There are two different sorts of organizations on the MU: teams and factions. Teams are smaller or less formal gatherings of characters. They may be short-term or long-term, but are not as concrete as official factions. Players are welcome to start teams without staff permission. Players may create a wiki-page for their team and list it under the appropriate section on the faction listing. They may also create a wiki tag to use on logs and character pages and can request to have a team channel on the game.

Factions are long-term, large, official teams of characters, such as Division and the CIA. They have full faction support, which includes: a wiki page listed under the 'factions' menu, listing on +roster, and a channel. Factions are generally created by staff. Player-made factions will be chosen from amongst successful teams that reach a large enough size and scope to warrant it.

Characters may belong to multiple factions and teams but being on two diametrically-opposed factions (i.e. a double-agent or mole) can have unintended IC consequences. By signing up for two competing orgs, you are consenting to be caught should someone ICly uncover this information.

Staff approval is needed to join or change factions, but team membership is left to the discretion of the players.


Division, CIA, Gogol
a group working together for a specific mission, an independent agent secretly working for a few CIA agents, undercover agents operating as a unit, a civilian who's gotten caught up with Gogol, three Division recruits who vow to stick together during training to make sure they all survive it