gogol Handlers

Gogol operatives are assigned one or two handlers while undercover. Handlers are in constant communication with the organization, receiving instructions and providing Gogol with updates in progress.

They are usually the only point of contact for an undercover agent. Handlers will monitor the agent in the field and provide instructions, usually by way of two-way communication devices. They will provide support, backup and exits if the agent gets into trouble, and also serve to ensure that the agent remains wholly under Gogol control.

Usually the handlers will have some form of cover themselves, creating a convenient excuse for why the agent will be in contact with them. For instance, they may pose as the parents or boss of an undercover agent.

news gogol Recruitment

Unlike Division, Gogol agents are recruited by choice, not force. Similarly to Division, most of these agents believe they are doing these things for the good of mother Russia.

Young adults who excel in some field required by Gogol are approached by special agents who handle the orgs recruiting. These recruitment agents will court the prospective member, telling them whatever they need to hear and luring them with a rich life far beyond the pay grade of any legit position back home.

For example, a soldier who excelled in the military or a computer engineering student who made waves on campus might find themselves quietly approached by this mysterious group, taken out for fancy dinners, given expensive gifts, and finally being offered a job that paid several times that of their next best offer.

news gogol Training

Once recruited, the prospective Gogol agent will begin an intensive training program in an undisclosed location in Russia. Most agents will go through several years of training before becoming activated.

Training will include basic drills in combat, computers, espionage, tech, weaponry and counterintelligence, with more time devoted to specialized training in their specialty.

news policy Harassment

There are many different forms of harassment, but all of them will be taken with the same amount of seriousness as the next. They include:

  • Hounding someone excessively for RP.
  • Guilt tripping other players into scening with you or making them feel that they have to scene with you.
  • Paging someone repeatedly after requests for you to stop.
  • Being malicious to other players or staff.

These are just a few examples, but staff expects the playerbase to be adult enough to abide by them. If you can't, log out.

news rp ICC

This is a consent-based game that makes no use of stats. This means, by and large, you have a great deal of say over what does and does not happen to your character. The one rule that that supersedes your right to consent is the rule of ICA=ICC.

What does this mean?

In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences

In other words, by doing certain things in-character, you are considered to be implicitly consenting to the consequences.

For example, by attempting to infiltrate an enemy base, you are implicitly consenting to the risk of being caught. If the other characters reasonably RP in such a way to catch you in the act, you cannot refuse to consent to being caught.

Further, being caught by the enemy will have further consequences which may include incarceration, torture, or even, in extreme circumstances, death (please see news policy character death for details).

We encourage players to work together in order to contrive consequences that are both realistic and agreeable to all parties. If players can not amicably decide upon suitable consequences, please submit a +request for staff arbitration.

Staff may also choose to implement ICC when it is called for or suits plot. For example, your character might be ordered on a mission they do not like or punished for an infraction of the rules. Please remember that these are in-character consequences and are not meant to punish you, the player.

At the end of the day, remember that spying is dangerous business. Without the risk, there would be no reward. Even Nikita often sees her plans going awry and must think on her feet to come up with something new.

Don't be afraid to take chances, but don't be a poor sport if they don't go the way you wanted.

news policy Idle Policy

  • Characters who have not logged in for over 90 days will be removed from the grid and destroyed.
  • Major characters such as FCs and faction heads may be NPCed by staff as necessary if the player is absent for over a week.
  • In the case of OC faction heads, 30 days of inactivity may result in an IC demotion to open the leadership spot.
  • After 30 days, FCs will be reopened for applications.
  • Characters who have not yet finished chargen will be destroyed after 14 days of inactivity.

Important Notes

  • In all cases, it is the player's responsibility to keep a backup of their work. Staff will not save your information if your character is deleted for inactivity.
  • If your character is deleted for inactivity, you will need to go through chargen, approval and probation again.
  • If you are going on vacation, you should inform staff, either via a public post on the vacations bboard or through +request. Please include an expected return date. We also ask that you make arrangements to cover for your IC absence if you will be missed, especially in the case of FCs and faction heads.
  • Faction heads and FCs who try to dodge these idle rules by logging in but not RPing will receive one warning from staff. Continued inactivity, especially when it is causing problems for other players, may result in the character being removed or recast.

news factions Independent

The Independent faction is a catch-all for spies and agents who are working on their own, and are not part of an existing faction. These can include rogue agents, mercenaries, and other operatives working for their own ends.

Just because you do not belong to an existing faction, however, does not necessarily mean you are an Independent.

Independents should:

  • Be somehow involved in espionage. They may not be operatives, but can include cryptographers, analysts, hackers, etc. Those not involved in espionage will fall under the realm of civilian.
  • Have some sort of aim and purpose. Mercenaries are looking to make money, Nikita is looking to bring down Division, rogue spies may be looking to escape their old org or uncover information to sell to the highest bidder.
  • Be independently employed. They may ally themselves or work for an org for the purpose of a single mission, but they decide which missions they take and only follow orders when it suits them.

Independents should pay close attention to the resources section of their app. While members of factions will get certain resources (weapons, training, safe houses, contacts, intelligence) through their org, independent operatives will need to provide for themselves. During chargen, you will need to carefully detail where it is your character gets his resources.

news cia National Clandestine Service

The NCS handles the CIA's espionage, intelligence, counterintelligence, paramilitary and black ops. Basically, if you are a spy for this org, you operate under the NCS.

The National Clandestine Service (NCS) (formerly known as the Directorate of Operations) is one of the four main components of the Central Intelligence Agency. Created in 2005, the NCS "serves as the clandestine arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the national authority for the coordination, de-confliction, and evaluation of clandestine operations across the Intelligence Community of the United States."

- Wikipedia

The NCS has several spheres within it, and its organizational structure is included below:

  • Deputy Director of the NCS
    • Counterproliferation Division (trying to control and stop the spread of conventional and unconventional weapons, including WMD)
    • Counterterrorism Center
    • Counterintelligence Center
    • Regional & Transnational Issues Divisions
    • Technology Support Divisions
  • Deputy Director of the NCS for Community HUMINT (Human Intelligence - i.e. spies)
    • Community HUMINT Coordination Center

For the purposes of the game, if your character works under the Deputy Director of the NCS, they work in the open. Many will work behind a desk to review files and intelligence, analyze chatter, make phone calls, take meetings, etc. They can also work in the field, with a badge and direct day-to-day instructions from a boss. They go into the office almost every day, have regular hours, get sick days and vacation, and can tell those they trust that they work for the CIA.

If your character works for the HUMINT part of the organization, they are a spy. They will have a cover story and may go undercover for long stretches of time. They will also have a badge, but will not generally use it, except to identify themselves to other operatives or higher-ups. They will almost never go into the office and should not tell people they work for the CIA. Their jobs are considerably more flexible than the employees working in the other divisions and they will often be left on their own for long periods of time.

news policy Newsfiles

Please note that these newsfiles are in no way meant to be comprehensive. They are provided as a courtesy to players to give a general guideline of staff expectations.

We, as staff, promise to rule in good faith to the best of our abilities being fair and even-handed with our decisions. There will arise times, however, where matters will come up that are not listed in these policies, or where these policies are not sufficient to rule fairly on a complicated matter.

In these circumstances, staff will make judgements based upon their own common sense, knowledge of existing policies, player history, extenuating factors, impact on other players, and any other relevant information.

Game staff reserve the right to make these rulings for the good of the game. By playing here and thereby agreeing to these policies, you also agree to abide by staff rulings even where they do not correspond directly to an existing newsfile.

Where necessary and as matters arise, we may also edit and add to these newsfiles over time.

news factions Orgs

There are two different sorts of organizations on the MU: teams and factions. Teams are smaller or less formal gatherings of characters. They may be short-term or long-term, but are not as concrete as official factions. Players are welcome to start teams without staff permission. Players may create a wiki-page for their team and list it under the appropriate section on the faction listing. They may also create a wiki tag to use on logs and character pages and can request to have a team channel on the game.

Factions are long-term, large, official teams of characters, such as Division and the CIA. They have full faction support, which includes: a wiki page listed under the 'factions' menu, listing on +roster, and a channel. Factions are generally created by staff. Player-made factions will be chosen from amongst successful teams that reach a large enough size and scope to warrant it.

Characters may belong to multiple factions and teams but being on two diametrically-opposed factions (i.e. a double-agent or mole) can have unintended IC consequences. By signing up for two competing orgs, you are consenting to be caught should someone ICly uncover this information.

Staff approval is needed to join or change factions, but team membership is left to the discretion of the players.


Division, CIA, Gogol
a group working together for a specific mission, an independent agent secretly working for a few CIA agents, undercover agents operating as a unit, a civilian who's gotten caught up with Gogol, three Division recruits who vow to stick together during training to make sure they all survive it

news division Oversight

Oversight is a clandestine and powerful group that has (in theory at least) control over Division. They are made up of extremely high-ranking political and military individuals, including a senator, an admiral and the Joint Chief of Staff.

Oversight was responsible for creating Division, needing an organization that could operate outside U.S. law in order to get its hands dirty doing what must be done. Today they still call the shots and pull the strings necessary for Division to continue to operate, although Percy has continued to pull away and do side jobs outside of their orders.

No one knows about Oversight or even has an inkling it exists, except for those few people who sit on its board and the ones who answer directly to it. Yet they use their well-placed members and underlings in order to ensure that nothing stands in the way of what they feel needs to be done.

They can, for instance, keep the CIA from investigating Division without ever letting the agents know they or Division exist. Those cases just disappear, and the boss's bosses tell him to stop all line of questioning.

news applications Overused Concepts

We strongly recommend you steer clear of the concepts listed below. If you feel you have a good reason for using an overused concept, please talk to staff before proceeding to chargen.

The following concepts are currently overused on the MU*.

  • Characters who come from an exceptionally wealthy background.
  • Masters of seduction.
  • Extreme polyglots. (Characters who are perfectly fluent in more than two or three languages.)
  • Military-trained characters, especially Independents.
  • Adrenaline junkies.
  • Hackers.
  • Characters with genius-level or high IQs.
  • Characters with loads of money, regardless of how they've gained it.
  • Characters with mental illness.
  • Remorseless killers.

news policy Probation

Upon finishing chargen, you will be granted conditional approval from staff provided your app meets with some basic requirements. Conditional approval will give you the ability to go forth and RP on the grid, but you will remain on probation until three players have vouched for you.

While on probation, you may be asked to return to chargen if problems are found with your application. Causing trouble during your probationary period may result in being swiftly removed from the grid. But primarily, the vouch system is designed to encourage you to get RPing and to provide existing players some say over who they would like to play with.

After each scene, you may politely remind the other players that you are in need of vouching. There is a command that you can use to do so (see '+help vouch' for more information). Do not harass players for vouches and don't take it personally if not everyone you RP with chooses to vouch for you.

If, after two weeks, you are still having difficulty getting enough vouches, please speak with staff to arrange for an audition instead.

Limitations of Probation

Players on probation enjoy most of the same benefits and responsibilities as fully-approved players, with only a few exceptions.

  1. You may not vouch for other players until you are fully-approved.
  2. You may not apply for an alt while an existing character is on probation.
  3. You may not apply for an IC leadership position until you have at least one character fully-approved.

news policy Residences

Wherever possible, we ask that characters reside in on-grid residences that already exist. This keeps us from having to build a lot of apartment buildings all over the grid, and brings people together to help facilitate RP. Currently, the following on-grid buildings exist:

Name Location Price Range Info
The Opulencia Upper East Side $$$$$ Luxury high-rise for the extremely rich.
The Manchester Upper East Side $$$-$$$$ Aging but beautiful building for the upper middle-class.
Store-Top Lofts Greenwich Village $$$-
Trendy upper middle-class lofts in the Village.
Tudor City Apartments Turtle Bay $$$ Co-op apartments and condos located next to the UN.
Putnam's Textiles Building Lower East Side $$-
Offices and apartments available in run-down old factory.
Rooming House Harlem $-$$ Cheap rooms to rent with communal kitchen and bathroom.

To obtain your own room or apartment, please submit a +request to staff. Each player may have a maximum of three on-grid rooms per apartment. By default, you'll be given one to start - please let us know if you need more.

Other units may be added from time-to-time. If you have a particular need for something different, please discuss with staff and we will try to accommodate.

Short and long-term accommodations are also available at the hotels and motels on grid. For short stays, just use one of the existing rooms of the hotel. If you would like to arrange for a long-term stay, you can +request to be provided your own room.

Division recruits will be given a single-room dorm in the HQ. Feel free to submit a +request to get your own.

Name Location Price Range Info
Waldorf=Astoria Midtown $$$-
Luxury guest rooms available in a landmark building.
Tudor Hotel Turtle Bay $$-$$$$ Part of the Tudor City complex, the Tudor hotel offers mid-range guest rooms and high-end suites only one block from the UN headquarters.
Oasis Motel Queens $-$$$ A run-down one-storey motel located close to JFK.

These are rough guidelines only:
$$$$$ = Filthy rich $$$$ = Upper class $$$ = Middle class $$ = Working class $ = Poor

news applications Restricted Concepts

As the name suggests, restricted concepts may be allowed in some circumstances, but will be subject to more stringent application and on-game scrutiny than other characters. You must speak to staff before proceeding with a restricted concept.

The following concepts are restricted at this time:

  • Faction heads/leaders
  • Nikita-level prodigies
  • Double-agents
  • Division Cleaners
  • Division Guardians
  • Politicians
  • Extremely wealthy characters
  • Characters with access to high-level tech and weaponry outside of official factions
  • Characters under 16 years of age.
  • Child soldiers.
  • Polyglots.
  • Sociopaths.

news rp Roleplay

  • If you want to roleplay but don't know where to start after you're approved, we've implemented the +lrp/announce command, which will broadcast your intent to roleplay to the whole grid.
  • While we realize that RP can be isolating for Division types in particular (specifically recruits), don't hesitate to ask other agents for RP. That also doesn't mean that if able, you should not get out and RP your cover lives. It can set you up with potential connections for the in the future. Asking for RP and plotting on Division's private channel is encouraged.
  • It is not okay to hound someone for RP. Sitting around idle is boring, but maybe if someone does not respond to your pages or has an excuse every time you proposition them, it's time to move on and find another RP partner. It is never okay to make someone feel guilty for not scening with you or make them feel like they have to. This is considered a form of harrassment and will be punished as such.