Please note that these newsfiles are in no way meant to be comprehensive. They are provided as a courtesy to players to give a general guideline of staff expectations.

We, as staff, promise to rule in good faith to the best of our abilities being fair and even-handed with our decisions. There will arise times, however, where matters will come up that are not listed in these policies, or where these policies are not sufficient to rule fairly on a complicated matter.

In these circumstances, staff will make judgements based upon their own common sense, knowledge of existing policies, player history, extenuating factors, impact on other players, and any other relevant information.

Game staff reserve the right to make these rulings for the good of the game. By playing here and thereby agreeing to these policies, you also agree to abide by staff rulings even where they do not correspond directly to an existing newsfile.

Where necessary and as matters arise, we may also edit and add to these newsfiles over time.