Master List of Newsfiles

news policy Staff

  • Staff will never 'affiliate' themselves with a player. If someone without a drug name approaches you and says, 'I'm on staff', they may not be. Currently we have four staffers to date. Amphetamine, Codeine, Nembutal and Soma are the only ones that you should ever page in regards to staff matters and vice versa.
  • If an actual staff member ever pages to talk to you about something, please don't get scared or upset. But please do cooperate. Staff does not get paid for this. They are here to have fun like everyone else. If you cannot act like an adult when staff asks you to change something, log out and come back when you can.
  • Staff will never out alts to other players or release sensitive plot information to other players.
  • Staff is here to help you. We ask that you help them by being cooperative and polite, as staff will be to you.

news theme Terminology

When Division gives a recruit or agent a new mission, they are said to be "activated".
A Division operative who has completed recruit training and made their first kill. Agents usually live outside of Division HQ with a cover life, but are still always on the clock.
Calling a Clean
When a mission is botched, Division will call a clean, which involves killing everyone involved, including innocents - and even the active agent.
Recruits and agents are never fired - they're canceled. Which involves killing them and covering all traces.
An area/department in Division; used as a noun. (e.g. 'Michael is in Communications.')
An agent who has been specially trained to kill without remorse and dispose of the bodies. One of the most prestigious ranks at Division. Also responsible for covering up kills and making them look accidental, like suicide, etc.
Deep Cover
A mission where the agent goes deep undercover, usually living and operating amongst the enemy with minimal contact to Division.
Honey Trap
An agent (usually a woman), who uses seduction in order to get closer to a target. (e.g. 'I was a honey trap, but he turned out to be gay.')
The head torturer at Division. A position currently held by Amanda.
Listen and Learn
A mission that is simply gathering intel, usually by going undercover.
Shorthand name for the operations room, used as a noun. (e.g. 'You're needed in Operations.')
Cleaners who excel may become Reapers - those responsible for "canceling" recruits and agents who have failed to perform to expectations or otherwise pose a liability to Division. Reapers may also be called upon to kill loved ones and anyone thought to be distracting an agent from his/her mission.
A young person, who has usually run afoul of the law, brought in by Division for training as a potential agent.
Regimen, The
A discontinued drug enhancement program once used by Division. Although the program has been officially disbanded due to withdrawal causing destabilizing side effects (in the key of crazy), Percy's Guardians remain on the Regimen.
A demeaning name for recruits. (e.g. 'Scrubs who don't pass the basics don't last very long.')
A creation of Birkoff's (and the name causes everyone but Birkoff to cringe). Shadownet is a backdoor system that has access to every mainframe and database Division needs to pull up on a regular basis (FBI, CIA, police, etc.).
Espionage skills.
An assassination mission or one otherwise focused primarily upon killing.

Suggestions for official terminology can submitted via +request. The term must have been used on one of the television shows or in the movie.

You can add your own IC terminology on our IC dictionary page.

news policy TS

TS, or TinySex, is the act of roleplaying out a sex scene in detail. Admin makes no judgement calls on the appropriateness of these scenes. However, we do have some guidelines to which we ask you adhere.

  1. Please be certain that any participants in a TS scene are of the age of majority and/or consent. While we are an 18+ game, it is your responsibility to make sure your partner(s) is/are actually over the age of consent in their locality.
  2. ALL participants must be completely consenting to the scene. A player is only thought to be consenting if they have outright stated that they are comfortable with proceeding (lack of protest, in other words, is not interpreted as consent).
  3. Any such scenes must be done in a private area, such as a bedroom, where no other characters are likely to intrude.
  4. Any scenes submitted to the logs list should have any gratuitous parts removed and replaced with a 'fade to black'.
  5. Be careful with the mavs, as much for your protection as ours.

No player MUST participate in TS. Even if you are playing a concept like a prostitute, you may request that everything beyond PG-13 merely be assumed in a 'fade to black'. If you are uncomfortable with a scene, DO speak up and inform the other player OOCly. If they persist, contact an admin and pause the scene until arbitration can step in.

news policy Vouch

This game makes use of a vouch code in order to allow you, the players, some say in who you want to RP with.

After players have finished chargen, their apps will be briefly reviewed by staff and then granted conditional approval, providing their application fits with the theme and has no major gaps.

After receiving conditional approval, players may begin RPing on the grid, but will be considered on probation until they have been vouched for by three established players.

Once you are approved and fully vouched for yourself, you may begin vouching for other players (see '+help vouch' for instructions). You are in no way obligated to vouch for a player and should only do so if, after RPing with them, you agree that they would be a beneficial addition to the game.

Some basic rules for vouching:

  1. You may not vouch for your own alts. This may result in all of your characters being placed back on probation.
  2. You can use your alts to vouch the same character multiple times, provided you have actually RPed with the character on each alt and been satisfied each time.
  3. You should not feel obligated to vouch for every probationary player you RP with. If a new player is pressuring you, please report this to staff.
  4. Do not beg people for vouches, whether they be friends or people who don't know any better, especially if you have not RPed with them. There is a +vouch/remind command that will send out a friendly reminder to those who you are a scene with. It should get your point across adequately.

news theme World

The game takes place in a heightened reality of a real-world equivalent that subscribes to action-movie physics, laws and logic. On the surface, the game world very much resembles our own, with the same technology, music, movies and television shows… things just have a tendency to blow up a lot more often.

Much of the action centers around Division, an arms-length organization first put together by the U.S. government in order to handle the country's dirty laundry.

Most people, including those within the government itself, do not know Division even exists and those few higher-ups who do know will go to great lengths to deny it. The unlucky few who stumble across the truth have a nasty habit of turning up dead before they can tell anyone else.

A shady group of powerful officials has Oversight of Division, but has lost control of the organization. The head of Division, Percy, has gone to great lengths to collect dirt on the government's black ops over the years, information which could tear the world apart if it went public. Percy has safeguards in place to ensure that is exactly what will happen if anything should befall him or his beloved organization.

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