Oversight is a clandestine and powerful group that has (in theory at least) control over Division. They are made up of extremely high-ranking political and military individuals, including a senator, an admiral and the Joint Chief of Staff.

Oversight was responsible for creating Division, needing an organization that could operate outside U.S. law in order to get its hands dirty doing what must be done. Today they still call the shots and pull the strings necessary for Division to continue to operate, although Percy has continued to pull away and do side jobs outside of their orders.

No one knows about Oversight or even has an inkling it exists, except for those few people who sit on its board and the ones who answer directly to it. Yet they use their well-placed members and underlings in order to ensure that nothing stands in the way of what they feel needs to be done.

They can, for instance, keep the CIA from investigating Division without ever letting the agents know they or Division exist. Those cases just disappear, and the boss's bosses tell him to stop all line of questioning.